Sunday Sevens ~ May 15th.

My Sunday Sevens for last week are a little bit of a cheat because the photo’s are all actually from the weekend. Hey Ho!  The weekend was a lot more fun than the week. 🙂

Saturday saw us heading to Keswick in the Lake District for a bit of outdoorsy shopping ,lunch and of course some splashing about in the lake.

derwent water 002
Derwent Water.

1) Here’s Hugo playing in the Lake with a couple of other Labradors. According to Wikipedia Star Wars Episode V11: The Force Awakens  filmed on location here for the scene ” Approach to Maz Kantana’s Castle, Takodana. One for Star Wars Fans!

derwent water 006

2)  It was quite chilly in the morning, despite the bright sunshine. Keswick and the Lake were really busy though!  Another fact for you, Derwent Water is home to an endangered freshwater whitefish called the Vendace. I don’t think Hugo ate any !

derwent water 007
Veggie Chilli Burrito 🙂

3)  Speaking of lunch :),  we had ours at a cute little cafe in Keswick called Little Chamonix.  If you ever visit the town , I highly recommend this charming and bright eatery on Lake Road. My Burrito was sooo good!

4)  In the afternoon we drove round the lake to the village of Portinscale.  After reading  Christine’s fab post  about a lakeside,woodland walk she did to find this interesting Sculpture, I was inspired to search it out too. The giant pair of hands carved in wood can be found on the West Shore of Derwent Water. The sculpture is entitled Entrust and was commissioned by the National Trust. A handy find ;).

Cinnamon and Hugo.

5)  On Sunday we met up with a friend and her Labrador for a walk. How cute do these two look together. 🙂


6 & 7)  And we visited other friends who have the cutest Summer House in their garden. It made me wish that our shed could be converted. I don’t think Wil would be too impressed though!

Thanks for dropping by. Sunday Sevens was devised by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins.





16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens ~ May 15th.”

  1. Hugo & his friend look very sweet together 🙂 Love the look of the Summer house; looks like something out of a magazine! How interesting about the Star Wars scene too!

    1. ooops I missed replying. The Summer House is perfect. I’m not a star wars fan , but still good to know. I might give the new film a watch.x

  2. Thanks for the tag to my post. 🙂 Loved reading about your walk. Derwentwater looks so lush! I have fallen in love with the place! Hugo is charming as always. Beautiful pictures! David is now looking at Star Wars VII to see Derwentwater 😀 x

    1. I hope Wiki was true then.;)I’m not a Star Wars fan,but maybe worth a watch now.Derwent Water is a gorgeous lake.I’m not sure which is my favourite lake,there are so many to choose from!

      1. There is too many to chose from. Buttermere will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve left David to watch Youtube videos of Star Wars references lol. x

      2. Oh! You have never been. You will have to go one day. I plan on going in the near future. It is more of a quieter lake than the popular ones. I’m glad you enjoyed the walk around Derwentwater, I will have to walk along the other side one day. 🙂 x

      3. Going Haweswater again next week.I was hoping to see the eagle…but it appears it has either flown back to Scotland or died.:(

      4. Oh no! Poor eagel. Hope you enjoy Haweswater. I was looking at the hotel you visited. There’s some lovely lake side views from some of their bedrooms. Maybe a weekend away is planned. I know David would like to see the Milkyway and I want to go swimming again lol 🙂 x I look forward to your next post. x

  3. Hugo has a best friend called jake who is a collie but hopefully Cinnamon will become a good pal too.The Summer House is gorgeous isn’t it.Star Wars in the Lake District.Who knew!

  4. The Lakes look great – I’m glad you’re all having such a good time. I love the look of the summer house, too. It looks very charming and a fun place to spend time in.

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