Butterflies, Seabirds & Rock Pools.

lancaster and Morecambe 005
Large Tree Nymph Butterfly.

In my last blog post I was feeling all Autumnal , but then Summer made a reappearance on Sunday 🙂  Happily we were put in charge of my niece and nephew for the day ….or was it the other way round !  Anyway we decided to head for the coast.  First we found ourselves at Williamson Park  on the outskirts of Lancaster.  With 54 acres of beautiful parkland , the impressive Ashton Memorial and far reaching views across Morecambe Bay, there’s certainly plenty to see.  But it was the Butterfly House and the Mini Beasts that the kids and I were interested in. Whilst Wil took Hugo for a walk , we got up close and personal with allsorts of cute creatures.  🙂

Tropical Blue Butterfly.


Common Garden Skink eating lunch.

The Butterfly House in Williamson Park is a former Palm House which resembles a tropical rainforest.  Indeed my camera lense started steaming up as soon as we entered!  Colourful butterflies flutter amongst the greenery and there are also various reptiles living here.  We were especially enamoured by the Common Garden Skink and a Chinese Water Dragon, who seemed a very friendly fellow.

lancaster and Morecambe 017
Chinese Water Dragon.



As well as The Butterfly House ,there is a Mini Beasts House, an Aviary and Meerkats, so plenty to keep the kids oooohing and ahhing for a little while. We also found an adventure playground, before meeting up with Wil and Hugo in The Pavilion Cafe. And we had to have a quick look in the gift shop too of course!

If only we had climbed up The Ashton memorial.  The views are apparently stunning from the first floor viewing gallery. That’s a definite for next time.  The memorial dominates the Lancaster skyline and was commissioned by Lord Ashton, as a tribute to his late wife.  Constructed mainly from Portland stone, with a copper dome, the structure was completed in 1909, and is now a popular venue for weddings and other events.  But now let’s head to Morecambe, whilst the sun is still shining. 🙂

lancaster and Morecambe 016
Tropical flower.





Ashton Memorial

Morecambe’s Seafront is home to the Tern Project , an art trail that celebrates the varied birdlife and wildlife that make their home on the Lancashire Coast. Look out for poems and puzzles, jokes and riddles and lots of birdy sculptures.  Many can be found on the long stone jetty in front of the Midland Hotel, and along the promenade.


A Bird’s Eye View across the Bay.
lancaster and Morecambe 046
Ringed  plovers.
lancaster and Morecambe 070
Mythical Bird.

When I asked my niece and nephew what they enjoyed the most about our day out, the answer was rock pooling!  These two could spend hours looking for crabs and water snails. Simple pleasures eh. 🙂


Gone Crabbing !

Here’s hoping for some more summery days to lead us out of September. X

21 thoughts on “Butterflies, Seabirds & Rock Pools.”

  1. Love your last post with the Autumn photos, hope we get to see the room when it’s finished.
    Another place I remember so well, not the butterfly place which looks good, so nice to get close to beautiful butterflies. Lancaster was our place to go shopping, we seem to go for winter coats as a child !
    I love Morecambe spent many a day here as a child, went down hill a bit at one point and my kids asked (begged) us to never take them there again.. but just recently I think it looks great with all the bird sculptures. The children looked like they had a great time and lovely photos.
    Amanda xx

  2. We really enjoyed the butterfly house. You are asked to check your clothing before leaving as they have a habit of landing on you. 🙂 Morecambe seems to be improving every time we go. Well worth a visit! X

  3. I love the Ashton Memorial. Always a sign home isn’t far away. Didn’t visit the butterfly house when we visited but lots of lovely walks in the area. A visit to the beach is always a good thing 😀 xx

  4. I went to Morecambe three weeks ago – it’s three or four years since I last went and to be honest I wasn’t impressed this time. I’ve always liked the place – you wouldn’t get me within a mile of Blackpool! – and I’ve always defended it against people who have said it’s a dump, it’s boring, there’s nothing there etc, but this time I have to agree – it’s a dump. Most of the shops along the promenade were closed, some obviously having been so for quite some time, the place where the funfair used to be is still derelict, the arcade between the market and promenade was filthy and full of rubbish and a cafe where I used to eat regularly is still a boarded up eyesore ten years after it first closed. Admittedly the weather didn’t help the overall impression, it was a very cloudy grey day, so maybe it COULD have looked marginally better in sunshine. It certainly looks like your kids enjoyed it anyway.

    I’ve never been to Williamson Park but your lovely photos of the Ashton memorial, butterflies, reptiles and meerkats have prompted me to put it on my list of must do’s. I presume there’s a charge to go in the butterfly house?

    1. Hi Eunice I only saw a small part of Morecambe really but what I saw did look fresh and clean. I think the fact that Vintage By The Sea festival was held there the week before ( round the Midland Hotel) and they always put a bit of money into sprucing things up beforehand. I hope you go to Williamson Park. Its a nice place to visit and if you take the dogs, the park, cafe and gift shop are pet friendly. The Butterfly House and other enclosures had a small charge. Around £4 I think. X

      1. It was when the Vintage By The Sea thing was on that I was there – not that I saw any of it as things like that don’t interest me. They’d closed part of the promenade off and when we were coming home I couldn’t get to where I wanted to go – followed various diversion signs and ended up going way out of my way round the back end of town and out into Lancaster, then got stuck in a tail-back of traffic for miles which didn’t seem to have any reason. It took three hours to get home 😦

        Thanks for the info on Williamson Park, it’s definitely on the list for a visit on a sunny day 😦

      2. Oh heck! Well let me know what you think of the park. I love Silverdale and Arnside and we went to Heysham earlier in the year, which was a lovely surprise. Really liked it there.xx

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