Photo an Hour Sat 27th August.

I joined in with Janey and  Louisa’s Photo An Hour challenge on Saturday. Prepare for mostly random pictures of shopping and drinking! I went to Manchester with the girls.:)

8am ~ Sharing toast in bed.

9am ~ If I’m going to Manchester I had better put some nail polish on !

10am ~ On the train.

11am  ~  A typical House of Fraser customer maybe. 😉

Noon ~ Trying on an Oasis dress…..which I did end up buying.:)

1pm ~ Eyeing up Converse.

2pm ~ In The Botanist waiting for cocktails.

 3pm ~ The most amazing dessert!

4pm ~ Cider in the Gas Lamp before our train home.

5pm ~ Not really much you can photograph on a busy train.

6pm ~  Back in Clitheroe so obligatory ciders in The Inn At The Station before heading home. I forgot to take a photo at 7pm.

8pm ~ Other Half has gone to the pub so I’m sorting out dresses to put in our new wardrobe in the spare room. I need the most space.Obviously!

9pm ~ Chillin with Hugo and pondering on whether I should start my new book.Anyone read it? 

By 10pm I was already tucked up in bed.Very Rock n Roll on a Saturday night. 

Have a great Bank Holiday.x

Sea Air ~ Clovelly.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 091

So , how about some Sea Air ?  I thought I would post some pictures from my recent visit to the beautiful coastal village of Clovelly in North Devon. This picturesque village is privately owned and traffic is banned so access is through the visitor centre at the top of the steep cobbled streets, that wind their way down towards the blue blue sea.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 090

It was a  hot and sunny mid afternoon in the school holidays, when we came across a sign for Clovelly. Having no idea that Clovelly is a bit of a tourist mecca , we decided to check it out, purely because I quite liked the sound of it’s name!  As you can hopefully see from these photos, Clovelly is indeed gorgeous. 🙂

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 092
Pretty Yellow House.



Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 094
A Clovelly crab. 🙂

The sunbathing cats seemed quite unconcerned by the crowds of tourists. I guess they are probably used to them. We also saw a few donkeys in the village. In past times donkeys were used to transport peoples luggage, shopping and belongings up and down the steep cobbles. Sleds were also made use of and still are today. Luckily the donkeys have now been given a well earned rest. They get plenty of fuss and attention from the holidaymakers and daytrippers. 🙂

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 095

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 100
A Yarn Bombed Boat.
Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 099
Blossoms and Butterflies adorn the village in Summer.


Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 106

We made our way down to the pretty harbor where  the Red Lion Hotel and the LifeBoat house are situated. Little stops on the way gave us great views over Bideford Bay. 

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 102

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 112

I don’t know how the full time residents of Clovelly cope with the influx of tourists that descend upon the village , but the £7 entry fee does go to good use. It helps preserve the olde world feel of the place. I advise anyone who visits to get there early and explore a lot more than we did. I have since learned that the author Charles Kingsley has links to Clovelly and there is a waterfall nearby with a cave behind , where it is said that the Arthurian magician Merlin was born….

Have you ever been to Clovelly?




Sunday Sevens 21st August.

Sunday Seven’s is a roundup of my week and is devised by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins . I’ve actually just had two weeks off work. Today is the last day of my Summer holidays. Oh my, I might just cut a tragic figure at work on Monday morning!  Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been up to this past 7 days.

Last Sunday we had a yummy breakfast after a pleasant nights stay at The Bear’s Paw in Warmingham, Cheshire. It was a stop off point on our journey home from Spring Park in Cornwall and I’ve reviewed it in my Hotel stays with Petspyjamas post.  Petspyjamas is a website that specializes in Pet-friendly holidays and hotel stays, so do read my blog if you fancy taking your four legged friend away with you on your next trip. 🙂


I found a recipe for an interesting looking vegetarian dip to eat with pitta bread in The Simple Things magazine, called Muhammara. It contains pomegranate molasses which luckily can now be found in my cupboard!  Only because my last foodie penpal sent me some from sunny Cyprus. 🙂  Anyway it actually turned out ok, and Wil and I consumed the lot whilst watching Mark Cavendish battle for a Silver Medal in the Omnium. Hasn’t Team GB done well!


