Seals at Blakeney Point.

norfolk 270
The National Trust Building at Morston Quay.

One of the things I  looked forward to on our trip to North Norfolk, was a boat trip I had booked, to see the seals at Blakeney Point. Blakeney has the largest seal colony in England.  There are hundreds of  these inquisitive mammals, either bobbing in the water or basking on the point.  As the best way to view them is on a specially organized boat trip, we chose Temples ,who are based at nearby Morston. Typically the day that we had chosen ended up incredibly windy!  But phew, we were able to reschedule for the following day, the last of our holiday. 🙂

After collecting our tickets from The Anchor pub, we were directed to the Quay and boarded ‘The Four Sisters’, one of  Temple’s red and white purpose built boats.


norfolk 272

It wasn’t too long before we saw our first seals. There are both Grey and Common Seals at Blakeney Point. Common Seals arrive here in the summer to have their pups , whilst the Greys tend to give birth in November and December.


norfolk 275


norfolk 286


norfolk 292

The boat got up pretty close to the seals, but they didn’t seem to bothered by our clicking cameras.  How beautiful are they! Of course we didn’t outstay our welcome and the skipper turned the boat, to view more groups relaxing in the shallows.

norfolk 311
The Lifeboat House.
norfolk 308
A Grey Seal hanging out with the commoners. 😉


norfolk 310

norfolk 289

The trip includes a stop off at the point if you wish, where you can walk up to the Old Lighthouse building and watch the various seabirds that nest there.  The boat’s crew pointed out Sandwich, Common, Little and Arctic Terns flying above us.

norfolk 314

Of course me being me, I was just as excited at meeting some particular members of the crew! Three generations of the same  labrador family were on hand for strokes and to snuffle for spare biscuits. Meet Tide, Bella and Gillie. 🙂

norfolk 316


norfolk 318


norfolk 321


norfolk 322

The boat trip with Temple’s was certainly a fun and informative outing. Seabirds, Seals and a canine crew. What more do you need. 🙂

Prices. £12 per adult. £6 per child. Dogs free ( keep on a lead). Tel.01263740791.


15 thoughts on “Seals at Blakeney Point.”

  1. Aww gorgeous! Lovely that you were able to reschedule. I really want to do a seal boat trip at some point down here in Cornwall, they’re lovely animals ❤

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for following my blog, I’m now following yours in return as it looks like we may have many interests in common.

    It was nice to read about the seals at Blakeney Point – I’ve been holidaying in Norfolk for 35 years, the last eight years as a solo camper, and I’ve often thought about doing the seal boat trip but me and boats on the sea don’t mix 😦 However, a few years ago I discovered a permanent colony of seals at Horsey beach and I visit them most years. It’s possible to get fairly close to them so I just sit quietly on the sand and watch them – many times I’ve had the beach to myself so it’s just been me and the seals 🙂 If you’d like to have a look there are some photos from last year on my camping blog here –

    1. Thank you Eunice, I have just bobbed over but I don’t think it let my comment post so I will revisit later. I admire you camping on your own. And your pictures of the seals are beautiful. Maybe my next seal spot can be from dry land. It was my first time in Norfolk, hopefully not the last.x

      1. I love Norfolk, especially the area where I camp – I’d live there if I could.

        I have my blog set for all comments to be moderated after I got a load of spam stuff a while ago, and I’ve a funny feeling Blogger doesn’t easily accept WordPress comments. If you want to comment and it doesn’t work you can always get me on my Mousehouse blog 🙂

  3. What gorgeous photos! Just stumbled across your blog, and have just spent a week on Islay staying in Portnahaven where so many seals rest and call to each other in the bay, just fell in love with them! Your pictures are amazing. So glad you had such a good time.

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