February Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ around Manchester.

I’m joining in with this month’s Photo Scavenger Hunt after sorting out my photo’s from today’s day out in the Big City. The Big City of Manchester!  Wil and I both have this week off work and as Wil wanted to buy a new shirt, we caught the train into our favourite Northern city. 🙂 Now when I’m looking for clothes it usually takes me the whole day to find something!  Not so with Wil. He found his shirt within the first half hour. So we spent the rest of the day basically eating,drinking and admiring graffiti in the Northern Quarter. Here are the pictures……

manchester 002

Green ~ Our first pint of the day was in  Mr Thomas’s Chop House  on Deansgate. This is a Grade II listed building which first opened as a public house in 1870 and the inside is decorated with original Green Victorian tiles.

manchester 031

Two ~  Beautiful ladies adorning a wall in Manchester’s arty Northern Quarter.

manchester 026

Cool ~  More Cool graffiti in the Northern Quarter. Just walk round and immerse yourself. 🙂

manchester 037

Somewhere I Went ~  Here I am in the lovely  Sugar Junction  Tea Rooms on Tibb Street. The book has an interesting Gin Menu in it but i’m afraid I stuck to coffee….

manchester 030

Look  Up and see the Tib Street Horn ~ a serpent like sculpture coiled round the remains of a Victorian building near Afflecks Palace.

manchester 033

Frame ~ Aw Can I frame  this tiled Doggy that adorns the wall of  the Black Dog Ballroom Bar  also near Afflecks.

manchester 012

From a low angle ~  Photographed from the bottom of the stairs in Infamous Diner , a 1950’s style American Diner in the Northern Quarter.

manchester 040

On The Shelf ~  Plenty of choice at the Tib Street Tavern. 🙂

manchester 028

Writing ~  Iconic Sixth Day t-shirts ( first printed in 1988) are still Manchester’s favourite design and are sold at the Northern Quarter’s eclectic independent  Boutique collection under one roof ~ Afflecks Palace .

manchester 006

Inside ~  We had lunch in this fab American Diner in the Northern Quarter. I’m sure It will appear again in another post. 🙂

manchester 046

Line ~  Tram Lines and bright yellow tram in the city centre.

manchester 048

Shape ~  Rectangular vintage luggage in  Manchester’s Victoria Station Bar.

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I thought I would leave you with a few more Graffiti images that we saw today. I’m sure there are many many more to discover. 🙂


I’m linking up with Greenthumb’s Photo Scavenger Hunt. Take a look! :)X



23 thoughts on “February Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ around Manchester.”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your photos and seeing parts of Manchester I’ve never seen before. Love the tiled dog and the quote on writing plus the old cases:)

  2. I love the street art ! Very colourful. When I search for clothes it’s always so long …. it’s better when you walk around then find something you like (unexpected) instead of dedicating a full day of shopping. Never work for me !

    1. I know what you mean! Wil never has that problem.Next time you visit Manchester try exploring the Northern Quarter with its independent shops and go searching for the street Art.:)

  3. A great set of photos for the photo scavenger hunt. I’ve enjoyed the tour around Manchester’s streets, eateries and bars. Plenty of interesting street art there to photograph! Have a good rest of the week.

  4. I’ve never visited the Northern Quarter. It looks like a really interesting place to explore. Live the look of the Chop House and the diner. Amazing Street art too.

    1. It is and there were some great independent shops there.The Chop House is actually on Deansgate but the Diner,the street Art, sugar junction and Afflecks are all in the Northern Quarter.Easy to get to from the print works.x

  5. My home city 🙂 Shopping: it must be a guy thing. I always buy one of the first things I see. Unless I’m in Waterstones on Deansgate!

  6. Yes I think guys just go in a shop,pick something, try it on ( always fits!) and thats that….. I went into a good little called Magnum in the Northern quarter and bought another Amsterdam guide.:)

  7. What a terrific day out, and super opportunity to take such colourful photos. I loved them all, and found your whole post quite fascinating. What terrific art abounds, and such cool restaurants and shops. What was the goodie that went with your coffee? Thanks so much for sharing your day 🙂

  8. Wow, Manchester seems like a photographers dream…it certainly has a lot to offer. Haven’t been there for years, since I was an air hostess. The crew hotel was in Deansgate but I’m ashamed to say we only ever adventured as far as the nearest pub. Looks like I missed out on a lot.

  9. Looks like a fantastic day out! Next time I’m in Manchester I want to go to that Chop House. Loved the green tiles, the old luggage at the station, and all the cool graffiti.

  10. Oh Joy! I never knew Manchester could be so beautiful! I have never visited but looking at your photo’s I am going to have to put it on the list!
    Love the American Diner! and that chop shop was simply gorgeous.

    Your posts are always so interesting, thanks for sharing.

  11. I loved this post as there are so many interesting places for me to look for next time we’re there. I hadn’t heard of the diner but my daughter will love that (me too!). I’m relieved they’ve finally finished the new metrolink too as it’s been such a pain. x

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