Hygge and enjoying the Winter months. 

The tree is down and the decorations have been put away. Yet the happy times don’t have to end. Winter is so often dark and cold but maybe we should embrace our longest season. Maybe we should do as the Danish do and bring on the Hygge!!  Hygge ( pronounced hoogah) is a Danish word that describes a feeling of cosiness and joy. It embodies the pleasures we take in simple things such as enjoying a mug of hot tea whilst the rain beats at the window, reading a favourite book by candlelight, getting together with friends in a cosy pub or snuggling on the sofa with a pile of blankets and cushions and a good film. It seems that people in Denmark cannot wait for Winter to arrive and their contentment with this time of year surely contributes to their nation being ‘the happiest’ in Europe. 🙂


Snuggly Socks. Image via Pinterest.

With this in mind I have consulted ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ by Meik Wiking of The Happiness Institute in Copenhagen ( yes there is such a place! ) and written a list of ideas to help us get through the rest of January and February. No two months need the concept of Hygge more, I feel.:)

Light candles. The home always feels so much cosier by candlelight.

Feel toasty. Snuggly socks, slipper boots, cozy cushions & throws all add to that super cozy feeling.

Hot drinks. Your favourite coffee, tea or hot chocolate in a lovely new mug. Why not try an unusual  tea , add a flavoured syrup to your coffee or some ginger to hot chocolate.

Bring Nature Indoors. Treat yourself to a few plants or flowers. Or when your out and about look for fir cones, greenery, berries etc and arange them inside.

Take up a creative hobby. I’m always saying I will learn to crochet! Or how about rag rugging, knitting or cross stitch.

Bring out the boardgames. Invite friends or family round for boardgame fun. Remember Scrabble, Monopoly, Connect 4, Kerplunk?

A good book. Hunt out your library card and take out some stories by  your fave authors to read over Winter.

Old Movies. Oldies are the best I think. Some of my faves include Rebecca, The Ghost & Mrs Muir, To Catch A Thief and Roman Holiday. Snuggle down with some of your fave films.

Slow Cook. Make Winter warming stews and fill the home with amazing aromas. Oh and invite  friends round for a hearty supper. They can always bring pudding. 😉
Discover a New Box set. There are so many! Currently binge watching The Killing on Netflix and just caught up with The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Any recommendations?

Dig out old photos. Or print out some of your favourites  and put in a photo album to enjoy flipping through on a cold Janury evening.


Snuggle down in your own Hyggekrog. Image via Pinterest.

Create a Hyggekrog. This is cozy nook in the home where you can snuggle  in a blanket with a good book and a brew.

Build a Hygge Emergency kit. For those times you just want to curl up with all favourite things. Add candles, a book you love, notebook & pen, chocolate, your fave film, some snuggly socks, pjs, a face mask, a pretty teacup and your tea of choice. Or whatever makes you  happy. 🙂

Daylights at a premium in January and February so  I will try and make the most of it. 🙂 Here are  a few ideas.

Out & About.

Blustery Beach Walk.  The UK is full of almost deserted beaches in the Winter , so why not wrap up warm and blow those cobwebs away with an invigorating walk along the coast. Look out for wintering water birds and big skies.

Hire a Beach Hut for the day. Why not rent a base for your day out at the seaside. Be sure to take essentials such as warm blankets, hot water bottles, flasks of hot chocolate and your fave board games. Heres a Beach Hut day rental site in St Annes.

Hunt out Street Art. Fill a flask with your favourite hot beverage and explore your neighbourhood on foot.

Find a Cozy Cafe. There’s nothing more comforting than finding a cozy cafe to relax in when the weather is miserable outside. You can even get that Hygge feeling in one of the many Scandinavian cafes that are popping up around Britain such as Baltzersens in Harrogate and Nordic Bakery in London.


Snowdrops. Image via Pinterest.

