A waterfall walk in the Dales.

Last Sunday we decided to take Hugo on a proper long walk ie somewhere different to the usual trudge down the fields and back. After checking the weather forcast we grabbed our walking boots and headed for the Dales, where it was meant to stay dry until at least after lunch. πŸ˜‰

I had found an 8km ( 5 mile) walk starting from the village of Stainforth near Settle in a Northern Eye book called Top 10 walks to WATERFALLS. The route takes in two waterfalls Catrigg Force and Stainforth Force as well as moorland and riverside. We parked at the pay and display car park in the village and followed the ‘Pennine Bridleway’ up the fellside.

cattrigg force 001
The view as we headed out of the village.
cattrigg force 002
Belted Galloways on the hillside.

cattrigg force 003

cattrigg force 009
Sign for Catrigg Force or Foss.

It wasn’t long before we came upon Catrigg Force, tumbling 50ft down into Stainforth Beck. The falls and surrounding area were explored often by composer Sir Edward Elgar, who would stay in nearby Settle when visiting his friend and fellow musician Dr Charles Buck. Maybe the peaceful Yorkshire Dales inspired his compositions…

cattrigg force 004
Catrigg Force.

cattrigg force 007

cattrigg force 006

You may be wandering why I am dangling a pink and green toy dog over a waterfall?? This is Sybil and these cute stuffed dogs are made by a group on facebook called Hounds4Huntingtons in exchange for donations to the Huntington’s Disease Association. Sybils love adventures so I shall take her on a few of mine. If you like , check out their facebook page or Sybil_On_Tour on Instagram. 😁

cattrigg force 011
A lonely old barn.

After admiring the waterfall we continued on until Higher Winskill Farm where we had to walk through a field of these magnificent beasts! They seemed quite interested in us but pretty friendly.

cattrigg force 016

I think we took a wrong turn at Higher Winskill and we ended up on the moorland road that leads into the village of Langcliffe , instead of taking a footpath there. Luckilly the road was quiet and the scenery lovely. The rain was moving in however and by the time we got to Langcliffe it was pouring down.

cattrigg force 021
St John the Evangelist Church, Langcliffe.

Langcliffe looked a nice village but disappointingly there was nowhere to shelter from the bad weather. No pub, no cafe and no shop. 😦 We persevered on , crossing a railway and a weir over the river Ribble.

cattrigg force 024
The weir at Langcliffe.
cattrigg force 025
One of the less muddy parts of the riverside.
cattrigg force 027
Hugo negotiates a stone style.

The rest of the walk followed the Ribble, a river that flows through my hometown of Clitheroe as well. We continued on past a caravan site and eventually we were rewarded with the cascading Stainforth Force and an old pack horse bridge. Happilly by this time the rain stopped long enough to pose for a few photos. 😁

cattrigg force 033
Stainforth Force.

cattrigg force 036

cattrigg force 034

cattrigg force 040
The old packhorse bridge dated 1675.

After crossing the old packhorse bridge we followed the short road back to Stainforth itself to complete our waterfall walk.

Have you any waterfalls near you? What is your favourite waterfall walk?


21 thoughts on “A waterfall walk in the Dales.”

  1. I like the sound of that book! We don’t have the time to go out walking at the moment but I do hope to make it up for it once we’ve moved house! I’m sure we did a walk past Higher Winkskill once and we’ve definitely walked to Stainforth Force on a different occasion but haven’t ever visited Catrigg – one for the list!

  2. Thanks for taking us on the walk, & although your probably don’t know, but that is my favourite place, The Dales. We did a walk in Gargrave last year & I’ve lots of DVD’s, books & literature on Yorkshire. I get quite homesick for there, even though I’m Australian, & the walk brought a lot of smiles from me. Have a great weekend & take care.

  3. Looks a lovely walk. David and I take wrong turns all the time. Think we need to take an orientating course lol Lovely photos as usual, and a shame Langcliffe didn’t have any shops! x

  4. Lovely walk – although, even though I’m a country girl, I’m not a fan of cows – have been chased by them far too many times. Had to smile at Hugo and the stone style. I know it can can be difficult with a big do when you find a fence with a style in it – especially if it’s slippy – but he looks to have licked that one πŸ™‚

    1. Cows never used to make me nervous. Having grown up on a farm I always took walking through a field of cows in my stride. Nowadays I’m usually a little nervous……but only because of stories in the media, not through experience. Hugo has always been rubbish at stiles but is getting better. Xx

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