Wildlife Moments of 2016.

Hi there and Happy New Year everyone!  I’ve decided to have a couple of weeks off blogging whilst a bit of decorating gets done ( hopefully!) but first here are some of my favourite wildlife pics from 2016. Looking through my photos, I hadn’t realised there would be so many great wildlife moments captured on camera.

I loved seeing the  Red Squirrels at Formby Point and Haweswater and later in Scotland. Being so used to their larger grey cousins, it was a real treat to hang out with the little tuftys.: )  Hillwalking near Haweswater in Cumbria also gave me my first sighting of a wheatear ,it was perched on a craggy stone wall singing. And spotting Grey Seals on the rocks below Corsewall Lighthouse in Dumfries & Galloway was a joy. 🙂

Of course there were also the moments closer to home when I didn’t have my camera with me. I know darn it, I should always carry a camera! Earlier in 2016 whilst out walking Hugo, we were accompanied by a silent white shadow gliding slightly ahead of us. I can’t describe how magical it was to witness a Barn Owl hunting in the field.:) And another time I was out with Hugo down by the River Ribble, when we were treated to three Hares boxing on the other side of the river. An amazing sight!

If you click on the photos each should hopefully have a description.I hope I have identified everything correctly! Looking forward to lots more sightings in 2017. 🙂

Have you any of your own favorite Wildlife sightings from 2016?

10 thoughts on “Wildlife Moments of 2016.”

  1. Enjoy your break from blogging! Some great pictures and wildlife sightings. Also a good idea for a post. I can’t remember all the wildlife sightings I’ve seen last year! Good luck with the decorating!! x

  2. Thank you! I suspect I will be doing the supervising or the sanding down. Wil is a better decorator than me. I will still be reading every ones blogs on my breaks at work. 🙂

  3. What gorgeous pictures Shazza. I am so jealous of your red squirrel spot. The last time I saw one of those was 3 years ago in Sweden. 😔 I am not sure what my favourite spot of the year would be. Perhaps seeing atlas moths emerge from their chrysalises is a standout moment. Or rather they were almost fully emerged – a slow process! Here’s to a great year for you and yours and I look forward to more pics!X

    1. Thank you Laura. 🙂 I know you are a great nature photographer so that means a lot that you liked the post. 🙂 I was lucky to be on holidays in places that red squirrels just happened to inhabit last year. It had been a very long time since I had seen one before then. The Atlas moth moment does sound amazing. 🙂

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