Blog Every Day In May ~ Blogging Challenge.


Back in 2013 when this blog was but a wee baby, not even 0ne years old, I decided to join in with Rosalilium’s  first ever Blog Every Day in May challenge. The lovely Elizabeth at said blog took it upon herself to organize the challenge and even chose prompts for each day, to give bloggers optional ideas for subjects to write about. Sometimes I veered away from the prompts, but I’m extremely proud to say that I actually managed to blog about something every day in May of that year. I was a proper #BEDMer. 🙂

Three years later and i’m still blogging ( Yay! ) but I know it’s sometimes hard to find blogging inspiration. I’m hoping joining in again in 2016 will refresh my blogging instincts and of course it’s a great way of discovering a few new blogs as well. Even if I don’t manage to blog every single day, I’m looking forward to the challenge. Eeeeek!  If you fancy learning more why ( or joining in!) not bob over to Rosalilium’s Blog Every Day In May Page.

Wish Me Luck. X



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