Sunday Sevens February 4th.

Its actually Friday morning as I gather together some pictures for my Sunday Sevens post. Yesterday ( Thursday) I had the day off as I am working for a colleague on Saturday. Yay , I can hardly wait! I know I am totally spoilt really and have become to used to having my weekends off….

I have just finished reading ELeanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. The story centres round Eleanor, a thirty something office worker who exists according to a regimented timetable during the week….and buys two bottles of vodka to drink at home every weekend. Eleanor thinks her life is rolling along as it should be, in other words she’s completely fine. And then she makes a friend. I found this book to be sweetly funny, heart-breaking and unputdownable. Anyone else read it?

Linden and Holder image saved from via Pinterest.

Currently watching ~ The Killing on Netflix. I am probably very late to the party! Based on the Danish TV series Forbrydelsen ( The Crime) , The Killing is a serial detective drama set in the more often than not bleak and rainy Seattle. With Scandi Noir influences and Linden’s Danish knitted jumpers, our crime busting duo are two very different homicide detectives ,with contrasting styles of how to get things done. Although I am very definitely the kind of audience that hides behind a cushion when I think something bad is going to happen, I am seriously hooked on a good mystery at the moment. Other Netflix series that I have enjoyed recently are The Sinner, Godless and The Lizzie Boden Chronicles. Any recommendations?

Thursday and Friday have been bright and cold days. On Thursday I had a good walk round my local Castle grounds. I went up to the top of the keep and it was freezing up there! This gave me an excuse to visit a tearoom and indulge in a pot of hot tea and a slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake. πŸ™‚

Callooh ! Callay in Clitheroe has just re-opened. If your a fan of Alice In Wonderland and your tea served in vintage china, you will love Callooh!

I also did a spot of shopping. I found a couple of cute cards in Roost, a fab new Gifts and Interiors shop on Moor Lane. Plus I purchased a pretty top in a charity shop for Β£4. Can you see it is covered in little cat motifs. Slinky does not care to compliment it. That little fur ball on the edge of the photo is actually Slinky curled up in sleep ( or ignoring! ) mode.

Slinky Malinki

Speaking of which, I was disappointed to read ( yet again ) this week, that black cats in rescue centres are finding it hard to be re-homed due to them not being seen as photogenic enough for Instagram or selfies. If a person only wants a pet to decorate their social media feed, then I’m afraid they don’t deserve one. There are some eejits out there!


My final photo shows Pendle Hill in the back ground and is a view I tend to see a lot, when we are out and about with Hugo. I am hoping to #walk1000miles in 2018 and my progress in January has been pretty good. I have walked 120 miles in the first month. However I am probably only walking what I have always walked, its just that I haven’t bothered to record the distance before. If we didn’t have Hugo, would I have the motivation??? I think I would struggle!

Thanks as always to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for organizing Sunday Sevens.

38 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens February 4th.”

  1. Love the top and the cake. I really can’t believe that about black cats. My first cat was black with white socks and she was very photogenic. The tabby was a nightmare she would never stay put in one place.

    1. Thank you. I wore the top on a night out last night. So nice to get a bargain!
      Tee hee, cats have their own minds don’t they!
      If they don’t want to be photographed, then thats that. X

  2. Fab post! So much to comment on there. It is so sad, but true about black cats. People find them ‘boring’ apparently, or even link them to the occult 😦 Three of my five cats are black, and one of them, Pearl, has a little white spot on her chest in exactly the same place as Slinky. πŸ™‚ Great photos of Cliheroe Castle there! I also took some good shots when I last visited and was gutted when they disappeared from the work laptop I had uploaded them to; a system update installed a few days earlier deleted everything in the C drive at the end of each day, and the ‘techie’ failed to mention this :O I am obsessed with Scandi and French psychological and crime dramas. I too came late to ‘The Killing’ as I first made the acquaintance of Sarah Lund & co three years ago, seven years after the first series. I loved series 6 of French drama Spiral which concluded last night and can’t wait for series 4 of The Bridge the start on BBC2 next month. I’m going to Copenhagen and across’ the bridge’ to Malmo, Sweden in April and am looking forward to checking out some of the locations from my favourite Nordic Noir. πŸ˜€ How does the American version compare?