I’ve watched a few films this week and here’s a gem that I really enjoyed. The Mermaid  is a Chinese Rom Com ( subtitled) directed by Stephen Chow and China’s highest grossing movie. I’m a bit of a mermaid movie fan ( there’s a Splash remake happening right now!) but this could be my new fave film featuring fish-tailed folk. The storyline revolves around a young mermaid who is sent to murder a billionaire tycoon whose money has paid for  sea life destroying sonar technology. Slapstick hilarity follows as her crazy attempts to kill him go haplessly wrong. It’s a fantasy,romance,comedy, action pic with an environmental message and I loved it.


Saturday was fun as my friend Anne let me accompany her to a Steampunk event in Hebden Bridge. You may remember from one of my previous posts, that when Wil and I tried to go there recently, we somehow managed to completely miss our turning into the town. With Anne driving  Hebden Bridge lost its Brigadoon status! I managed to take a few photos in between showers of some of the amazing steampunk outfits. 🙂

Hope you had a good week and thanks for dropping by.



25 Food Questions Tag.

1)What’s your favourite Breakfast?

A real breakfast treat for me is pancakes. With blueberries,maple syrup and bacon. Oh yes 🙂

lakes1 055

2. How do you drink your coffee?

Strong and Black.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 131

3. What’s on your favourite sandwich?

BLT is probably my favourite. A bacon buttie always goes down well. And fish finger butties!

4. Soup or Salad?

Hmm salad at the moment but pea and mint soup, otherwise. 🙂


5. What’s your favourite cookbook?

I love my slow cooker at the moment so I have a few hamlyn slow cooking recipe books. I like dipping into ‘Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights’ by Sophie Dahl. ;). And ‘The Vintage Tea Party Book’ by Angel Adore is always a treat to open up and gaze at  the pictures. 🙂 To be honest my OH is the main cook in this house. I’m usually the washer upper.

6. No more sweets or no more hearty foods?

I definitely have a sweet tooth …..and how could I give up all those afternoon teas??


7. What’s your favourite Cuisine?

This is soo hard. I have recently bought a persian cookbook by Sabina Ghayour. All the pictures look amazing.

8. What’s your favourite food movie?

It’s not really a food movie but ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ has a companion recipe book  that includes Italian dishes Diane Lane’s character Frances feeds her friends in the film. And I love the film! oh and you can’t beat a Bridget jones dinner party. Blue string soup anyone?

tuscan sun
Under The Tuscan Sun.

9. What’s your most guilty pleasure?

Umm peanut butter ….with marmite…on toast. This will probably provoke a eurghh response. 🙂

10. What’s your greatest inspiration source?  Anyone who can cook is an inspiration!


11. Cooking at home or going out for dinner?

Going out to dinner.

12. High end or low profile?

Like Bev I’m not sure what this question means. High end must be posh nosh right! I prefer a more relaxed dining experience.

13. What’s your favourite restaurant? 

If I’m in Clitheroe, probably the The Emporium which has comfy sofas and yummy food ,but I’m always up for discovering new places. 🙂


14. I do my grocery shopping at:

My local supermarket and occasionally the market.

15. The tastiest food I’ve ever eaten was:

A friend’s homemade mac n cheese and Wil’s lemon & lime cake.

17. Coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?

I would probably be rendered speechless if I had coffee with Mr Clooney. Heston B might be able to create something fantastical with the coffee. 🙂

18. What should not be missing in your kitchen?

A dishwasher! A Food Mixer. A Blender.

