Hawthorn’s November Scavenger Hunt. 

November brings another Scavenger Hunt from the lovely Katie/ Hawthorn at I live, I craft, I Love, I am me….

So here is what I have come up with for the prompts this month. Most of these pictures are from last weekend. Wil booked us a couple of nights in Harrogate for my birthday and on the way home on Sunday we visited the nearby town of Knaresborough. 

Blue.  I was delighted to actually manage to take a photo of a Kingfisher recently, on the river Nidd in Knaresborough.  I saw a gleam of Blue fly up into a tree and used my camera to investigate. I was thrilled especially as photographing this iconic bird is on my 25 Before 45 ~ A Bucket List.

harrogate 079

Me.  And here’s another bird I found in Knaresborough. This is Me with Hedwig the Owl and Harry potter on the other side of the window. There is lots of street art like this in the town.

harrogate 076


Starts with W.  And more  Street Art at Blind Jack’s Public House. Look who is leaning out of the Windows.  

harrogate 078

Rainbow.  Rather lucky that I came accross this gift shop called Rainbow’s End. Those colourful glass rainbows are rather effective. 

harrogate 052

Arch. Knaresborough is famous for it’s impressive Victorian viaduct and it’s splendid Arches are widely photographed.  Four 78ft high arches span the river Nidd and carry trains across to this day.

Toy. Well if you know me by now you will probably see why I was drawn to this room ,  absolutely devoted to Dogs! It’s in the Orvis Countrywear store in Harrogate and is chocca full of dog toys, dog beds and everything a discerning pooch could need. A visit with Mr Hugo is on the cards. 🐕

Swirl. A trip to Harrogate is not complete without a visit to Betty’s Tea Rooms. If you want to avoid the daytime queues get there early for breakfast or why not bob by  for dessert in the evening. A decadent Icecream Sundae with a swirl of whipped cream and a blueberry on top does the trick. 😃

Brush. I hunted in the archives for this one and found brush to be broomsticks! This was taken 3 years ago on The Pendle Sculpture Trail in Barley, which tells the story of the Lancashire Witches.  

Nail.  Found this prompt quite difficult, but you can see my toe nails in this picture I took whilst relaxing in the Frigidarium in Harrogate’s wonderfully ornate Turkish Baths. 

harrogate 050

My Own Choice. Back to Knaresborough again where we met Isabella the Raven!  She is one of several gorgeous ravens who are brought to Knaresborough Castle every day by their keeper to charm visitors. The Castle is actually a royal castle and ravens were brought here to celebrate the Millennium, their popularity meant that they have stayed here ever since. Isabella though,  has to be kept on a jessie due to having an Asbo!  Her mischievous nature has got her into trouble for stealing mobile phones and taking selfies. She also swears like a trooper! 

The royal ruins of Knaresborough Castle, part of the Duchy of Lancaster Estate..

 Thanks for joining me on my hunt. 😁

21 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s November Scavenger Hunt. ”

  1. Great interpretations of our word hunt. I thought it was from 30th, so mine are all thought out, but won’t show till next week. I’ve been to Knaresborough several times & have a photo of the bridge very similar to yours. I find it a fascinating place. I absolutely love your BLUE photo of the kingfisher, & your takes on rainbow & brushes. Thanks & take care.

  2. Hi Think I have been A wee bit previous so don’t worry and thanks for your lovely comments. Knaresborough is a fascinating place and we hope to go again when Mother Shipton’s Cave is open. X

  3. What a great collection. I really enjoyed visiting Knaresborough a couple of years ago! I also met Isabella the raven 🙂 I haven’t joined in this month… I’m just too busy, I’ve not got the time or the brain power to pull together a collection of photos!

    1. I don’t blame you with all your renovations going on. Hope your ready for Christmas! Thats great that you have met Isabella too. She is quit e a character! X

  4. Brilliant window art! I have only ever driven through Knaresborough, usually as we are heading off on our jollies, I really must go and visit. Clever find for rainbow 🙂 thanks for joining in xx

  5. Wow at the Kingfisher how lucky you were to get a photo. Lovely photos of Knaresborough and all fitting well with the prompts:)

  6. Lovely pictures of Knaresborough. We have driven past so often on our way to the A1M on our way to Northumberland and never stopped. It look like it needs a special visit. Love your birds and especially the story about naughty Isabella and as for that icecream………………

  7. Oh, that kingfisher! We live near Trawden Brook and this year I’ve seen a flash of blue as I walked over the bridge. One day I hope to get a photo!..Not been to Knaresborough for years…. Best photo (after the kingfisher) was the swirling ice-cream!

  8. You did so well to capture the kingfisher – beautiful shot! Your photos show the beauty of Knaresborough and Harrogate. I’ve only passed through Knaresborough on the train but next time I will definitely make a point of stopping and visiting!

  9. What a great variety of photos. I can never get my phone camera out fast enough when I see that flash of kingfisher blue at our local lake. I love the dog shop! Harvey would definitely appreciate a new toy!

  10. What a lucky boy Hugo is , travels and dog toys. Super set of photos this month and you go to some interesting places too. See you in January.

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