Sea Air ~ Clovelly.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 091

So , how about some Sea Air ?  I thought I would post some pictures from my recent visit to the beautiful coastal village of Clovelly in North Devon. This picturesque village is privately owned and traffic is banned so access is through the visitor centre at the top of the steep cobbled streets, that wind their way down towards the blue blue sea.

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 090

It was a  hot and sunny mid afternoon in the school holidays, when we came across a sign for Clovelly. Having no idea that Clovelly is a bit of a tourist mecca , we decided to check it out, purely because I quite liked the sound of it’s name!  As you can hopefully see from these photos, Clovelly is indeed gorgeous. 🙂

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 092
Pretty Yellow House.



Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 094
A Clovelly crab. 🙂

The sunbathing cats seemed quite unconcerned by the crowds of tourists. I guess they are probably used to them. We also saw a few donkeys in the village. In past times donkeys were used to transport peoples luggage, shopping and belongings up and down the steep cobbles. Sleds were also made use of and still are today. Luckily the donkeys have now been given a well earned rest. They get plenty of fuss and attention from the holidaymakers and daytrippers. 🙂

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 095

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 100
A Yarn Bombed Boat.
Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 099
Blossoms and Butterflies adorn the village in Summer.


Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 106

We made our way down to the pretty harbor where  the Red Lion Hotel and the LifeBoat house are situated. Little stops on the way gave us great views over Bideford Bay. 

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 102

Bath ,Cornwall & Devon 112

I don’t know how the full time residents of Clovelly cope with the influx of tourists that descend upon the village , but the £7 entry fee does go to good use. It helps preserve the olde world feel of the place. I advise anyone who visits to get there early and explore a lot more than we did. I have since learned that the author Charles Kingsley has links to Clovelly and there is a waterfall nearby with a cave behind , where it is said that the Arthurian magician Merlin was born….

Have you ever been to Clovelly?




16 thoughts on “Sea Air ~ Clovelly.”

  1. I’m going to admit to being a tiny bit jealous! We went to Cornwall on our honeymoon and spent a day in Clovelly. It really is a beautiful place, your photos have brought back some happy memories. 😊

  2. Never been but what a fantastic place! It always amazes me that there are still places like this in the UK. It must be so quiet with not having cars clogging up the streets! Lovely photos! 🙂

    1. It is lovely indeed but it wasn’t that quiet with all the tourists milling around. It might be more peaceful after the school holidays.x

  3. Clovelly is beautiful, but I can imagine very very busy this time of year. It does sound idyllic to have no cars, but that hill is very steep. Did you see the episode of Country File where they were talking about taking away the rubbish and how they dealt with large deliveries and moving house? And to think they have to put up with all those tourists literally right on their doorsteps this time of year. Lovely, but I definitely wouldn’t want to live there.

    1. No I didn’t see it but it sounds interesting. You don’t really think about the impact a place like that has on the people who live there. Yes its beautiful but it was very busy. Tourists were practically sat in peoples gardens.I can’t imagine walking up and down that steep cobbled street every day.That would not be fun! X

      1. I’ve only been to Clovelly in the winter, but not surprised it’s ram packed at the moment – it’s not very big. We have a whole moor here and still can feel ‘invaded’ – although that’s usually from those few with poor attitude. Mind things like getting parked in tavi, getting a table in the pub etc become difficult if not impossible and worryingly major hospitals sometimes end up in black alert because so many extra people are using them 😦

  4. I love Clovekky, it is a beautiful little village. We walked along to the waterfall when we were there, which was interesting but not as stunning as I had hoped for. The coast there is just amazing though, we did a circular walk along from Clovelly and back through fields, it’s somewhere I’d definitely go back to, but maybe not in mid summer.

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