19. What is your favourite snack?


20. What’s on your pizza?

Tuna, tomatoes, mushrooms and olives.:)


21. What food do you really dislike?

I can’t abide finding prawns in vol au vents.


22. What’s your favourite food blog?

I don’t really read any specifically food blogs but I do enjoy following Roots and Toots  and Andrea’s Cooking With A Wallflower .

23. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Gosh I’m really unadventurous! I’ve eaten haggis,neeps and tatties in Edinburgh ( really good) but couldn’t bring myself to try the fermented dried shark snack in Iceland.

Image. Pinterest.

24. What’s on your food bucket list?

I love Bev’s idea of wanting to try  world cuisines in the countries or places they come from. So Tapas in Spain, Dutch pancakes in Amsterdam, Port in Porto etc etc 🙂

25. I couldn’t live without:


So I saw this post originally on Bev’s Blog and totally stole it from her. But I don’t feel to sorry as she stole it from Kerri 😉  I would love it if you joined in. Let me know if you do !


Hotel stays with Pets Pyjamas.

Before we headed on the long journey to Cornwall and back ( home is up North in  Lancashire) , we decided to break up the trip with a couple of hotel stays. Having Hugo with us ( our black lab) meant scouting out some pet- friendly options. We had got really lucky with our accommodation in  Cornwall, as we would be staying in a beautiful restored 1940’s Showman’s Wagon at the lovely Spring Park near Launceston in the Tamar Valley. They are happy to welcome your pooch, there are even dog bowls and treats in the vans. 🙂

Wil found a great website called that specialize in stylish pet accessories and dog-friendly holidays. I ended up booking us a guest house in Bath for on the way down and an Inn near Sandbach for our journey home. The ‘Pet Concierge’ ( how swish) checked availability for us and asked me to email a picture of Hugo for his own personalized ‘treat boxes’ which he would receive at each of the hotels. Quite a fun and thoughtful idea. ^^

Our first stop was a quirky but classy B&B on the outskirts of Bath. Bloomfield House is an attractive Georgian manor house , about 20 minutes walk into the city centre. It has elegant rooms, a nice sized garden, car parking,wifi and a friendly welcome.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 032
Our pretty bedroom.
Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 001
One side of the house has a very interesting facade. The windows are painted on!
The owner’s doggies watching us eat breakfast.
The sunshiney breakfast room, where H was allowed to dine with us.:)

Hugo was given his ‘treat box’ on arrival. We couldn’t wait to open it! The owner also handed us a list of eateries in Bath , highlighting the ones that welcome dogs.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 034
Hugo’s welcome box contained dog treats, poo bags, a collapsable water bowl and a striking bandana. You can see his picture on the front of the box.
Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 035
Come on, It’s time for walkies!

Bloomfield is very near to a small dog friendly park and Bath itself has some good dog- friendly parks and walks including Victoria Park and The Bath Skyline Walk. I must admit  We mostly  gazed up in awe at all the gorgeous Bath architecture, instead of researching any pet-friendly attractions. Definitely a city to visit on our own one day. I would love to try out the open air rooftop pool !

We enjoyed our stay at Bloomfield and would recommend it as a welcoming and  restful stopover on the way down South or as the perfect Bath City Break hotel. 🙂 The price was £130 for the night with Pets Pyjamas and included Breakfast, a treat box for the dog and 1000 pet points to spend on the website.

The second hotel I booked was on the way home, though in hindsight I should have booked somewhere a little further away. The picturesque village of Warmingham near Sandbach in Cheshire is only about an hour and a half  from where we live. However after such a long drive ( the weekend motorway traffic was at a crawl) it did feel good to arrive at our destination. Our hotel was The Bear’s Paw , an attractive red bricked building ,dating back to the 19th century. The Bear’s Paw is a traditional Country Inn with two open fires, reclaimed oak flooring and stylish modern contemporary bedrooms. It also has a fantastic restaurant where you can dine with your four legged friend, wifi and car parking .

