Photo Scavenger Hunt ~March 2016.

I must admit I did struggle a bit with the prompts in this month’s Photo Scavenger Hunt.But i have managed to scramble a few photo’s together!  Have had quite a varied March with visits to The Lakes,Manchester and Warwickshire, so my piccies are from a few different locations.manchestr 037Local ~ A local delicacy in Manchester are these Manchester Tarts which I spied on a market stall. Manchester Tarts are typically full of naughty ingredients such as raspberry jam,custard and Coconut.These ones are even more naughty as they have cream and a cherry  on top. 🙂

manchestr 046
City ~ Old buildings in the bustling North West City of Manchester.

haweswater and 109
Stripes ~ Another place with incredibly old buildings is the town of Warwick. Tudor houses show off their stripes. 🙂

manchestr 023

Crisp ~ Yummy Vegetable Tempura in a crisp batter. This was a meal out for a friend’s Birthday in Manchester.

coombe abbey 013
Street art ~ Whist in Warwickshire we visited Coventry and an independent arts and shopping area called ‘Fargo’ on Far Gosworth Road. Lots of decorative Street Art adorns the walls there.

manchester 034
Tiles ~ Had to use a photo here from my February trip to Manchester because I couldn’t find anything in my March pictures.Quirky tile art in the Northern Quarter.

Rocks Stairs ~ Struggled with this one so I will have to go with Wil and Hugo standing on some Stone Steps instead. These are in my local park.

coombe abbey 136
Hair ~ I thought this Willow tree by the river in Warwick looked a bit like it had a good head of hair…maybe!

manchestr 016
Measure ~  What measures of alcohol are in these Cocktails us girls sipped in Manchester?!

coombe abbey 015
Large ~ My Large friend at Fargo Village in Coventry.

coombe abbey 095
For one~ Its all mine! A scone with jam and clotted cream at Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire.

haweswater and 246
Landscape ~ View of Haweswater Lake in Cumbria. You can read my recent post about this beautiful area  right here. 🙂

Thanks as always to  Green Thumb for organizing this Scavenger Hunt.




9 thoughts on “Photo Scavenger Hunt ~March 2016.”

  1. Yum! Manchester Tarts, Scones with jam and cream, Crisps and Cocktails ~ made my mouth water 😉 Also loved the stripes on the Tudor building, your larger than life friend, and hope Hugo is doing well and that his ‘protector’ is off… nice that it matches Wil’s jacket 😉 Nice selection of photos on your trips and locally.

  2. My comment just disappeared!!! Here goes again. Loved the Manchester tarts and yesterday I treated myself to scone, clotted cream and jam so you do not have to share. Cocktail looks good and I loved the street art. The Tudor building are fabulous. Can you find next mmonth’s word on the site? I cannot find them!

  3. Have to say my favourites are both food! Those cakes and scones look divine. Think we all struggled with rock stairs this month but that sometimes makes it more interesting.

  4. Great set of photos. I took the easy option with rock stairs and assumed Jill meant to have it as two categories! The Manchester tarts do look good but I’m still scarred by memories of the primary school version – bleurgghh! x

  5. Ah, these are fab!!! Those manchester cakes look delicious- all that cream (I’m aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall about the cream when it comes to cakes!!!!)
    I likeyour Street art Gorilla and the mock-Tudor stripes!!!x

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