Sunday Sevens 18th December.

I totally forgot about yesterdays #photanhour challenge , but I do have enough pictures of my week to catch up with you guys via  Sunday Sevens . Yay!  Above is last Sunday’s  attempt at making Chestnut & Mushroom pate from a recipe in December’s edition of’The Simple Things’ magazine. Turned out pretty well actually…but neither Wil or I are really that keen on it. Oh well…..maybe a jar will find itself with you. 😉

Last Sunday I went to a local craft fair and found this charming stag head candle, which I couldn’t resist buying. He was only £5 and he is beautiful. A fellow blogger says he looks like a Sidney or a Sheridan. Sheridan it is ! I shall not be lighting Sheridan though. 🙂

And also on Sunday I went to Mitton Hall near Whalley with a few ladies from work. We had a Christmassy Afternoon tea by Candlelight, gossiped quite a bit ( girls will be girls!) and admired the beautiful Christmas tree which stands by the fire and is HUGE.

I bobbed into ‘The Boiler Room Cafe’ at Holmes Mill in Clitheroe during the week for a gift voucher….and ended up with a free coffee and a sticky blueberry Danish ! There was a problem with the till so I got a complementary elevenses, while I waited. Seemed a good time to bring out ‘The Little Book Of Hygge’. Has anybody read it?

Yesterday Wil and I had a Christmas Shopping for ‘each other’ day In two Southern Lakes Towns. We had planned to not buy anything this year, but that’s snow fun!  First we visited Kendal where we had coffee in a little Tea & Coffee house called Farrer’s. It was very cute and Dickensian. Also got chatting to an owl charity and petted a Barn Owl , a Tawny owl and a Little Owl. 🙂 I am a lot easier to buy for than my fussy OH so Wil purchased some goodies for me in Kendal but alas he found nothing he liked. 😦

Kirkby Lonsdale is smaller than kendal but has some lovely shops and quirky street names, such as Salt Pie Lane & Jingling Lane. Whilst I did find some unusual Victorian Whale tree decorations ( I bought one for our yet to put up tree ~ thats todays job) , I came away with nothing at all for Wil. He is one of those annoying people who doesn’t care about opening presents on Xmas Day. Tough, I shall get him something , whether he likes it or not!  Another job for today me thinks. 🙂

Hope you had an enjoyable week. Wish me luck with my shopping!


12 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 18th December.”

  1. Good luck with your Christmas present shopping! David too is fussy to buy for! I think men in general are hard to buy for unless they have a hobby. I’ve not read that book you suggested, will put it on my book list! Looks like you had a fun and diverse week! 🙂 xx

    1. It has been quite a nice week Christine. I still need to get Wil something.sigh.He says he’s not bothered but I am, especially as he got me some nice things yesterday. sigh. Oh well I will think of something.xx

  2. Blokes can be hard to shop for, can’t they? Our son can spend a fortune on clothes and shoes before you’ve blinked but his Dad never wants anything. 😦 Probably just as well 🙂 Wishing you and Will a fab Christmas!

  3. My Dave is one of those people – he doesn’t care for his own birthdays or christmases at all (would rather they didn’t happen) and so as a result is terrible at other people’s. I asked him to help me choose a card my his step mother’s birthday next month whilst we were out at the weekend and he actually made a snarly / growly noise followed by a long groan! I did kick him into Waterstones followed by Clinton to buy me a book or two and a card for christmas!

    I keep seeing all these hygge books and am tempted but don’t know which one would be best! I was looking out for you on instagram as I did my first photo an hour there and wondered where you were!

    1. It sounds like more and more men are like Wil and Dave. Bah Humbug! 😉 You are right there are so many Hygge books now. I got The Little Book of Hygge for my birthday and its a nice little book written by some guy who works at the ‘Happiness Institute’ in Denmark. He is very I didn’t end up doing Photo an Hour purely because I thought Wil would get the grumps.Shopping for him is stressful enough without me photographing everything. I did take my camera though so I guess i’m a bit hypocritical. But it was nice to leave my phone at home. 🙂 x

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