Not as expected, Sunday.

Have you ever planned a day out and it hasn’t turned out how you expected?  Today was a bit like that, well a lot like that to be honest !  Happily in the end things panned out ok. We started off by heading over to Hardcastle Crags in Yorkshire.

No as expected .....Sunday 003
Gibson Mill.

We parked on the National Trust Car Park  and walked to Gibson  Mill  , a beautiful 19th century textile Mill which is now a completely self sufficient museum,visitor centre and cafe.

No as expected .....Sunday 005

There were stepping stones over the river. As I gingerly hopped from stone to stone, Hugo sped by and nearly sent me a cropper!

The Weaving Shed Cafe opened at 11am ,  we were just in time for coffee and cake. It was quite chilly , so we were happy that we could sit inside with Hugo. 🙂

So far, so good. Our next planned stop was the quirky town of Hebden Bridge. Its great for independent shops,pubs and cafes. Theres something for everyone there, the town has a hippy,artisan,eclectic vibe. Unfortunately our history of actually getting to Hebden is not good. Like a modern day Brigadoon, our sat nav has previously either got us there eventually, or not at all.

Today we bizarrely managed to totally bypass it altogether and ended up in nearby Todmorden before we realised what was happening. We had actually  been congratulating ourselves that we were not in the ‘ millipede of cars’ going the opposite way,when it dawned on us that, that was the way we should have been going. Doh!

So change of plan!  I suggested we head to Gawthorpe Hall in Padiham ,  which is another NT property in our home county of Lancashire. We got there ok but at 12.30pm on a Sunday in July, the quite frankly too tiny carpark was full to bursting. 😦 Feeling frustrated we gave up and pointed the car in the direction of home.

This weekend is actually the anniversary of when Wil and I got together 11 years ago!  So instead of a celebratory day out like we had planned , we accepted that we should just hang out in our home town. Things immediately got better from then on. 🙂

Clitheroe Castle

We enjoyed a gorgeous lunch at The Atrium at Clitheroe Castle.

Perfect platter.
Hot Chocolate 🙂

Then headed for a pint at our fave local , The New Inn.

Soz ,this pic is quiet scary!!

And after had cocktails…….and a giant pink meringue in Escape Coffee & Cocktails in the town centre. 🙂

One should always devour a meringue with one’s cocktail. 😉

So Sunday didn’t turn out quite as we planned. But it wasn’t bad in the end!  Where is your Brigadoon?? Or do you have more luck than us!


17 thoughts on “Not as expected, Sunday.”

  1. My day (yesterday) didn’t turn out as planned. While here in London I met up with an old school friend. To pass the time, we decided to do a ‘Vivien Leigh walk’ (she’s my favourite actress) that I saw online. We met in the crypt of St.Martin in the Field’s for a coffee, which we could also tick off as it was where her memorial took place. We found the next couple of places-theatres, and then it all went pear-shaped. The author who devised the walk was adamant a certain pub was on King St-it wasn’t, and from then on we were wandering, passing the same places over and over. Hours in, totally bewildered, we gave up the ghost. I never saw where she died. In fact, I think she was living when we set out. It’s a long time since I was a postman. This morning I felt like I needed a hip transplant.

    1. Oh no thats frustrating indeed.:( At least you met in one of your fave places for a coffee.I remember you posting about the Crypt. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Go on a bus tour instead.:)

      1. Well remembered! The award for Most Loyal And Attentive Reader goes to you 🙂
        The author asked me to leave comments on her page when I’d done the walk-I think I should steer clear! Had a lazy day today to recover-(slow) walk around Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square (see my Yoda post) did a little writing then got a boat back to the hotel down the Thames. Manchester beckons tomorrow.

      2. I think it may be me-the ex-postman with no sense of direction. Had to be rescued in Stockholm. I spent three days in Rome. Because I liked it, my wife arranged for me to go back with her. Cue grounds for divorce as we got lost. Jen: “I thought you knew your way around!!” Me:” It’s a capital city!!!” Jen:”You said to look out for a church.” Me: “This is Rome!!!” Anyway,mum off out now for a final walk around Canary Wharf. If I never update again, well, you know . . .

  2. Well Hardcastle Craggs went well 🙂 We once stayed in Hebden Bridge and left a large bucket of Lego behind. The hotel was kind enough to forward it on to us. And you certainly made up for disappointment in Clitheroe 🙂

  3. Happy 11 years!! Yeah totally know what you’re talking about – last Saturday was meant to be date night but was instead spent looking after Matthew who was suffering from the man-flu and a cranky toddler…We’re giving it a new try tomorrow though 😛 xx PS. Seems like there are so many wonderful places to visit in your neck of the woods!

    1. I hope all goes well tomorrow! Its lovely here, but I am totally jealous of you living in Edinburgh. It’s a gorgeous city. Actually have a holiday booked in Scotland in November, which I’m really looking forward too. Staying in the grounds of a castle ‘lochinch Castle’ in a cottage , near Stranraer. X

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