Photo an Hour ~ March 2016.

Janey’s  and  Louisa’s  #photoanhour challenge on Instagram is a photo challenge I do  enjoy getting involved in every now and again. It really is quite difficult snapping something you’re doing or seeing on the hour, every hour, for a whole day. The good thing about participating along with others on Instagram though, is you can see what everyone else is getting up to as well. And for someone nosy like me, that is great fun.:) It was Janey’s turn to choose the day and she picked Easter Sunday. Be prepared for the random and the mundane…….

8am. A black coffee to start the day.

9am. Car journey to visit family in the Lakes. I routed out a couple of cds for the trip.

10am. It’s a bit of a grey day travelling up the M6. But we do keep seeing old Vintage Buses for some reason.Aaaah Bisto Bus ,where are you heading?

11am. Landed at Mums and admired her potted geraniums in the window.

Noon. Headed out to find somewhere for lunch. We found a lovely ( and pet friendly) lakeside hotel looking over Haweswater.Built in the 1930s The Haweswater Hotel has a real art deco feel about it.Enjoyed a brew first to warm up then some grub.

1pm. Sharing some cake, but my picture is of Hugo watching us share some cake.We are meanies I know!

2pm. We have driven down to the end of the lake You can just make out snow on the fells there. As Hugo is still on light exercise we couldn’t take him on much of a walk,poor pup. 😦

3pm. Not far from Haweswater are the remains of Shap Abbey which we had a quick look round. It actually started hailing and the temperature was a pretty bracing 2 degrees. So didn’t linger long! I am going to write a more detailed post about the area soon.

4pm. On the way home now and we pass an Iconic M6 landmark.It’s the Forton Services near Lancaster! I must stop someday.

5pm.And home sweet home! And another brew! I think I had quite a few today.

6pm. We put Hugo’s cone back on. He has been wearing it for a week but being Easter Sunday, I thought it would be good for him to have a couple of hours off. Poor guy was neutered and after his stitches were taken out, the wound opened up again. More stitches are in there now. 😦 We have been trying to keep him calm but he is too bouncy for his own good. I know it’s probably the right thing to do, but I am quite regretting getting him done.

7pm. Cake! Sorry no Easter egg piccies. This is yummy Yorkshire Parkin given to me by this month’s Foodie Pen pal. 🙂


8pm. And we will end with a piccie of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which is always on in the background. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by. X















11 thoughts on “Photo an Hour ~ March 2016.”

  1. Lovely pictures and post! Glad you got to Haweswater. We went past the hotel on our little jaunt there. Poor Hugo. I am sure his wound will heal soon. I regret getting our Border Collie neutered, no one told us he would put on so much weight! It’s a struggle, but the vet said never regret it, as it’s a good thing for health reasons. I am sure Hugo will be back to his normal self soon. I would love to do another hour a day post, but my life is so boring of late, even I get bored! lol x

    1. Are you on Instagram? People just post really everyday things.Sunday was definitely a good day as most people shared their amazing easter egg collections.Jealous much 🙂 I loved the Haweswater Hotel! Or what I have seen of it anyway.we just stopped off for lunch.I’m going to do a post about it. 🙂 Ahh i’m sure your collie is gorgeous.Hope he will appear on ur blog oneday.Maybe he just needs a good exercise regime.were very fortunate that we found H a good dog walker whilst were out at work and one of us will take him out too.X

      1. I do have an account on Instagram but don’t use it much, much like twitter lol. I will definitely have to do a post on Riley (border collie) but he get’s car sick so it will have to be close to home! I look forward to your post on Haweswater. Thanks for sharing the lovely blog posts and pictures xx Hope you had a nice Easter?

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