Sent to Coventry.

coombe abbey 019
White Friars Olde Ale House.

After checking into our room at the beautiful  Coombe Abbey Hotel we had a couple of hours to go exploring in the nearby city of Coventry. I had googled Coventry and found out that much of it was destroyed by German air raids during the Second world War. And that here was where Lady Godiva embarked on her legendary naked horse ride around the city in the 11th Century.  But first things first, we were eager for lunch. 🙂 So  I suggested  that we  head for Fargo!

coombe abbey 015

Fargo  is a creative arts and shopping space located on ‘Far Gosford Street’ in the city. It took me a wee while to realise that its unusual name ( reminiscent of the Coen Brothers crazily good film & tv series) is actually an abbreviation of the street name. Pretty clever and cool eh!  Fargo Village’s website describes it as ‘an eclectic community of makers,doers and creative folk creating and providing products that are that little bit different.’

coombe abbey 018



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coombe abbey 013

coombe abbey 017

After having a nosy round the various shops and businesses , and buying a couple of Mother’s Day presents from Container No 8  and a book from The Big Comfy Book Shop we stopped by Urban Coffee Company for a spot of lunch. Housed in a spacious unit with a relaxed and comfy vibe this is easily the perfect place to hang out with a book or make use of the free wifi whilst sampling  yummy food,cakes,coffee and or ciders and beers. Interesting decor and sculptures from Fargo artist in residence David Dewis add to the quirky ambience.

coombe abbey 011coombe abbey 009coombe abbey 012coombe abbey 008

After a tasty lunch we headed away from Fargo and to the cathedral area of Coventry. On the way we bobbed into one of several ancient looking pubs we came across that proclaimed themselves ‘ ye oldest public house in Coventry’. The White Friars Olde Ale House certainly looked the part.  🙂

By the time we got to the remains of the old Cathedral which stands before the much more modern building that is used now, the weather had turned pretty miserable. So after snapping a couple of pictures all we wanted to do was head back to our lovely hotel.

coombe abbey 022

coombe abbey 024
The facade of the old Cathedral is all that remains after being bombed in the 2nd World War.

So that was our all to brief visit to Coventry. I suspect we only touched the surface of this interesting city. I’m really glad we discovered Fargo ( if you are in the city I highly recommend visiting) but disappointed I did not see Lady Godiva. Her statue that is 😉

Have you ever been to Coventry??

14 thoughts on “Sent to Coventry.”

  1. Fargo sounds great! Coventry is not somewhere I’ve ever considered visiting before but I guess everywhere has interesting places to visit!

  2. I’ve never been to Coventry. It just doesn’t sound that interesting, so thanks for showing me some wonderful bits of it. Maybe next time we’re in Warwickshire, we’ll take a visit.

    1. I think there are lots of more picturesque places in Warwickshire but as for Coventry Coombe park and Fargo are well worth a visit. 🙂

  3. My partner was born in Coventry and lived there when he was little. His Nan is still there. Years ago (about 15!) we explored the city centre and the lovely cathedrals. We are aware it’s had lots of development since then and we want to explore. We always end up being busy visiting all the family that live in the surrounding area that there’s no time for exploring. Fargo looks like a great spot for exploring. I think there has also been a lot of development with the museums.

  4. I’ve never been to Coventry, passed it several times travelling but never popped in. Love to see the cathedral, I’ve seen many documentaries about its bombing in the war.

  5. I’m Coventry born and bred, and am always amazed when visitors like the place, although you probably saw the best of the city in Fargo, Coombe Abbey and the cathedral ruins. I’m off to Fargo in the morning for a chocolate festival – can’t wait!

    1. Thanks. I can’t believe it’s first trip out took so long! The Knight’s Afternoon Tea at Coombe Abbey was possibly the nicest i have ever had. 🙂

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