Sea Air ~ Cleveleys & Blackpool.

seaside b and c 001
Sea Holly, Rossall Beach.

The merest hint of sunshine and dry weather, and we headed for the coast. I had done a little research into Lancashire beaches, the ones where you can walk your dog all year round, and Bispham beach came up as an option. Set between Blackpool North Shore and Cleveleys, there are no dog restrictions on this quiet stretch of sand. However, we somehow ended up parking at the Rossall Beach side of Cleveleys instead, which turned out fine, as there were plenty of dog walkers there too!

seaside b and c 033
Confused in Cleveleys.
seaside b and c 007
Mary’s Shell.
seaside b and c 028
Sea Swallow.

Once you arrive at the shiny new promenade at Cleveleys, pop your dog on a lead. There are the usual dog walking beach restrictions here between May and September, but the sea front is definitely worth a look. A children’s story book called ‘The Sea Swallow’ has been brought to life by several interesting sculptures. Look out for a giant curved shell on the shore , an ogre on the beach and the ogre’s giant paddle on the prom. Apparently the book is based on local coastal myth and legend.

seaside b and c 029
Curved promenade.
seaside b and c 015
Ogre on the Beach.
seaside b and c 025
Ogre’s paddle.
seaside b and c 034
Hugo on the beach.

It seemed a good idea to continue walking to Blackpool. After all distant views of Blackpool Tower beckoned! Unfortunately ( or fortunately) there is a lot of work being done on the areas sea defences at the moment, so much of our walk was along the promenade. At Bispham the famous Blackpool Illuminations start, so I couldn’t help but join this Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. 🙂 Feeling peckish we bought Fish and Chips and continued with our journey. The walk between Cleveleys and Blackpool North Shore is a bracing 4 miles.

seaside b and c 039
Illuminations in Bispham.
seaside b and c 041
Old Sea Cliff Lift.
seaside b and c 043
North Pier.

As the oldest of Blackpool’s three Victorian piers loomed in front of us, so did Blackpool Tower, which was first opened to the public in 1894 and at 518 feet , is the 120th tallest freestanding tower in the world. In front of the tower is the remarkable Comedy Carpet , a wonderful homage to the work of over 1000 comedians and comedy writers, all of whom have performed in Blackpool. A great place for a stick of rock and a chuckle. 🙂

seaside b and c 054
Blackpool Tower and the Comedy Carpet.

seaside b and c 053

seaside b and c 049

seaside b and c 052

seaside b and c 051

We took a walk along the North Pier . Crumbling and gentile, there’s life on the old pier yet. A children’s miniature train, a vintage carousel, old fashioned sweets and Dirty Dancing playing in the theatre.

seaside b and c 061
On the North Pier.
seaside b and c 062
Sweet Shop on North Pier.
seaside b and c 065
View of Blackpool Tower.

As it started to drizzle, we decided to catch the Fleetwood Ferry Tram back to Cleveleys. The trams are a quick and inexpensive way to get around. Once there we enjoyed coffee and cake sat outside a local cafe, before walking back along Rossall Beach to the car.

seaside b and c 073
Cream cake in Cleveleys.
seaside b and c 075
Icecream Van in Cleveleys.

seaside b and c 076

seaside b and c 077
Young Gull.
seaside b and c 084
Mary’s Shell.

seaside b and c 085

seaside b and c 087

seaside b and c 089
Rossall Beach.

It was a nice experience exploring a bit of coastline that we have never ventured to before. Have you ever been to Cleveleys? Are you a fan of Blackpool? Where do you go for some Sea Air?

17 thoughts on “Sea Air ~ Cleveleys & Blackpool.”

  1. I’ve had a great dislike of Blackpool for many years and wild horses wouldn’t drag me there but I do like Cleveleys. My favourite on that part of the coast though – and I can recommend this one – is the beach at St. Annes. I usually park at the Beach Terrace cafe – it’s free if you park in a red space as they are for cafe customers – then go straight onto the beach (no dog restrictions) and turn left. A decent walk then a meal in the cafe (excellent food and reasonable prices, the Sunday Lunch is very good) then back on the beach, turn right and walk as far as the pier, coming back through the promenade gardens. I was there last weekend with my son but I kept the walk short as he has a broken ankle 😦

    1. Thanks Eunice! We hired a beach hut a couple of years ago at St Annes and took Hugo. Its a great dog friendly beach. But I didn’t know about the cafe and the parking, thank you for letting me know. I fancied Cleveleys as I have never been before. It was a pleasant surprise! X

      1. Forgot to say, the Beach Terrace Cafe does absolutely divine milky (not latte) coffee, it’s the best I’ve ever had 🙂

  2. Its not for everyone , but there are certainly parts of it that are fascinating. There’s been alot done in recent years to improve the Sea Front.

  3. Oh thankyou so much for this post it brought back lots of memories. I was born in Blackpool but the first 5 years of my life living at Fleetwood,My mother used to work in Rossall Hospital and i stil have cousins living in Clevelys. Have not been back since mum died.Living for the past 60 years in Weymouth ,Dorset we only have to go down the road to the sea. Big hug for that gorgeous dog.x

    1. Oh lovely, so glad I brought back happy memories. It really is a wonderful coastline. Good to know you still live near the sea. I often wish I did. 🙂 x

  4. I’ve only ever been to Blackpool once – I think I’d probably like it out of season. Not been to Clevelys: they’ve made a nice job of the new prom: great sculptures.

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