Sunday Sevens 29th January 2017. 

Hi this is my first Sunday Sevens of 2017!  Here is what I have been up to in the last week.

Books Read in January.

I have been on a roll reading this month. Three of the above were Christmas presents and all four books I have given solid 4 ☆☆☆☆ on Good Reads. A whimsical romance with books, a quirky story about a young adventuress who doesn’t recall her adventures, a laugh out loud romp with our favourite singleton Bridget and and an interesting novel about the reintroduction of wolves into Northern England. All good.

Derwent Water Morning light.
Castlerigg Stone Circle.

Last weekend was spent enjoying a mini break in The Lake District. We stopped in a cosy cottage in Keswick with our dog Hugo.Keswick has been voted ‘Most Dog-friendly town’ several years on the run. More about that coming soon. The above pictures show reflections in beautiful Derwentwater and the nearby ancient Castlerigg Stone Circle with its mountainous backdrop.

Stella the Tabby.

On the way home from Cumbria we dropped by a Yorkshire village called Clapham and I met the proprietor of a local vintage shop, who was actually a tabby cat called Stella. 🙂

New Mugs!


Whilst I was away I bought two new mugs from a shop in Keswick called  Love The Lakes. Mine is the one with the sheep on. 🙂



Stairway to heaven. Erm not yet!

This weekends job is lots of sanding and getting the stairs and landing ready for decorating and a new carpet. I can’t claim that I have done much to help as Wil does not trust me with a paint brush! To speed up proceedings Mr Hugo has decamped to a boarding kennels for the weekend. It is really wierd without him. 😦

Happy Chinese New year. 🙂

After lots of decorating prep we stayed in with a Chinese ( do you like my dragon puppet? ) and watched anti-superhero film ‘Deadpool’. Quite amusing!

How was your week?


32 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 29th January 2017. ”

  1. I’m very impressed that you managed to read all of those books in January; I’ve been rubbish with my reading recently! I did watch the Bridget Jones’ Baby film on a plane last week though…and it did almost make me cry! Loving the dragon 🙂 Looks like you had a great week 🙂

    1. I loved the film! Though its a little different from the book, if you ever do get chance to read it. Its hard not to get emotional when Bridget gets her happy ending.:)

  2. You would breeze through the ‘Year of Books’. I’ve only read two books this month! Love your mug and puppet dragon! Good luck with the decorating, that looks a steep set of stairs! We have the hall and landing to decorate this year too, but it’s such a huge space and very treacherous over the landing! It’s a job for the longer summer days! Love your picture of Derwentwater, it’s so dreamy. My week has been quite boring, save lots of cooking and having a boozy Wednesday for Burn’s Night. Thanks for sharing xx

    1. I’m on role with the books…..but only because Ihave read some good ones. 🙂 Our Lake District weekend seems such a long time ago now. The decorating may take a while but at least its all prepped. Staircases are the worst. X

  3. Big fan of the Love the Lakes shops. If I manage to climb one of the Wainwrights which corresponds to one of the mugs, I buy it. Got 5 of them so far!!! Cracking shop, can recommend the kendal mint cake vodka!!

    1. Oooh yes there were samples of the Kendal mint cake vodka in store when I bought the mugs. Probably one of the reasons why I bought them.;) One day I will attempt a Wainwright. Maybe the smallest one!

      1. Latrigg above Keswick is the easiest walk for the best view there is. Drive to the Gale Rd car park (go early to get a spot), follow the path that is suitable for wheelchairs, and admire the vista. Minimal effort for maximum return

  4. I love it up there on Castlerigg. Like to go in winter time when normally have the place to myself.
    And speaking of books, would appreciate it if you left a review of mine on Amazon when you’ve read it. However short, they all help. Unless you hated it then say nothing! 🙂 No obligation though.

  5. Wonderful photos:) My week was very hot and humid:( As I’m a new follower I’m trying to work out if you live in Lancashire or Yorkshire, hope that’s not too rude to ask:( Linda

  6. Hi Shazza, I’m originally a Lancashire Lass, my family live in Glossop, Derbyshire and I live on the Gold Coast, Australia. I’ve started to get very homesick in recent years, seeing all your wonderful photos helps to bring a little piece of England into my home♥ Thank you so much for sharing:) Linda x

    1. Australia sounds fantastic but I completely see how people get homesick. Do you have a blog Linda? Sometimes writing about, taking photos and rediscovering your home can give you a new appreciation of where you live.

      1. Hi Shazza, I started a blog back in 2010 and stopped blogging a year later as it felt more of another chore rather than something I loved doing:( I’m more of a reader than writer. When I arrived in Australia I would say to my children nearly every day how blessed we were to live in such a wonderful Country, my views haven’t changed it’s more a case of these days I can’t cope with the heat as I get older:( Linda x

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