Snowdrops and Tabby Cats in Clapham.

On the way  home from a recent weekend away in the Lake District we decided to stop for lunch in the pretty village of Clapham. This lovely Yorkshire village deserves a whole day out to appreciate it’s babbling beck, it’s little stone bridges and it’s wonderful walks and nature trails. We will return!  For now, here are a few snaps I took on a brisk walk round. 🙂

A  Cafe, sadly not open on a chilly afternoon in January.
Clapham Beck.
Market Cross.
Got warmed up in the Local Pub. 🙂
Village Shop.
Always happy to see Snowdrops. 🙂
Let Me In That Brook!
Fancy a seat.
Hedge Dwellers.
Where to next….
St James Church.
A Vintage Shop. 🙂
Treasures !
I went into the shop and was greeted by….
Miss Stella. She sold me a dvd of the film ‘Rebecca’.  🙂
The Millennium Stone in the Car Park.

Thanks for stopping by. More posts about my Lake District trip coming soon. X

22 thoughts on “Snowdrops and Tabby Cats in Clapham.”

  1. How cute is Miss Stella! I’ve just Googled Ingleborough Cave, and it looks fantastic! What a find! Definitely been put on the to visit list! Thanks for sharing your brisk walk! 🙂 x

  2. She is very cute. Apparently she likes a cat nap in any vintage baskets she finds in the shop. There is a walk from the village to the caves which I will have to do sometime. X

  3. Nice to see a place from childhood, living not far ,at langcliffe we often went to Clapham. At Christmas they have Santa in a cave , well worth a visit.

  4. Hi Shazza, New follower here:) When I saw part of the heading Clapham I immediately thought of London. What a wonderful surprise to see it is in Yorkshire. Loved all the photos especially with the gorgeous dog and cat. Linda (Australia)

    1. Hi thanks for the follow Linda. 🙂 Yes its surprising that there is a Clapham in Yorkshire! I suspect Stella is a celeb in her village. Hugo the lab is a celeb in my house…and this blog. 🙂

  5. I love Clapham, it’s such a beautiful little village. We wandered through and stopped at a tearoom en-route to Ingleborough cave last year, which is well worth a visit if you haven’t already been 🙂

  6. A Lovely place! We started a walk from Clapham a few summers ago – we walked up to the winch meet just below Ingleborough and were winched down Gaping Gill, then called in at Ingleborough Cave on the way back!

    1. Aw thank you. I hope you get to visit. Stella the tabby cat is a wonderful supervisor in the shop. I saw her Saturday as well. 🙂

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