Yet to experience….Some Wintery Firsts.

Here’s a Christmas List with a difference. Wintery Firsts I have yet to try. Originally posted two years ago, I have updated it a bit. Are there any Winter pursuits that you have yet to sample?

sunshine and celandines

I realised only the other day that I have never, ever ……tasted Egg Nog , the sweet egg, cream and bourbon based drink so symbolic of festive cheer. That got me thinking, what other wintery traditions and treats have I yet to experience?? Here are a few things I have still never tried in all my ( cough ! 41 shhhh..) Christmases.

Make a snow angel in the snow.

Try Wassail ~ a mulled cider drink.  I have now made my own Mulled Cider in a slow cooker, with bottled cider, a clove filled orange and cinnamon sticks, but have yet to try the traditional Wassail.

Keep my hands warm and cosy in a toasty muff.


Go to Midnight Mass.

Get your Hygge on and buy a Danish Pancake Pan and make Danish Pancakes known as Ebelskivers. 

b81550cbefe3702529c2812366bc6b97.jpgHave a Skiing Lesson in the Snow.

Cook Christmas Dinner…

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8 thoughts on “Yet to experience….Some Wintery Firsts.”

  1. Good list. I have never tasted egg nog either. From your list I still have to do- wear a muff, make danish pancakes, have a boxing day swim , try ice skating, spend Christmas day abroad and visit Lapland. Not too bad!

  2. You got me thinking and there is quite a few on your list I have never tried, really must make better effort. This year I haven’t got a tree ! no room at the moment, few decorations up.. have been known to take it all down on Boxing-day, get a bit restless with stuff all out !!!!
    Have been reading all you adventures even if I haven’t commented lately.
    Have a lovely Christmas..
    Amanda XX ( Mrs Scrooge)

    1. I know what you mean….as I absolutely hate taking down the tree and putting everything away. I will toast your tree free Christmas with an egg nog ….or a snowball! Have a great one.Xx

  3. The toasty muff just sounds wrong lol.

    What a good list! I tried Egg Nog years ago, and went to a Christmas carol concert on Christmas Eve, but that was when I was a kid, though, I would like to do that again! I’ve not had wassail, I’ve had mulled wine, which I don’t particularly like.

    Your post has made me think, there’s not many Christmas traditions I keep, though I do have a little 3ft Christmas tree and Artie has an advent calendar. I’ve always wanted a wreath for the front door, maybe this year I can get one? I miss the carolers calling at the doors, but I suppose people are not into religion any more. For a child they did seem to add to the excitement of the season.

    Nanacarthy2 suggests a boxing day swim, I’ll probably have no time for that, what with visiting family, but I am thinking of splashing about New Years, unless I’m hungover!

    Great post! xx

    1. Yay I hope you do a festive swim.I did think of you when adding that tradition.:) Ha I think your right about the ‘toasty muff’ ~ I obviously wasn’t thinking when I wrote that!! I love that Artie has an advent calendar. Does he shout every morning to open it? I have never been caroling and that would be extremely Christmassy. Should add it to my list. Thanks for reading. The wreath sounds a lovely idea.Xx

      1. Artie does know when we get the calendar out. He knows the work ‘treat’ and as we are opening the doors he rolls around the floor all cute lol 🙂 Hope you get to do some more of your list 😀 x

      2. How cute.:) Slinky is just very vocal…even when I open the fridge door. I dare not get her an advent calendar.She would demolish it.Ha! I will try and make the effort and do something off my list this winter. X

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