Sunday Sevens April 30th.

Hugo A Go Go.

I’m joining in with Natalie’s Sunday Sevens this week, sharing 7 photos from the last seven days. Above is Hugo who has been causing us a little concern recently. He tends to have a reaccurring limp in his front left leg and it has proved a mystery ,as he doesn’t seem to be in  pain. The vets suggested lead walk and restricted exercise and various meds, which we keep trying. He has also had Xrays and everything is fine joint and bone wise. Unfortunately the Xrays also showed a childs dummy in his large intestine ! A week later we are still waiting for it to pass. Dogs eh. Marley has nothing on him! 


 This weekend happens to be The Ribble Valley Jazz Festival and yesterday there were quite a few free performances in Clitheroe to enjoy. I’m not a jazz fan but any kind of music that gets people together and having fun is fine by me. 🙂

Pancake Band.
Lydia & Bronte.

My beautiful God daughters were doing a grand job selling Jazz themed cards in Church for charity. Super sales women ! 

Blow Jangles.
BlueFunk Syndicate.

Today I’m actually on a Spa day at Ribby Hall , a continuation of my sister’s 4Oth Birthday Celebrations. We have all enjoyed the ‘Aqua Thermal Journey’ the outdoor hot tub and lunch. Now the girls are having treatments ( I’m wierdly not one for facials and massages) and  I am  lounging around in the relaxation suite, with views over the Zen Garden. Sweet. 

Nice Robes ladies!.

Lovely Hot Chocolate!


Ribby Hall Spa.

Its been a very relaxing day…

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday.x


15 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens April 30th.”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful week. Was wondering how Hugo is. Hope he passes the dummy soon and his limp heals up. Have you tried Lintbells Yumove tablets? They help Riley when he has pulled muscles. You can get them from eBay, Amazon or Zooplus. Google them, they do help xx

  2. Sorry to hear about Hugo’s limp. Hicks had a mystery limp years and years ago, but x-rays on his legs couldn’t find anything. Then two years ago or so the vet diagnosed a big arthritic lump on one of his toes as him having broken a toe in the past. So I’m guessing that was what caused the limp. Did they check Hugo’s toes and can they even do anything if one is broken? Hope the dummy passes soon – these dogs and their eating habits! 🙂

    1. Oh poor Hicks. 😦 Yes Hugo’s foot has been checked. I have a feeling he has probably pulled a muscle but its just taking ages to mend. Just ordered some yumove pills off Amazon to try that Christine suggested. Can give them a try! The dummy thing is the most frustrating. Still no sign but what if we have somehow missed it! Dogs eh!! X

      1. It is hard with big dogs and pulled muscles, far too lively for their own good 😦 Yumove sounds very familiar, so we must have used it, but i can’t for the life of me think when. Surely you can’t miss a dummy in a dog poo? Or do you think he’s snuck off and done one? 🙂 x

      2. He does dissapear into bushes sometimes but I think we have seen about 95% of his poos. What a conversation eh! Were not the only ones who walk him.We have a dog walker when we are at work too…but she hasn’t seen anything either. For now he is still eating and going to the loo normally and not being sick or showing any signs of discomfort. Think we are just going to monitor him rather than book him for another xray just yet.x

      3. At least a dummy is a good safe shape with no sharp edges, but I assume if it doesn’t move, they’ll have to operate because it will disintegrate?

      4. Apparently it will not disintigrate in the large intestine as there is no acidin there to break it down. We shall see. x

  3. Poor Hugo… I do hope the limp clears up soon (and that dummy!). What a great weekend you’ve had. I’ve never been on a spa day – nothing about them appeals to me, I’m really not a girly girl!
    That is a lovely photo of your god daughters too!

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