Happy 4th Blog Birthday Give Away.:)

Well folks its that time of year again.My blog has been out there in the virtual world for yet another year.Thats four years! Pretty impressive hey.  🙂 I guess Sunshine & celandines  is mostly a slice  of my life for me to look back on.But I have to admit it’s nice to know that occasionally somebody somewhere might visit my little corner of the bloggersphere.:) 

What do I love about blogging?  Well I do love telling everyone and their aunty about any new great places I discover. I feel compelled to actually! I  enjoy taking photos too, though in a haphazard point and press type of way. So this blog is really my great indulgence.I’m still finding it to be lots of fun. I don’t think I can quite help….. being a blogger.:)

My Blogging Birthday Tradition is to host a wee giveaway every July to celebrate another happy 12 months of blogging.Yay! As I sit outside in the sunshine (oh so appropriate) sipping fruit tea, watching Slinky the cat prowl about my nasturtiums, I’m thinking,yep it feels great to be wishing myself a very happy blogging birthday.:)

To recieve a read copy of Jackie Copleton’s gripping & beautiful  novel set in war torn Japan ‘A dictionary of Mutual Understanding ‘and a pretty blue ceramic seahorse tag from my friends Etsy Shop please comment below.

What do you like about being a blogger?

And if you are not a blogger ,could you ever be tempted ?

I will put all entries into a teacup and choose one at random on Monday 25th of July.ps I will send abroad so don’t be put off if you are not in the UK. 🙂

Good luck.:)


27 thoughts on “Happy 4th Blog Birthday Give Away.:)”

  1. I love meeting and interacting with people from all over the world. You’re not too far from me, I think I just about understand your culture 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes you do get to meet some great people via their blogs.Always good to see how other people live in different countries and cultures.

  2. Happy birthday to your blog. I love blogging as its my little space where i can rant about anything without offending those close to me. 🙂

  3. Happy blogiversary!
    I love that seahorse 🙂

    My favourite thing about blogging is connecting with other people, but even when nobody reads my blog I feel like getting my thoughts out of my head and onto the page (metaphorically speaking) does me good 🙂 Obviously that’s more for the personal posts where I can get my thoughts out of my head, and I seem not to have written any of those for a while, but just having the option feels good.

  4. Oh, what a sweet thought! I’m just never organised enough to do this kind of thing. I kind of stumble from one blog post to the next 🙂 I can give it up for a week or so if I’m away, and I do keep threatening to bail out and do something ‘proper’ with my life, but… well, there are so many lovely people out there, aren’t there? I’d never have met them without blogging. Many congrats! 🙂

  5. Happy Blogaversary! I love sharing what I’m doing and meeting amazing and inspiring people from all over the world through my keyboard. Sometimes I might slack off on posting a bit when life gets busy, but I wouldn’t want to stop!

  6. The blogging community is great isn’t it and its perfectly fine to slack off occasionally. It’s brill to have our own little corners of the bloggersphere. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday blog. I would not attempt to do a blog as it would never be as interesting as your ones,!! Keep it going!!!

  8. Hi I have seen many of your blogs and often thought about starting doing it. But yours always seem interesting and very colourful , and I would worry no one would look at mine or even read them . Any way happy 4th blog birthday x

    1. Oh I hope you do start one.I would read it.:) Seriously though it can take a while when you first start blogging.The key is to keep going,follow and comment on other blogs too and link up to social media such as Facebook and Twitter.I hope you give it a go.:)

  9. Happy 4th birthday, you’re such an inspiration and natural writer! I miss blogging but somehow can’t get going again, it’s still great to read yours though 🙂

  10. Happy Blog Birthday. I missed my Birthday during my break. I’ll have to have a belated birthday. Love the idea of a give away.

    Having been away for a few weeks – I realised I really missed connecting with people, especially regular fellow Bloggers who I keep in touch with, like yourself. I enjoy having a place to share my adventures, my thoughts, my ideas and things that interest me. I equally enjoy other people’s blogs. I think it’s actually good for my well being, as long as I don’t let it start to feel like another pressure in my life.

  11. Thats great that you feel it adds to your life in a good way.I feel that way too.I’m glad its just a fun thing for me to do.I wouldn’t like to have to take it to seriously.:)

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