Sunday Sevens 31st December.

Here I am back again with the last Sunday Sevens of the year. Cannot quite believe how incredibly quickly 2017 has gone. Here are 7 photos from the last 7 days of December. 🌲

1. Christmas Morning ( beween present opening and lunch! ) a walk with friends and hounds, with a couple of kids thrown in for good measure. Our  friend Fi organizes this every year, so it has fast become tradition for anyone who is available to meet up. The location is always Brungerly Park which is home to the  ‘ Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail’ and we always have a standard photo taken by the festively decorated Sikka Deer sculptures. I think Hugo is in there somewhere,  hiding behind Sophie the deer hound. πŸ•

2. Another yearly Xmas Tradition found me joining in with Janet’s Thrifty Christmas Gift Swap. I always love hunting for gifts from craft fairs and charity shops  to send to my recipient, usually another blogger or instagrammer ( is that a word? ) that Janet matches me up with. This year I had to send to Janet herself and I found a few bits and bobs that I hope she likes. These included a Virginia Wolf book, a snowflake tree decoration, a small bottle of toffee vodka and a bundle of pretty fabrics , as I know she is a dab hand with a sewing machine. Sadly I forgot to take any pics but below is the lovely gift stash I got from Hanna , who lives in Washington DC. 🎁 I especially like the frosted fir scented candle and the plush pink mushroom tree decoration. Thanks Hanna. X

3. Hugo loved opening his presents. If he didn’t have his own, he would definitely be trying to open ours. 😁

4. Yet another Christmas Tradition!  When visiting Mum over the festive period ,the whole family gets together for a photo. My brother sets up the camera, then we have 10 seconds to scrabble into position. We basically have the same photo every year, with slight variations. In 2017 Mum is looking startled, Brother in law’s head is almost obscured by a light bulb, my Step Dad has his trouser buttons undone and Hugo is showing us his butt. Ho Ho Ho. 😁

5. My most favourite Christmas Tipple this year has been rhubarb & ginger liqueur from the Edinburgh Gin Distillery served with ice and ginger ale. Bottoms up! 🍸 

6. Well we have booked a holiday! Can you guess where we are going next Summer? Clue ~ rather remote and hopefully we shall see Sea Eagles and Corncrakes, white sandy beaches and crofters cottages. 😊 In fact we shall be staying in the crofters cottage above! 

7. I shall end this post and this year with a piccie of Miss Slinky enjoying her latest comfy spot on the sofa. πŸ™‚

See you in 2018. Enjoy whatever celebrating you do tonight. X


23 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 31st December.”

  1. Lovely post for the Christmas period & how wonderful to take similar photos each year. Some very nice presents received & I love that lots of people give their dog a present to unwrap. I’d never think of that. In about 2 hours from now I’ll be watching the early fireworks from either Sydney or Melbourne, whichever our ABC TV channel decides to show. Happy New Year & take care.

    1. Thanks Susan! Yes dogs are pretty good at unwrapping presents. Hugo loves it. Enjoy your celebrations. 8am here so still pretty early. Off for a meal this aft and tonight shall most prob be watching Jools Holland on TV. Xx

  2. All the best for 2018 Sharon! Love the idea of a Christmas day walk but was cooking dinner this year so couldnt take our Riley to the park. He loves opening his presents too, was even opening mums! Love the holiday you have booked. Im very jealous. Wish I could get to Scotland! Happy New Year! X

    1. Thanks Christine. I think the fact that we have done the Christmas morning walk so many times, shows the amount of times we cook Xmas dinner! I am very surprised that we booked Scotland, possibly means no abroad holiday again….but I don’t really mind. Means H can go with us. Hope Riley had a lovely Christmas. Sounds like it. Happy New Year! X

  3. I love the idea of an annual christmas family photo – great to look back and see changes each year. That holidays destination looks great too – I’ll look forward to hearing all about that next year!
    Happy New Year.

  4. Here is to a good 2018, may she kind and peaceful to all xx we love North Uist, I am sure you’ll have a wonderful time!

  5. Looks like a fab time was had by all. Does your Step father know you’ve told us about the undone trousers? Great to see Hugo with his gift, don’t they just love wrapping paper, whether there’s anything in it or not πŸ™‚ xx

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