#BEDM Walk To Work.

So it’s National Walk To Work Week which is ok by me , as I do walk to work every day. I only live ten minutes away so I don’t have an excuse not to really!  I start work bright and early two days a week so these photos were taken before 7am. I am actually glad of the fresh air as it does help wake me up!

I walk past nearby pretty terraces and past what would be my local if I was fond of Coweeoke.

And two restaurants that were probably full of bank holiday revellers the night before.All is quiet here at this hour.

I pass a Church and a rather strange side street sign. Once called Strang Stee ( I’m not sure why? ) some jolly soul has added more letters to turn it into Strange Steve.

And signage for a Beer Festival and a Music Festival.

I pass a little bridal shop and now i’m nearly there.

Though  where I actually work, I’m not going to share. tee hee. 🙂

This post is for Day 3 of #BEDM devised by Elizabeth at Rosalilium.




13 thoughts on “#BEDM Walk To Work.”

  1. I spent the weekend in a village just outside of Clitheroe! We stayed at Dave’s dad’s house for a long weekend (while his dad is away in Scotland). I’d love to be able to walk to work, but my journey is 8-10 miles depending on which lanes I take, so it’s take a bit more than 10 minutes, hehe!

  2. Lovely looking area where you live. The bridal shop has a pretty winow display.
    #bedm (@soosieboo on twitter)

  3. You’re lucky to be able to walk to work. I have to drive, although it’s generally a good journey.

    1. I don’t actually drive.I’m one of lifes permanent pedestrians. It never clicked with me.Good job though I think , my road sense is terrible!

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