Could you give up social media for a month?

Could you give up Social Media for a month??  This is the question I have been asking myself for quite a while now. Let me show you my typical day!  I wake up when my alarm goes off on my phone. To help me wake up I check what’s been going on in Facebook land. During breakfast I might read a few Blog posts. Once at work my breaks are taken up with checking Facebook again. I will probably scroll through lots of pretty pictures on Instagram. If work is quiet I may even add some pins to my Pinterest boards.Hmm sound familiar?  The day’s not over yet though and I must admit most of my evening is taken up with the same. Even before I go to  sleep I’m back Facebook browsing. I’m so nosy and i’m scared, really scared of missing out on something………

The Back in Time for the weekend family, wishing they could take a few selfies. 🙂

So anyhow, I’ve decided I will try a little experiment. I’ve decided I will do my best to give up Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for a month. No more checking In, photographing my lunch or pinning countless pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Avocado recipes. How will I cope! Hopefully I will have more time to read books, watch films and even pick up the phone and have conversations with my friends.

But because my blog is my baby ( along with my fur babies of course 🙂 ) , I will keep on blogging and reading blogs too. I can’t give up everything can I !

I will start my new challenge on Monday. Wish me luck. X

27 thoughts on “Could you give up social media for a month?”

  1. I’ve recently been think the same. How intrusive the whole social media thing has become?! My partner doesn’t even look at me when he comes home from work. He’s straight on Facebook. I have been thinking maybe a blackout could be beneficial, where there’s no technology at all for an hour?! I do think maybe less Internet will be helpful. I know I feel lonelier on Facebook than when I’m away from it. Good luck with your experiment. I maybe following you!!

    1. I think that is the norm in every household but yes maybe you can have an internet ban for an hour each night. I’m thinking about buying myself a little alarm clock so i don’t have my phone upstairs at all. I am usually attached to my phone.X

  2. I love going on holiday and either leaving my phone at home or turning it off. I don’t miss Instagram or Twitter, but checking my blog and Facebook is too addictive. Good luck!

    1. I know what you mean about holidays.I love it ( eventually) if i cannot get a signal ( I try to ignore any wifi ) then I can truly relax. I am just as addicted to checking fb and my blog.x

  3. My job is social media so it would be very difficult to stop completely but I do like to leave my phone at home when I go swimming and netball etc just to have that period time without my phone and without social media. Good luck with it all and I hope you enjoy the benefits 🙂 x

  4. This is a great idea. Hope it proves useful for you. Enjoy
    I do check Facebook but not every day. I have no time for social media at work and often don’t get a lunch break so no problems there. I don’t use Instagram or Twitter. I did have a bit of a habit on Pinterest but don’t use it much anymore. My blog and WordPress reader are my new screen addictions but like you say – we can’t give those up!

    1. Oh no we cannot give up the blogging.Ha! Pinterest is a big adiction for me at the moment so I am uninstalling it from my phone as well as FB and Instagram.x

      1. Yes, I think uninstalling them from your phone is a good move. Maybe take a book to work for your lunch break instead.

      2. Yes I have just finished a good book and am on the look out for another. If you like thrillers then ‘I Let You Go’ by Clare mackintosh is really good.x

  5. What a great challenge. I discovered that pinterest made me less creative, I would spend hours pinning, time that I could have spent doing. I also found that I was so full of this idea and that idea, when it did come down to it I did not know where to start. Now I limit my time on the computer, research one subject only and then turn switch of and make.

    I would be interested to know how you get along.

    1. Yes Pinterest is amazingly addictive. I get a bit of OCD and want to get more and more pins on each board! It’s a good idea to limit time on the pc…if you can!x

    1. Hi not to bad. As I’ve actually only given up Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest, I at least have my blog and WordPress Reader to keep me going! I do feel a little disconnected from what’s going on in friends and FB friends lives. However I’ve still been invited out places via text ( Hurrah people have not forgotten i exist quite yet!) and I have been reading books more instead of checking social media. 🙂

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