Hawthorn’s September Scavenger Hunt.

I wondered if I would manage to complete this months challenge in time. I’m still on holiday in the Lake District and recently realised I had better get snapping away ! Apart from 3 photos, most of these pictures were taken on my camera phone , over the past few days. 

lancaster and Morecambe 019

1. Shut ~   This butterfly’s wings stayed resolutely shut when I took this photo at The Butterfly House in Williamson Park, Lancaster.

2. Copper ~ There’s a copper  tinge to the days here in the Lake District at the moment. Autumn has arrived! This picture was taken on the banks of Wast Water a couple of days ago. The bracken is copper coloured, the foilage is changing from green to reds and golds. 


3. Wrist ~  I would have loved to have worn a pretty bracelet for this prompt, but as I don’t have one here with me, here are my Wristbands from a visit to Muncaster Castle.

4. Quarter ~ At Quarter past six yesterday I was contemplating tucking into this bad boy! Needless to say , I only made a small dent in it, even with my humongous appetite! 

5. It starts with a C ~ Here are Hugo and I outside Muncaster Castle , which is a short drive from where we are staying.  The castle is supposedly haunted by the spirits of a  White Lady, a crying baby and a mischievous fool. Jeepers! 

6. Foam ~  Sorry this prompt was a bit of a disaster for me! I’m trying to convince you here, that the green moss on the rocks in Ravenglass,  feels like Foam when you touch it. A-hem! 

7.  Scarf ~ You can just about see I am wearing my Autumn coloured Scarf , which I bought in Fat Face last September.  I am looking for an abandoned Japanese Garden in woodland near Eskdale Green. It was so abandoned, it took ages to find it! 

8. Line ~ Yesterday I bagged my first Wainwright!  This is the view of Wastwater from the top of Buckbarrow. The skyline is dominated by the Western Fells. It was wonderful up there, but I don’t think I will become addicted to climbing mountains! 

lancaster and Morecambe 066

9. Nostalgic ~  The Art Deco Midland Hotel in Morecambe adds a touch of  Nostalgia to the Lancashire Coast.  I quite fancy staying here one day. πŸ™‚

lancaster and Morecambe 041

10.  My own Choice ~  Love this piccie of my nephew and niece eating their lunch in the back of our car, but can you see who is eyeing up their sarnies. πŸ™‚

Thanks to Hawthorn for arranging the Scavenger Hunt. X


24 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s September Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. Excellent selection Sharon, I love how folk interpret (and stretch the imagination!!) for some words – that to me is the best! I love the looking outside the box of your photos but my best is Hugo’s face as he eyes up a just out of reach sarnie! Thanks for joining in x

  2. I agree with Hawthorn about how well you have interpreted the words. I like to think Hugo might have been offered a few crumbs! My favourite is the Art Deco Hotel in Morecambe. I must look for it next time we drive there!

  3. Hope you are having a great time in The Lake District. Fab low shot of the Morecambe hotel and who could not be amused by Hugo with his eye on the prize.

  4. Well done for getting up your first Wainwright. Buckbarrow is a tough climb, there are far easier ones to try before you stop. Have a go at Latrigg from the Gale Rd car park near keswick. Easy walk and views far outstripping the effort to get there

  5. I just can’t get my head around the scavenger hunt challenge, I don’t know why, I think my life is very boring, or maybe it’s my take on it?! I love your interpretations on the themes. Muncaster Castle looks good and well done on finding the hidden Japanese garden! Your comments on the Wainwrights made me smile. I guess you didn’t enjoy your walk? There are easier walks to do. I won’t be able to climb mountains like Scafell or Great Gable but just being outdoors is enough! Thanks for sharing a lovely post! x

    1. Sorry Christine I didn’t see your reply. The great thing about this Scavenger hunt is you can delve into your past for pictures. I try and use from the month gone but its not always possible. I was lucky I had a holiday to inspire me! Nothing else planned now this year…apart from 2 nights in Harrogate in November. Thats my bday present from Wil, so I’m pretty chuffed with that! I actually hate walking up hill. But I was really happy with the view from Buckbarrow. I will do another. Not long until your break away ? Xx

      1. No. A couple of weeks. It too is a birthday treat. Just looking foward to time away from work and the daily routine. I’ll see if I can join in with next months scavenger hunt. How’s Hugo’s paw? X

      2. Hes still limping but wanting to run everywhere. He’ll be fine , just needs to calm down and let it heal. Bet your counting the days until your getaway. πŸ™‚ x

  6. I love the moss foam – very creative! I’ve found the list a challenge this month and almost didn’t join in, but I pulled it all together this evening. Looking forward to a new list now.

  7. Great photos and interpretations, love all your photos of the landscape around where you are staying. I love the hotel at Morecambe would be great to stay there or even just visit for morning coffee or afternoon tea:)

  8. Great set of photos, and thanks to you I have managed to join in this month, all but a bit of a rush. I have been to Wastwater diving in my younger days, very clear. You do get to go to some lovely places.
    Amanda xx

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