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 182
Our rather swish bedroom.
Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 191
The Bear’s Paw early morning.
Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 189
Cosy Interior.

Hugo again was given his ‘treat box’ on arrival. We wondered if he would get exactly the same treats inside as at Bloomfield, but there were a few changes. This box contained dog treats,bags,collapsible water bowl( these are a bit small for larger dogs),dry dog biscuits and a tug toy. 🙂

We took Hugo on a walk ( there are leaflets showing 3 local walks in the rooms) but after such a long drive we didn’t bother exploring the area much. We soon got cosy indoors and enjoyed a lovely meal in the restaurant. Warmingham is a pretty village with lovely red bricked buildings, typical of the area. Dog friendly places to visit within driving distance include Tatton Park, Quarry Bank and Dunham Massey.

The Bear’s Paw is a relaxing and very pet-friendly country hotel which we wouldn’t hesitate to stay in again. The price of our stay with Pets Pyjamas was £157 and the package included Breakfast,Yappy Hour  (a free drink each), Dinner for two, Treat Box for Hugo and 1000 pet points to spend on the website.

We…… and Hugo are very happy to have discovered Pets Pyjamas. It might just be the ‘Pawfect’ way to treat you and your pooch to a welcoming night or two away. 🙂

Down by the Riverside.

It’s been a while since I have taken my camera with me , along the banks of the Ribble.  Yesterday afternoon sounded a good a time as any. It was hot and sunny and the picnicking world were out in force. I tried to avoid the crowds and see what wildlife was hanging out by the water. Changes are a foot too. The new houses that are being built are creeping closer to the river. I’m not sure what I feel about that.

riverside 044
Speckled wood.
riverside 002
Water Mint in flower.
riverside 004
Water Forget-me-nots.
riverside 007
Thistle Down.
riverside 031
Female Goosander.
riverside 023
Meadow Cranesbill.
riverside 045
A rabbit wondering if this meadow will get built on too. 😦
riverside 036
Comma Butterfly.
riverside 001
Indian Balsam.
riverside 016
Spot the canoeist.
riverside 041
Bee on Meadow Vetchling.
riverside 048
riverside 015
Meadow Sweet.
riverside 032
Not the best picture. It’s a Peacock Butterfly.
riverside 012

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. :0)

‘The Duke’ at Spring Park ~ Our stay in a Showman’s Wagon.

Deep in the Cornish countryside , not far from the secluded hamlet of Rezare, Spring Park is a holiday hideaway, a gorgeous getaway and a haven of peace and tranquility. Located ‘ somewhere’ amongst a myriad of narrow country lanes and lush green meadows in the pretty Tamar Valley , this eclectic collection of vintage vans and cabins, is as hidden away and remote as you can get.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 061
The Duke is a classic 1940’s Showman’s Wagon, set in its own private meadow.

All the  wagons and cabins at Spring park are set apart from each other in their own private areas. We had booked to stay in ‘The Duke’ which is a beautifully restored Showman’s Wagon dating back to the 1940s. It stands in it’s own lovely wild flower meadow, buzzing with bees and butterflies. There is a fire pit, a wood fueled hot tub and a lovely modern bathroom in a timber hut, all reserved especially for the occupants of the Duke. 🙂 But anyway I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. I couldn’t help but take a few. ;).

wp-image-982230300jpg.jpgBath ,Cornwall & Devon 042Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 121Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 043

Fresh flowers, a bottle of wine ( chilling in the fridge) and two portions of tasty chocolate cake , greeted us on arrival. 🙂

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 119Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 041Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 120Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 047

The Duke has a French Enamel Wood Burner , which sadly we never got to use. The gorgeous weather meant it never got lit. I can just imagine it making the wagon , even more cosy.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 131Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 064Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 158Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 046

Lots of wildlife shared the meadow with us, including rabbits, goldfinches and butterflies.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 125Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 167Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 160

