Sunday Sevens ~Sunday 1st May.

This week gone by ended on such a gorgeous sunny note, I thought I would post some pictures to remind myself that we do get warm sunny rays, here in NW England too.In fact I am writing this sat outside in my back yard , catching the early evening sunshine.:)

wp-1462800467705.jpg1) During this particular week everywhere is abundant with beautiful blossoms like these.The Castle Park in particular is resplendent in pinks and whites.

wp-1462800484539.jpg2) I put this picture of Hugo up on Instagram and’ The Summer Days Festival’ ( which is a music festival that Clitheroe Castle is hosting in July) shared it with their followers. Hugo thinks he’s quite the star!

3 & 4) I snuck off for a cheeky coffee before work on Thursday. It was so nice to just sit in the sunshine and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the little courtyard at ‘Cheesie Tchaikovsky’s’. I must blog about that place. It’s such a hidden gem.


5) Slinky enjoyed a bit of bird watching. She watched this nature programme for it’s duration, but got bored when I decided to watch ‘The Good Wife’. 🙂wp-1462801195610.jpg

6) I spent an afternoon with my sister’s family paddling in rivers and playing on swings and roundabouts. The weather was perfect for messing about in the river at Kirkby Lonsdale. My nephew even found a frog!


7) And because I was on my ownsome at the weekend ( Wil was away mountain biking~yep i’m a biking widow!) I had these two as company on my Sunday lie in 🙂


I’ve joined in with Sunday Seven’s devised by Natalie at Threads And Bobbins.