Wintery Spring ~ Links & Likes.

Welcome to my first Links & Likes of 2018. This is a series where I like to include some links to a few posts I have β™‘ recently.

February is a funny month. Spring is just around the corner( hopefully!) ,yet I still feel like hibernating! With snow, sleet, rain and hale all forcasted over the next few days in the North West, can you blame me if I cosy up under the duvet and snooze for the forseeable….

Yet I do have plans. 😁 Febuary is Snowdrop Season and I would really love to witness these first signs of Spring in all their gorgeous glory. Here in Lancashire Lytham Hall welcomes all to wander round their lovely grounds over the next couple of Weekends. Frames high-light the blooms for picture opportunities. Hornby Castle near Lancaster is opening to the public for Snowdrop Walks on the 17th & 18th February. Elsewhere The National Trust has details of early blooming gardens on their website. Hopefully I will be out and about searching for snowdrops in the next few days.

Other plans I have for February include a Ghost Walk at Houghton Tower and a Girls Night In Clothes Swap Party. So really, hibernation is not actually an option. πŸ˜„

Snowdrops at Lytham Hall. Image off Pinterest.

Christine has been playing Colour Bingo with her camera. A great idea for a blog post!

Amanda visits a Train Station , where an iconic Romantic Movie was filmed in the 1940s.

Louise marks the beginning of Spring ( Imbolc ) at the Marsden Fire Festival.

I love Rosie’s post about close encounters with cute seal pups. Aw.

This Tea Time Mango Cake looks and sounds delicious on Shilpi’s blog. 🍰

The Typewriter Girl has some perfect ideas for filling February with fun and light. πŸ™‚

Its going to be A Dog’s Life for Gina, as she prepares to welcome a cute new arrival. πŸ™‚

What are your plans to brighten up a dreary February?

Thanks for dropping by. X

16 thoughts on “Wintery Spring ~ Links & Likes.”

  1. Lovely post Sharon and thanks for the link to my post πŸ˜‰ I hope you get to see your snowdrops. I too have been in search of them on my walls to work. I’m also looking for crosus. I just love the sprinkling of colour they give, like hundreds and thousands 😁 have a lovely weekend xx

      1. Yay. We have a bunch of them who lurk in our backyard for the peanuts and grains that I put out there for them and birds and chipmunks and deer and whoever else comes by.

  2. Thank you for the mention! We are having quite a nice month – there’s still lots to do on the house, but three weekends in a row we have none-house things happening (it’s so good to get away from it!) and there’s half term too – we’ll be doing house stuff then though and taking delivery of the sofas!

  3. I’d love to go for a snowdrop tour, but alas, a bit far for me. Being so hot this month, we’ve not a lot planned except a few days away to the other side of Melbourne on the coast, with a quilt class thrown in for me. Not done one in about 8 years, so am excited & anxious all at the same time.
    Enjoy the spring bulbs and take care.

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