Wildlife pics in October. Week 3.

Towards the end of this week the temperatures have fallen. Its certainly a lot colder than it has been. But last weekend it was still quite mild.  Mostly my week has been all about the fungi. Oh what fun guys!

15th October. Noticed this dark brown topped  Fungi growing up a tree. In fact it is there every year ,so it must consider the tree home. Can anyone identify it? Also very nearly stepped on  a Furry Caterpillar crossing the pavement. Its reddish brown colour leads me to believe it could become a Fox Moth ? And today, inspired by  Christine , I decided to collect some Autumn Leaves, Nuts & Berries on our walk with Hugo. They look quite pretty don’t they?



16th October.  An Ink cap Mushroom  amongst falling foliage. I know I photographed  some  last week but hey I quite like this picture. 🙂


17th October.  I  think these might be Honey Fungus at the bottom of a tree in the park. If so, they are edible but as I am not to sure about my identification skills, I will not be cooking any, any time soon !

18th October.  Hugo enjoyed pouncing about in the crunchy leaves today in the Castle grounds. Grey Squirrels live in the park and unlike our native Reds, are in no danger of dying out. The breed was introduced from North America in the 19th century and the squirrels feed on acorns, nuts, bulbs and fungi.


19th October.  I was surprised to see some Meadowsweet still in bloom , which must be testament to the mild weather we have been having. Their sweet smelling flowers were once used to flavour mead and this is the plant that first gave us aspirin apparently.


20th October.  I had wondered what I could photograph on a walk out with Hugo , when this Rainbow appeared over the fells in the distance. 🙂

21st October. A colder morning today made me check my hanging baskets which were £3 each from Aldi and are full of  Winter Pansies. I hope their name means they survive the first frosts.

What Wildlife have you spotted this week?  

8 thoughts on “Wildlife pics in October. Week 3.”

  1. Lovely post yet again! I love your nature table! I showed David your picture and then read that I had inspired you! 🙂 Perhaps you can do a rainbow of autumn colours with the leaves? There have been many rainbow sightings this week, yet I’ve not been lucky enough to see one 😦 The winter pansies are a vibrant splash of colour! Lovely pictures xx

  2. These are great wild moments, I love your leaf collections. Regarding the mushrooms the white ones are shaggy inkcaps and I think the ones you said could be honey fungus are actually shaggy scalycaps – but it’s hard for me to tell from the photo. perhaps google shaggy scalycaps and see if you agree or not!

  3. Lovely pics again! I’m always to afraid to cook any fungus I see. I used to be amazed by people I saw leaving the woods with basketfuls – definitely braver than me. Although I was thinking I haven’t seen much this year. Assume it’s the dry weather.

  4. I would never either! The mushrooms I had ideed as Honey fungus could just as well be shaggy scalycaps that are poisonous, according to Louise above.Yikes! I’ve seen more fungi around than usual, but probably because I have been keeping a look out for it.x

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