Hawthorn’s August Scavenger Hunt.

Hey there, it’s time for another bash at Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Looking at this month’s pictures makes me realise, I have been out and about quite a bit in August. Not that I’m complaining!

1. Relaxed.  A friend’s cute Bedlington Terrier is supplied with her own cushion in the pub , on our camping trip to Ingleton.

seaside b and c 083

2.  It begins with an M.  This curved sculpture on the beach in Cleveleys is called Mary’s Shell.

ribblehead 037


3.  Time For…… a delicious slab of moist ginger cake in a cute cafe bar in Sedbergh called ‘The Three Hares’.

ingleton 053

4.  Tangerine.  Ok this photo is a bit of a stretch!  I am seeing a slight hint of tangerine colour here , in a waterfall on the Ingleton Falls Trail.

seaside b and c 062

5.  It begins with an O.  The Old Fashioned Traditional Sweet Shop on Blackpool’s North Pier sells all sorts of goodies. πŸ™‚

ribblehead 036

6.  Whiskery. Ok he’s not really that whiskery, just scruffy and cute. I met this sweetie in The Three Hares in Sedbergh. His name is Tigger!

7.  Lace.  Cow Parsley in a local meadow. It’s also known as Queen Anne’s Lace.

ribblehead 007

8.  Bridge. Well how about this bridge! Ribblehead Viaduct is Europe’s longest viaduct and its in our very own Yorkshire Dales, not far from Ingleton.

ribblehead 033

9). Letters.  The letter appears prominently on these colourful Collins hardbacks in a book shop in Sedbergh. Sedbergh is a Book town in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.



10.  My Own Choice. My two god daughters with their camping breakfasts. πŸ™‚

 Please check out Hawthorn’s Blog for more Scavenger Hunt posts. πŸ™‚



24 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s August Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. You have had another wonderful moth of trips, loads to see and your photos are great, had a look at Sedbergh… somewhere I would like to visit. Yorkshire villages are so pretty.
    Amanda xx

    1. Sedbergh is a funny place location wise as it is in the Yorkshire Dales National Park but also see’s itself as Cumbrian. Its a bit borderline really! Nice cafes and bookshops there.x

  2. When I saw this, i realised the whole of August had gone by and I’d missed spotting the list again on her posts. However i looked on her blog just now and all I can find is a PS on a post saying she’s added the list to the top of the page, but i see no list. So my question is how did you find out?

    1. Hi, the list is at the top right hand side of my blog, just below the banner. But I take it down on the day of the posting – so if you were to look today – it has gone πŸ™‚ Keep an eye out for it and a new one will appear (and I write a post too) shortly πŸ™‚

  3. What a great collection! You’ve had a really lovely August by the look of it! Tangerine was a tough word wasn’t it?! Mine was just a lucky spot this month.

    1. Yes tangerine was difficult ! I don’t think my picture is a great interpretation. I just had to search my pictures for a hint of orange! Yours is much better!x

  4. Wow, another great lot of photos & we now have so many joining in. I remember having a cuppa in Sedburgh some years back & seeing the Ribblehead Viaduct brings a lump to my throat, as I miss Yorkshire so much. Went over it last year when there. Very cute dogs too & love cow parsley, which grows by roadsides out here too. Glad you are joining in. Take care.

  5. I live not too far away from the Yorkshire Dales and we spend a lot of time there, driving around. It was great to see so many familiar sights. Why didn’t I think of Ribblehead Viaduct for bridge? Yes, tangerine was taxing for me but I can clearly see your tangerine!

  6. Thanks for joining in Sharon – lovely selection, your ‘Tangerine’ is brilliant!, you mentioned you’d found it difficult to locate the list of words, they are up on the top of the page, right hand side under the banner. They do however disappear the day the link up party is posted, the new list will appear shortly and I also write a blog post at the same time πŸ™‚ so glad you joined in πŸ™‚ k

  7. That bridge is an amazing piece of work isn’t it? I can remember it having an impact on me when I was about fifteen and we went from Sussex to Yorkshire for a georgraphy field trip. We probably had sandwiches nearby in the cold, wind and rain too!

  8. Love your interpretations of the list of headings and seeing so many places near to us on Lancashire/Yorkshire border. I enjoyed seeding that jar of cosmos next to that yummy cake. Many memories of them growing wild at the roadside in South Africa.

  9. Your photos are great – I particularly love the viaduct bridge – we’ve seen it in the distance a couple of times – wonderful structure … and I never knew the name for Cow’s Parsley – either name, but it always struck me as being very lacy. Lovely.

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