Cat Cafe Manchester.

cat cafe manchester 039

‘ Time Spent with Cats Is Never Wasted’ , this Sigmund Freud quote is replicated on the time card my friend Lisa and I were given on arrival at Manchester’s only Cat Cafe.  Cat Cafe  in the city’s independent and creative Northern Quarter can be found on the corner of High Street. With its large floor to ceiling glass windows, it is easy for curious passers by to nosy in at the ten furry friends who call this bright and airy space home.  Before Lisa and I entered the cafe area we were given disposable shoe covers and told to use antibacterial hand gel. Then it was our time to enjoy the company of its feline residents….. £12 each for the hour.

Cat Cafe is devoted to comfort. The humans can get cosy on the many snug sofas whilst drinking an unlimited supply of hot and cold beverages  ( included in the entry fee) and the moggies have the run of the place. Some of them were busy snoozing and others were only to happy to play. There are plenty of cat toys for the kittys…..and their visitors to keep entertained.


cat cafe manchester 008
Play Time. 🙂

Lisa and I soon made ourselves cosy with a lovely hot chocolate ( complete with paw-print) and a slab of the most delicious Orange & Chocolate cake. The cafe serves a mixture of drinks, cookies and cakes. All food is paid for at the end of your allotted time slot.

cat cafe manchester 011
Cats and Cake. 

Cat Cafe  has a short list of rules that visitors must abide by. No waking  any sleeping cats, no feeding the cats ( except for the treats supplied  by staff) and no flash photography. Many of the kitty’s were chilling on cushions and in basket beds. They have the choice to stay in the cafe area or if they are not feeling sociable, they  have their own room to escape to. I think we managed to see most  of the Cat Cafes Cat family on our visit. 🙂

cat cafe manchester 036
On Watch.
cat cafe manchester 015
Aslan enjoys a cat nap. 

I really like how  Cat Cafe is set out and the cats really do seem to be content in their surroundings. The hour soon sped by  and all too soon it was time to leave these mischievous moggies behind.

cat cafe manchester 038
Who needs a telly !


Cool for cats.
Ygritte looks down on her surroundings.

But not before we witnessed new recruit ‘Stan’ the siamese kitten enjoying ‘treat time’, which tends to happen on the hour every hour. Aw bless. 🙂

Time for a treat. 🙂

Maybe I will return oneday  for one of  Cat Cafe’s  special cat themed events.  Fancy a Yoga class or a film night in the company of some furry felines ??  Sounds very relaxing…..

Have you ever visited a cat cafe?


17 thoughts on “Cat Cafe Manchester.”

  1. I’ve been to cat cafes in Nottingham and Bratislava which I would recommend. I’ve also been to one in Munich which I wouldn’t recommend, as it doesn’t have enough cats, and the ones it does have are always asleep!

      1. I didn’t realise that, but have just googled it and it’s also a rescue/rehome centre. I’d recommend it, and there was a nice chocolatier opposite it.

      2. I think a mate of my friend Lisa who came with me to Manchester has adopted one from Nottingham. I will be sure to visit if I am ever in the area. 🙂

  2. I’m not aware of any such cat cafes in Nashville, but I would love to go if they existed! Sadly, I think the health and safely laws here probably prohibit animals in eating and drinking establishments, save for service animals.

    Your photos are all so lovely! It sounds like you both had a wonderful time. I also had no idea Sigmund Freud was a cat lover!

    1. I didn’t know that either but he must have enjoyed their company. Most cat cafes don’t actually cook on the premises , so thats how they can get around it I think. I’ve been to one in London as well which orders in bagels from the bakery down the road from it. Maybe you should check if Dublin has one? X

  3. I’ve passed this many a time when we’re returning to our car, parked on the outskirts of the city centre. I often look in, but there’s little chance of us going in: my wife is terrified of cats!

    1. Really! One of my work collegues is too. It doesn’t seem possible. But there again I’m terrified of spiders, which is a bit predictable!

  4. I’ve gone past a couple of times but have never had time to go in. A friend told me about a cat café she’d visited in Australia which is part of a rescue centre; the admission price helps support the rescue cats. I didn’t know until this year about the one in your blog. I have to say that I’m very glad that the kitties can choose to exit of they’ve had enough and are not forced to socialise if they don’t feel so inclined. I have five cats of my own and only one of them is comfortable around strangers. I suppose these are used to it though. I must call in some time!

    1. There are quite a few cat cafes springing up. There is one in Leeds which you can adopt from apparently. I have been to three and luckilly, they all seem to have the cats interest at heart, which is great. The cats all appeared very content. I hope you get to visit a cat cafe…..this year. 🙂

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