    1. Thanks Amanda!
      Your cats sound lovely. Bet they rule the house. Slinky is definitely Top Cat here. She is the boss of Hugo. πŸ™‚
      Sorry about your photos dissapearing. So annoying! A great reason for another visit though. πŸ™‚
      I am not sure if the American series compares to The Danish one as still have not watched The Danish version. But am loving it, so hopefully it compares well. I haven’t watched The Bridge or Spiral. May have to look into them. I am indeed very late to the party! I did enjoy Shetland when it was on and a French crime drama on the bbc recently called Witnesses?
      Your trip sounds like it will be amazing!

      1. Shazza, everyone I know who has watched the American ‘Killing’ and the original Danish version has said that the American version has not come close. In fact, some have not been able to watch it because they have said it is a poor imitation. That’s why I haven’t bothered. I think you’ll revel in the iconic caharacter of Sarah Lund and in trying to work out one of the key questions of 2007: who killed Nana Birk-Larsen? πŸ˜€ I have the box set and I watch it annually. That and The Bridge set a new crime drama bar for me, and nothing on British TV has reached it since then. If you enjoyed the wonderful Witnesses, you’ll probably like Spiral. One of the main characters in Witnesses 2 – I can’t remember her name; the red-haired woman who got her baby back in the end – is played by Audrey Fleurot who also plays a longstanding character in Spiral, feisty and slightly dodgy barrister, Josephine Karlsson. Shetland was great, and was obviously modelled in the Scandi mould, though not in the same league in my humble opinion. On another note, Clitheroe is calling and I will definitely be back sooner rather than later! πŸ™‚

      2. Thanks for the info. I will definitely look into all those series. πŸ™‚
        If you ever think about coming back to Clitheroe, you will have to let me know. 😁

  3. Love the top and your photo of Slinky πŸ™‚ It’s such a shame that black cats in rescue centres are often overlooked for rehoming due to some people’s stupid fashion fads or superstitions. Anyway I always thought black cats were supposed to be lucky. My first black cat back in the 70s had two white front paws, I’ve had a few black ones over the years and my current one, Mog, has the most beautiful velvety-soft shiny fur πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. I love it when I find something that is so ‘me’ in a charity shop. πŸ™‚
      Slinky is very photogenic I think. As are all coloured cats. I have had quite a few over the years, of varying colours. I always thought black cats were lucky too. πŸ™‚
      Mog sounds adorable. X

  4. I read that about black cats too – we used to have one, and it’s true we don’t have many good photos off her. Even her nose was black, so if her mouth and eyes were closed she just disappeared. But we loved her, so who cares!?

    I read Eleanor Oliphant recently – we’ll be discussing it at our book group this month. I think you are the third blogger who has mentioned it! There were things I could pick holes in (I thought the mummy stuff was a bit silly) but overall I loved it and read most of it with a tear in my eye.

    1. Having both a black cat and a black dog can be a challenge with the old camera sometimes. They can look like black blobs , but like you say, we love them, so who cares!?
      Loved Eleanor Oliphant. What a great book to discuss at a book group.
      I was a bit taken aback with the Mummy twist at the end . But all in all, it was a very thought provoking read. X

  5. I was amazed to read about black cats being discarded as they are not photogenic, I agree with you that some people do not deserve to have a pet. The book you read sounds like another Eleanor we both know!!!!! I have just finished the Tea Planters Wife by Dinah Jefferies which I really enjoyed. Well done with your mileage, keep it up. Xx

    1. Thanks Julie. I like walking….as long as there arnt to many hills! I will look out for The Tea Planters Wife. Thanks for the recommendation. X

  6. Fab post! We had a black cat, Dee and David always had trouble getting the camera to focus. She was a beautiful cat. Its such a shame they get overlooked because of their colour. Your slinky looks cute. I love your top! What a find! Well done ln your walking. You’re doing great! X

