Chick Flick Classics ~~ The Ghost and Mrs Muir.

On the days leading up to Halloween, I thought I would reblog a few old posts! This post is all about one of my fave black and white movies ‘The Ghost and Mrs Muir’ and is a spooky romance starring Rex Harrison and the gorgeous Gene Tierney. Enjoy 🙂

The Ghost and Mrs Muir.

sunshine and celandines

ghost1I’m a bit of a rom com and chick flick fan and I’ve probably seen just about every film made in the genre from the past twenty plus years ( ok maybe not all of them but quite a few! ), So I thought I would delve a wee bit further into the past and get watching a few classics from the Silver Screen. I shall be updating my Love Film list and hopefully discovering some New Old romances and tearjerkers. But for now I shall share with you one of my favorite 40’s fantasy films The Ghost and Mrs Muir.

The Ghost and Mrs Muir (1947) is the story of a young widow Lucy Muir played by the beautiful Gene Tierney, who flees her stifling snobby in laws with her young daughter. They find an old cottage by the sea called ‘Gull Cottage’ which no one has lived in…

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