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 055

The wood fuelled Hot Tub was amazing and got really hot. Perfect to relax in with a glass of wine. Paddy who owns Spring Park , with his wife Kitty, recommended the woodland near Rezare for great off lead walks with Hugo. The Duke’s bathroom with it’s lovely hot shower is nearly as big as The Duke. 🙂

wp-image-560246946jpg.jpgBath ,Cornwall & Devon 054Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 172Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 181

Hugo met the owner’s dogs and Brooke can be seen above, wondering what on earth Hugo is playing at, racing round the meadow like a mad thing. And also above, is a sneak peek of another of the vintage vans at Spring Park, ‘The Duchess’.

I cannot recommend Spring Park enough, as the most relaxing , wonderfully thought out getaway from it all, kind of break. We wouldn’t hesitate to go back.


Links & Likes. ♡

I thought I would do a links and likes post , in no particular order ,and mix it in with a sneek peek of where I’m staying at the moment ,my holiday heaven , Spring Park in Cornwall.

We are stopping in a 1940’s Show Wagon.

Fancy booking a Surprise Getaway?  Surprise Trips

  have over 75 European City Break destinations ,they can send you to. You only find out where your going ,2 hours before your flight!

Need cat cuddles? Manchester has opened its first  Cat Cafe . Kittys and Cake under one roof. Sounds Purrfect.

Why can’t my Instagram account be as gorgeous as this one by Hermione Foxx. I used to work with this girl. She can cook chickens….and style the most beautiful bedroom shot. 🙂

Hugo helping me draw a piccie of our Holiday Home.

Christine has been  Wild Swimming

 again. Where will she be taking a dip next??

Nina found the Best Family Day Out at a gorgeous park near Edinburgh. Way the best blogger ,for finding family friendly places to visit in this beautiful city.

Roots & Toots joined in a Fabulous Foodie Tour of Cambridge.

Thanks Jo for including my Llama Trekking post in your Monday Walks. 🙂

The Duke is full of Vintage Treasures.

I joined Trover ( a travel app that enables you to share photos,tips and info about places you have visited.) and I’ve created a Pet Friendly List of places to take  your 4 legged friend.Speeking of pets, we have recently also used to book nights away in dog friendly boutique accomodation in the UK. More info coming up on my blog soon.

 Louise attended Hen Harrier Day in the Peak District. Please sign the petition.

Oh and why not support Team Refugee in the Olympics this year. You can check when they are competing by clicking on the link.:)

Happy days in ‘The Duke’.

Thanks for dropping by. I will post a much more detailed post about my holidays in a gorgeous Showman’s Wagon at the remote Cornishly Quirky Spring Parc on my return up North. 🙂








Sunday Sevens August 7th.

Just time for a very quick  SUNDAY SEVeNS this week,before I head away on my jollies to Sunny (hopefully) Cornwall. My sister sent me this pic of my niece Imogen in the dress I bought her for her birthday. What a cutie.:)

Speeking of cuties, here’s how I often find Hugo sleeping these days. A-hem.:)

Slinky strikes a more ladylike pose. 🙂

Sorry nasturtiums. I attacked the nasturtium jungle again. But I went a bit far, and ended up pulling ninety percent of them up. That wasn’t meant to happen.They are extremely easy to pull up though. 😦

Saw this wildflower patch in a friends allotment,love the vibrant colours.:)

Saturday night mean’t going to the yearly Proms at Clitheroe Castle. It’s basically just a good exscuse to grab some beers and some friends and enjoy rousing renditions of Land Of Hope And Glory etc ,in a beautiful setting. 🙂

This is my new shower curtain. I sort of fell in love with the new(ish) fern and botanical trend..,ordered this curtain online,didn’t even realise it was coming from the US..and ended up paying customs and excise  £11 to release it. Not sure I am enamoured . Maybe it will grow on me! 

Thanks to Natalie at Threads And Bobbins for organizing Sunday Sevens.

Have a great week!