Hygge and enjoying the Winter months. 

This is a re blogg of a post from last year. If you are feeling a bit meh about January, here are a few ideas to fill winter with fun.

sunshine and celandines

The tree is down and the decorations have been put away. Yet the happy times don’t have to end. Winter is so often dark and cold but maybe we should embrace our longest season. Maybe we should do as the Danish do and bring on the Hygge!!  Hygge ( pronounced hoogah) is a Danish word that describes a feeling of cosiness and joy. It embodies the pleasures we take in simple things such as enjoying a mug of hot tea whilst the rain beats at the window, reading a favourite book by candlelight, getting together with friends in a cosy pub or snuggling on the sofa with a pile of blankets and cushions and a good film. It seems that people in Denmark cannot wait for Winter to arrive and their contentment with this time of year surely contributes to their nation being ‘the happiest’ in Europe. 🙂

Snuggly Socks…

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5 thoughts on “Hygge and enjoying the Winter months. ”

  1. A lovely reminder of your post last year. I watched the film The Book Thief at the weekend. Not a very happy film but I was happy cutched under a blanket with my coffee.

  2. Since we moved to the Woodstock NY area last year, it is like this here too: today is a bit snowy and the driveway is too icy for me to walk down, but i can watch all the birds and squirrels eat the peanuts and birdseed in our little yard, and see many trees and a little bit of snow. I can see all that while standing in front of my computer pecking away on this and on the book I am writing about tarot, and doing the occasional online email reading. We cook castiron pots of stew and soup and have kettles on for coffee and tea, since having those heating helps warm the kitchen plus the rsults are wonderful. The pellet stove is lovely to see and helps warm the place. I guess you can have hygge anywhere you try to.

    1. Thanks for the comment Donnalee. Sounds very cosy and hygge where you are. Nice to feel all cosy, even when you are working. Here it is cold, blustery and hail stoning. So glad to be all toasty inside!

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