Photo An Hour ~ Sat 22nd April.

Yesterday I joined in with Photo An Hour on Instagram so I thought I would put the pictures on my blog too. It was quite a sunny warmish Saturday and I went for a  walk with my camera in the morning. Later though the day turned into hours at the pub, so I didn’t post as many photos as I intended . Oooops! 

8am. Wil went out with Hugo and I am lounging about in bed reading this great book called Tiny Islands. Its about all the relatively small islands off our coast. I never realised that there is a tidal island called Hilbre off West Kirby in The Wirral. Might be worth a visit sometime. Slinky thinks so. πŸ™‚

9am. Shower time.

10am. I’m up and about. Have gone for a walk and am noticing the abundance of bluebells in flower.

11am.  Cuckoo flowers and Dandelions are everywhere in this meadow. Lots of butterflies too.Spend a good while chasing them with the camera.

Noon. Heading home now. These wellies are about the only ones that have not split on me in my history of adult wellie wearing..

1pm. Wil has been a star and made lunch. πŸ™‚

2pm. And he has hung the mirror in the spare room.Which means it is officially finished !  Further decorating this year includes the kitchen and the living room. But lets make the most of Summer first!

3pm. A brew and a read of my Wildlife Trust Magazine. Despite being in The Wildlife Trust, I don’t really make the most of my membership. But I am glad just being a member helps a bit.

4pm. Sat outside a Cafe Bar with Wil and Hugo. This is where my photo taking goes a bit pear shaped as we meet friends and I forget to take any pics.

8pm. Yep still out and the pack of Chilli Nuts is in danger of becoming tea ! 

10pm.  Luckilly we are now home and the planned chicken fajitas are happening. πŸ™‚

Thanks as always to louisa and Janey  

for organizing Photo An Hour on Instagram.   


12 thoughts on “Photo An Hour ~ Sat 22nd April.”

  1. Lovely post. I just love the wallpaper you have up in your spare room. How gorgeous! I don’t think I could have waited for 10pm to start dinner. I think I’d have turned into a gorgon lol. Great post once again! πŸ™‚ x

  2. We didn’t quite realise what time it was. I guess time really does fly when your having fun. πŸ™‚ I really like the paper too. X

  3. I think you did great – so difficult to try and take a photo an hour! Maybe the beers had a little to do with the slacking towards the end of the day , he he ! I wish I could be better with photo taking – I;ve been away for a whole weekend and took just a few with hubbie’s phone camera and now I wait for him to send them onto mine so I can share a couple. I noticed how lovely the bluebells were too this weekend – lovely time of year1

    1. It is quite difficult but good fun! The beers definitely had a bit to do with my lack of pics towards the end of the day. But I am one of those peeps who take lots of photos.I have albums full from my teenage years up! X

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