25 Before 45 ~ A Bucket List.

I quite forgot that at the beginning of the year I wrote myself a Bucket List !  It’s been sat in my bedside drawer for nearly six months now. Now I’ve rediscovered it, I thought I would put it up on the blog. This might help me get a wiggle on. 🙂

1.Learn to crochet. Discovered this isn’t my bag. :/

2.Find a keep Fit Regime I like.  I have enjoyed the #walk1000miles challenge and am still continuing. Hopefully 1500 miles this year and maybe 2000 in 2019.

3.Eat a Dutch Pancake in Amsterdam.

4. Photograph a Kingfisher. Got my photo on the river Nidd in Knaresborough. 🙂

5.Make an Honesty Box Meal.

6.Read To Kill A Mocking Bird. Bought the book in Fargo village in Coventry and loved both the book and the film.

7.Watch a Film outdoors. Saw Sightseers at Lowther Castle under the stars. Sightseers at Lowther Castle~ with Picnic Cinema.

8.See the Northern Lights.

9.Have a Vintage Make over.

10.Swim in a Lido.

11. Go on a proper picnic with a picnic hamper. Bought a hamper from a charity shop and enjoyed a picnic in Dunsop Bridge. Unfortunately Hugo took a chomp out of the cake!

12. Be Nine Stone!

13.Stay in a Bothy.

14. Photograph a Barn Owl in the wild.

15. Do a Rail Ale Trail.  The East Lancs Rail Ale Trail from Bury to Rawtenstall. All Aboard for a Rail Ale Trail Tour.

16. Take Part in a sponsored  Charity Event. Raised money for the East Lancs Hospice, whilst walking across Morecambe Bay.  The Morecambe Bay Cross Bay Walk.

17. Have Afternoon Tea at Cloud 23.

18.  Enter Hugo in a Doggy Competition.  Done! 

19. Get Engaged!

20. Bathe  in  a Turkish  Baths.  The Turkish Baths in Harrogate, what a relaxing and fun experience. 🙂

21. Go trekking with llamas in the lakes.  Yes, loved this with family ~ Llama Trekking in the Lakes. 🙂

22. Experience a night out down Canal Street.  The rainbow village in Manchester, a top night out!

23. Do the Morecambe Bay Cross Bay Walk With the Queen’s Official  Guide.  Done! See number 15. 

24. Visit the new Cat Cafe in Manchester.  My friend Lisa and I spent some quality time eating cake and stroking cute kitties.

25. Cook a proper Sunday Roast Lunch ( I almost never cook!).

Come trekking with us.  Don’t forget the Picnic!!

So there you have it. I’ve actually managed three already this year, which is a good start. I’ve read  To Kill a Mockingbird and it was as good as everyone said, I went on a night out down Canal Street with some work mates ( Interesting!) and Wil and I thoroughly enjoyed  The East Lancs Rail Ale Trail Tour  from Bury to Rawtenstall. This gives me two and a half years to attempt the rest.Maybe I should book that Llama trek. 🙂

What’s on your Bucket list??

18 thoughts on “25 Before 45 ~ A Bucket List.”

  1. Dutch pancakes are delicious! Good choice 🙂

    I want a picnic hamper! I’ve told Jan several times but he’s yet to take the hint and buy me one for my birthday 😉

  2. Oooo I had a champagne picnic in Bath last year with my hamper – proper glasses and china plate etc – it is a lovely experience! Gisburn Forest do outdoor films in the summer (or watch your laptop in the garden!) What was Canal Street like? I’d love to have a night out there. I love your To Do list, have lots of fun with it x

    1. Oooh the picnic sounds amazing.I didn’t know they show open air films in Gisburn forest.I will look into that! Canal street was fun.Lots of sights.Lots of drag queens.And er lots of free condoms!x

  3. I love your list. I did have a Life List but I want to revise it. Thanks for the prompt.
    There is a Lido in Ilkley. I’ve never been.
    I can recommend Harrogate Turkish Baths. Lovely and traditional architecture. It’s very reasonably priced. I took my friend as a 40th treat.
    I too have a plan for a picnic. I have 2 picnic baskets that I’ve never used.

    1. Oooh Yes I have heard of Ilkley Lido and the baths in Harrogate.They would both be perfect for my list. I hope you get to go on a picnic this year.X

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. You know when you are in the countryside and see little signs on the side of the road saying eggs or veg for sale , with a little box to put the money in. That kind of thing. Thought it might be a good idea when camping….but not got round to it yet!

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