Snowdrop Walks.  January & February bring out carpets of snowdrops. A sure sign that Spring is tentatively on its way. The National Trust has information on Snowdrop walks near you. 🙂

Book A Weekend Away. The great thing about booking a few days away out of season is the price! Look for somewhere with a wood burning stove or open fire for that extra Hygge feeling. I used Sally’s Cottages to find a cozy cottage for a weekend in January.

Borrow a Dog.  If you don’t have a four legged friend, borrow a pooch from a friend or family member and take them out for a long country walk. Fresh air is honestly one of the best cures for the Winter Blues and your new companion will be very appreciative.There’s even a website Borrowmydoggy.com that you can sign up to.

Spa days. Look out for pamper package offers at local spas and treat yourself.

Ice skating. Find your inner child and get out onto the Ice. Some outdoor rinks are open throughout January, like this one www.canarywharf.co.uk

January & February Celebrations. Take note of winter celebrations such as Burn’s Night at the end of January, Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday or ‘Pancake Day’ , Candlemas/Imbolc and Valentine’s Day. Or make that Galentine’s Day to celebrate the girl pals in your life!


The Little Book of Hygge.

Hope this post gives you a few ideas of how to combat those Winter Blues. Oh and if it does actually snow, make sure you dig out that sledge!! 🙂




32 thoughts on “Hygge and enjoying the Winter months. ”

  1. What a lovely blog post, I really like your hygge ideas for January and February. We are starting the new year with a hygge break in a cosy shepherd’s hut in Devon over the weekend. I’m definitely going to follow some of your ideas to keep the hygge feeling going when we get home, January can feel so flat once the sparkle of the Christmas season is over.

  2. There is much here that I can relate to-hot drinks on rain-lashed nights; books; old films; bringing nature indoors; go for walks. Love this time of the year. Speaking of old films-I’m a Hammer fan of old, but one I watched just recently wasn’t a horror but a thriller called Cash On Demand. I loved it-think it could well be Cushing’s greatest performance. Didn’t realise when I started watching it that it’s a twist on the Scrooge story.

  3. I thought you would like Hygge, being a Scandinavian thing.:) Old films are the best arn’t they. I have never heard of Cash On Demand so I will look out for it.

    1. Thanks Charlotte. The photos are mostly from good old pinterest. There are lots of lovely hygge piccies on there.I presume your New Year will be pretty warm compared to ours? X

  4. This is a great post, all very fine advice? What do you think of the book? I quite fancy reading a hygge book but I don’t want one full of recipes as I’m such a fussy eater and would rather be reading than cooking! I’ve mostly been getting cosy with books lately, I did intend to play some board games over Christmas (we took a few away) but I was too busy reading!

    1. Hi The Little Book of Hygge only has about 5 recipes in it. Its quite good value at £5 on Amazon and I have seen it in Sainsburys too. It has sections on Hygge in the home, out and about and even a chapter about hygge in Copenhagen. I havnt read any other hygge books yet…but am tempted. You definitely have to be in the mood for board games I think.When you have a good read on the go…its impossible to put it down! X

      1. Thanks for the info! I think I’ll have to wander into a bookshop, gather up a selection of hygge books then have a flick through them all to see which I fancy, though the one you have does sound pretty good so I might give that one a try and it’s cheap!

  5. What a lovely post, all sound rather nice will be trying to keep happy..
    Wishing you well in 2017.
    Amanda xx

    1. I like to have the decorations away for new year. I leave some lights round the window and the candles for the cozy feeling

  6. I love the hygge principles. There’s a beautiful hygge crochet along which I think looks a bit adventurous for me. Nothing beats a cold walk followed by warm drinks and a cosy home. 😊

    1. Definitely! January is the perfect month for a bit of hygge. 🙂 You seem really good at crochet…so maybe you should try thecrochet along.:)

      1. Aw, thank you, it looks terribly complicated given that I have two big ish projects on the go already! Crochet is a fab craft for the winter months though. 😊

    1. Thank you for the comment! I am sorry, I am not a big tea drinker and know very little about Danish tea. Good luck with your research.Xx

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