    1. Thanks Christine. πŸ™‚ Sometimes when Hugo and Slinky are lead next to each other , they look like they have merged together, being that they are both the same colour. I have worn my top already. Love a bargain. πŸ™‚

  7. Black rabbits have the same problem in rescues, as do red-eyed whites, such a shame.

    I loved Eleanor Oliphant, I bought it from the charity shop where I volunteer after seeing it pop up lots on social media. I did get a feeling I knew what the relationship with her mum would lead, but it was really enjoyable nonetheless.

    Love the view of Pendle Hill, always a joy.

    1. Thanks for commenting. πŸ™‚
      Thats a shame about black rabbits and red-eyed whites. I just can’t fathom it!
      Glad you enjoyed Eleanor O. I must look for books more in charity shops.
      Pendle Hill has a dusting of snow at the moment. πŸ™‚

  8. I was quite keen to read Eleanor Oliphant until I read the reviews of it on Goodreads which put me right off (lots of people liked it, but reading the two star reviews made me think I wouldn’t like it!).

    I can’t believe that thing about black cats not being instagram friendly. People really are stupid!

    It sounds like you’re doing very well with your walking challenge! I still haven’t been for a proper walk, but hoping to go in a couple of weeks as we’re day tripping to visit Dave’s dad one day πŸ™‚

    1. I hope you give Eleanor O a try. I gave it 4 β˜† if that sways you. πŸ˜‰
      Enjoy your day trip. Its always good to go for walks in different places. X

  9. I think that cat is very cute, and I am completely amazed at how stoopid people are, that ‘black cats are not photogenic enough for selfies’. Most people are frankly not photogenic enough for selfies, but cats don’t give them grief for it…!

  10. Lovely roundup of your week. I can’t believe that people would only want a cat for social media pics & wonder if society is getting a bit weird. I’d want one to cuddle & love to bits, as you should with any animal. We’ve tea rooms here in Oz, that use lots of lovely vintage china, which is a real treat. As for books, I’m afraid I don’t read much in the way of novels at the moment (that mojo may come back) and we don’t have Netflix, but a different pay TV, which, yes, we do use most of the time. Ordinary local TV is woeful, except for our sport. Have a good week & take care.

    1. Thanks Susan for dropping by. Yes its crazy about how people are obsessed with what they think is perfect for Instagram etc. Society is getting wierd your right! I do love a vintage tea room too. πŸ™‚

  11. I have heard of the book but not read it – thanks for the recommendation. Sounds like you have at least had some good weather πŸ™‚ So sad to read about the black cats – so shallow – it really does make me cross. I’d love to adopt a cat or two, but hubby is seriously allergic to them 😦

    1. Oh shame about hubby. I have always had cats until I met Wil. I liked dogs too but had never had a pet dog. I used to say I was a cat person….but of course I am both now! X

  12. My daughter has just read Eleanor Oliphant and so I’m waiting for her to come home at Easter so I can borrow her Kindle and read it! Usually I just wait for good books to start appearing in the charity shops! Your top was a great find. We are black cat fans and when our beloved Mollie died we contacted the local cat charity and said we would only have a black one, they were very happy about this as they had some lovely ones that had been overlooked. We adopted Tilly but sadly she disappeared after 8 months. We haven’t braved another since then πŸ™

    1. Aw so sorry to hear about your Tilly. I used to have a cat called Sophie who would always be going a wandering. I suspect she had a few homes. I am glad Slinky seems to prefer being a house cat. She likes her home comforts. X

  13. Oh shame about hubby. I have always had cats until I met Wil. I liked dogs too but had never had a pet dog. I used to say I was a cat person….but of course I am both now! X

  14. I still haven’t got to the end of Eleanor Oliphant; I foolishly started another book at the same time and progress slowed with Eleanor. I’m definitely going to finish that first now though having seen another person mention it again! You’ve spurred me on!

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