Sunday Sevens ~ 9th July. 

Its been a while since I have joined in with Natalie’s  Sunday Sevens, so I thought I would collect some piccies together, and give it a go. Last weekend was a friend’s wedding, and the reception included an Afternoon Tea!  Now any readers of this blog must be wondering , why have I  been slacking on the afternoon tea front recently?  I really don’t know!! Must remedy that. The Spread Eagle in Sawley does an amazing one, which includes a tasty sandwich selection, fruit cake and cheddar cheese, rocky road, carrot cake and scones with strawberry jam & clotted cream. I must say the Spread Eagle is also a lovely wedding venue with welcoming staff and lovely interiors. 


And theres even a menu for dogs. 🙂  Wil and I ended up walking back the next day to pick up the car. We had a yummy lunch there and ordered Hugo some crackerjacks. They didn’t last very long!  


Wil and I at the wedding.

This week I have been catching up on the utterly brilliant The Handmaid’s Tale on channel 4. If you have heard of the Margaret Atwood novel from the 1980’s , this series is based on her dystopian masterpiece….and is gripping, horrifying,moving, disturbing and Wow, just amazing!  Set in a totalitarian society in a modern day America, where chemical warfare has rendered most men and women sterile, The Handmaid’s tale follows the lives of  the few fertile women that are left, imprisoned as child- bearers , for the future of the population. Elizabeth Moss ( Mad Men) plays Offred and we see her struggle to survive this terrifying regime. You need to watch this show….

A year ago I blogged about the regeneration of  Holmes Mill, an old Textile Mill in my home town, Clitheroe. It is being turned into an amazing entertainment space and already houses England’s longest continuous bar. Thursday gone ,saw the new Food Hall open , showcasing some of Lancashire’s best local produce. I hope to do a proper blog about it soon, but here are a few photos to wet your appetite. 🙂

 Of course , as fantastic as it looks, the Food Hall is also incredibly expensive. Somewhere to go if you want to treat yourself , I think ! 

Speeking of much less creative spaces ( sigh) here is our horrid front room, with its stunning 1970’s brick work and fire. We had a bit of a declutter yesterday, and it is actually looking a lot better than it did!  Anyway future plans ( probably next year) are to update the fire ( hurrah!) and paint the horrible brickwork white ( may need about 20 coats! , not sure it will look right though? ) as well as put wooden flooring in and change the wallpaper. To be honest I would dearly  love to take a sledge hammer to those darn bricks, but Wil is not to keen on that idea! What would you do?? 

Lost in a time warp….in a bad way. 😉

Anyway thanks for dropping by and enjoy your Sunday.  Looks like sunshine out there! 

11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens ~ 9th July. ”

  1. Are the bricks part of the structure of the house? They look ornamental to me? If you can’t get rid of them maybe you can box them in with mdf, then it would be easier to paint? I’m enjoying the Handmaid’s Tale too 🙂 The food hall looks wonderful! 🙂 Have a great week! xx

    1. Think they are ornamental but OH is not wanting to find out. He will probably be doing most of the work you see. He says paint, so we can try and see what it turns out like. Anything would be an improvement!

  2. Is that a gas fire underneath, in that case you might have a flue there? We have hideous 1970s stone in our room too, I am loathe to remove them on grounds they are in keeping with the age of the house, and I have memories of people restoring their Victorian and Edwardian houses to their former state. I would say box in and don’t paint, and get a modern fire. Meantime the textile mill looks amazing, look forward to a post.

    1. Yes we have a gas fire
      We are thinking of getting a bio ethenal free standing fire instead. I am actually happy that I now know someone who has hideous 1970s stone too. 🙂

  3. I clocked the fantastic cake stand too – how unique and wonderful! Bricks ….. yes paint them soonish or keep them forever – they’ll be fashionable again one day – after all avocado bathrooms are coming back in !

  4. That cake stand is fab! I think I’d like that cafe! I’ve not watched The Handmaid’s Tale because I haven’t read it. I do have the book on my ‘to read’ shelf… it’s not the kind of book I’d have chosen myself but I won it in a giveaway so will give it a try!

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