Sunday Sevens 17 July.

So heres a quick round up of my week in the form of a Sunday Sevens post ,which was thought up by Natalie who blogs at Threads & Bobbins


1. Last Sunday’s breakfast was a Giant Warbutons Crumpet. It was very filling…and twice the size of a usual crumpet. I was recommended that eating it with an egg is a must…but I’m not an egg fan.So I made do with butter and a black coffee in my Alice mug.

2 & 3. Sunday’s make for great Wedding days.And I was honored to be invited to an ex work collegues evening reception at Mitton Hall with the lovely Amy and Amiee.And the bride and groom looked stunning of course…and very happy.:)

4. Whist the newly weds were enjoying the ceremony,Wil and I were  tent shopping.Our last camping trip proved on the first night ,that our tent is no longer waterproof.:( But we have had a lot of weekends away out of it.Time for a new tent.But which one to pick??  

5. The nasturtiums in my back yard that I planted from seeds  have gone seriously crazy, covering the entire flower bed.This is a picture of them AFTER I gave them a good trim back. Looking forward to them flowering though.

6. My pets are looking like they are up to no good here. Wonder what they are plotting!

7. I could have taken yet another photo in Bowland Beer Hall this weekend ,but I will leave you with a strawberry milkshake in Callooh! Callay! Instead. Bobbed in here whilst doing a few errands in town today,before meeting some good pals in the Beer Hall. 

Hope you have had a good week and enjoy the rest of the weekend. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 17 July.”

  1. The Sunday Sevens post is a very cute idea and I might have to steal it haha. Good luck finding a new tent. My boyfriend and I also found out the hard way our tent leaks. We stood in the sun the next morning like scarecrows with our arms and legs all stretched trying to dry out.
    Loving your blog 🙂

    1. Thanks ,you should join in next Sunday.Its a good way of documenting your life and there are a few Sunday Seveners out there.:) we still need to buy the new tent.If only every day camping could be like today! Unusually hot here for once..

    1. Hi thanks! We didn’t buy one in the end but will do hopefully soon.Have a week in Cornwall planned in August and we are stopping in a showman’s Wagon on a park called Spring Park in the Tamar Valley.A little bit different to our usual camping!

    1. I know! Actually though Slinky either ignored or occasionally tormented Hugo for the first year of his life.Then we went away for a week and took Hugo.Slinky was a different cat when we got back.She missed him.He now gives her the occasional lick and she rubs up against him.However sometimes she reverts back to her old ways and swipes Hugo accross the nose.x

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