Hawthorn’s October Scavenger Hunt.

So my Photo Scavenger hunt for October is not going to be very inspired, as I haven’t been out and about very much. It’s been a quick scramble to find some suitable pictures. Here goes !

scav hunt 003

1. Making.   I have been Making progress with my Christmas shopping!  I know, a bit to organized. But when having a mooch in Oxfam the other day , I saw some really cute recycled  paper bird houses and couldn’t resist buying them. Oxfam have a really fun gift selection this year, including some lovely books and… Beer Bread. Nice stocking fillers. I also found a couple of bits in ‘ The Keep’ , a really fab gift shop in Clitheroe. I’m on a roll ! 

2. Empty.   It’s always good to walk Hugo in the early morning, when the woods and fields are Empty, save for us and nature. 

scav hunt 001

3. It Starts with an F.   A favourite  Flower  of mine at this time of year is the Chinese Lantern.  It appears in a front garden of one of my neighbors every Autumn and I always stop to admire the papery orange flowers. A few years ago Wil even bought me a Chinese Lantern necklace, and it’s my favourite piece of jewellery.  πŸ™‚

4. Paper.  I have recently picked up this spooky looking paperback. Thought it may be a good Halloween read. Anyone read it yet? 

5. Neat.  Hurrah that my other half is so neat at wallpapering and tiling! Living room coming on now. Will post some more pics when completed! 

6. Street.  A photo of a Clitheroe Street taken from inside the Castle grounds, on a walk with Hugo.

scav hunt 004

7. Kettle.  So here’s a very boring picture of my kettle.  It lives on top of the microwave , as space is at a premium in our kitchen.

lakes 2017 044

8. Unexpected.    It was  Unexpected  to see a singer sewing machine on a wall in Boot !  This photo was  actually taken last month, on our holiday in The Western Lakes.

scav hunt 005

9. Vase.   I love my seahorse Vase in my bedroom window, but I’m not sure a bunch of flowers would suit it.  What do you think ? 

10. My Own Choice.  This shrub in the Castle park bares purple berries every Autumn. I always wonder what it is? Any ideas? 

Thanks to  Kate / Hawthorn  for arranging the Scavenger Hunt once again. 



31 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s October Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. Hi, thanks for joining in – love your interpretations πŸ™‚ the purple berries are the callicarpa but not sure which variety πŸ™‚ the link up goes live just after midnight, thank you for joining

  2. I’m intrigued to know how your Chinese lantern jewellery looks. I’ve always loved those but hardly ever see them. I associate them with my primary school days so they must have grown in the school grounds somewhere. Amazing structures. Well done you for getting ahead on Christmas presents! J x

  3. Great photos. The one of the sewing machine made me smile as I was just reading today of one seen up in a tree πŸ™‚ The Chinese lantern flowers also took me back a bit, a friends mother had them in her garden when I was a child. Oh dear, Christmas presents already. I’d better start looking or at least thinking about it.

  4. I agree with Kate about the name of that shrub. I so love the old sewing machine made into part of the wall. Not been to The Keep in Clitheroe but might have to stir myself into action soon! Perhaps a few sweet peas in your vase? I still have some in flower in the garden.

  5. My Mum had an identical machine, no electric motor involved, and all my childhood clothes came via the Singer. I think your lovely seahorse vase is perfect as is. Enjoyed your Scavenger Hunt.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. Will think it over. This is a hectic time of year. Maybe in January once the frenzy has abated? The Silly Season is gearing up …

  6. How bizarre to find a Singer on a dry stone wall! Looks like it’s been there some time. Chinese Lanterns are lovely aren’t they, but beware, if you plant them in a bed they spread like wildfire.

  7. The photos are so lovely, loving them all, sewing machine , the vase and your front room looks great.
    Amanda xx

  8. I love callicarpa berries, I pass some on my way to school and they always look so good. I’ve just had a scrabble this evening putting my collection together as we are just so busy renovating the house we are not getting out and about at all at the moment! Your collection is good though, your living room is looking good (that fire is so effective!) and I really liked your photos for empty and paper. I’ve not read that book but I will look forward to hearing your thoughts if you review it on your blog!

  9. Shazza your photos are great and I love the sewing machine one best I think although your seahorse vase is being liked by me too. I could just see some dried coral in it.

  10. Lovely photos. I started on this months hunt but gave up. Love your wallpaper and your vase. I also like the bird houses, how cute. Will have to have a look at my local Oxfam xx

  11. Ooh I love your seahorse vase – I agree, flowers would not suit it… The Singer is great and all the Oxfam ideas – isn’t that a great idea for birdhouses – must check it out.

  12. Sorry I am late with my comments. Love that vase and the Chinese lanterns remind me of Cape Gooseberries growing in the gardens in Southern Africa. You know them as Physalis here in the UK.

  13. Thank you so much. We are just in the middle of putting the new floor down. The old Singers are so cute looking. I can’t sew for toffee but I remember my Mum having one. πŸ™‚

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