Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ February.

Hawthorn’s Hunt totally crept up on me this month but I managed to scrabble a few pics together. They are all actually taken this very morning! So sorry that they are not exactly the most interesting. And mostly dog themed!

White. Yes more snowdrops in my blog posts. This is the fourth post I’ve done where snowdrops have appeared. But they are so pretty and of course , white, so I couldn’t resist. πŸ˜„ These were taken on my walk with H this morning. We sneeked over the cattle grid onto the drive of a private residence called Standen Hall and I quickly took this photo.

Metal/metalic. We came accross this rather scary metal dog face nailed onto a fence near Standen Hall. Never seen it before so I can only assume its a recent addition. Then I thought, maybe its actually a poo bag dispencer for dog walkers? Will look out for bags in the future.

Camouflage. Where’s Hugo? ”You can’t see me Mum. I’m invisible and I’m a Laprador”. Or so he thinks! πŸ™‚

Begins with a J. Spotted this bright red double-decker bus next to nearby Holmes Mill. It made me think of bus journeys and how I used to feel travel sick on buses, but never on double deckers strangely.

Bud. Daffodils coming into bud near Standen Hall.

My Own Choice. A combination of photos from my morning so far…and its not even 10am. I had better get the washing on!

Pop over to kates blog to see more Scavenger Hunt entrys. πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ February.”

  1. Hugo is as gorgeous as ever! That metal dog face looks like a modern take on a traditional church grotesque. Could it be a more creative equivalent of a ‘Beware potential burglars: vicious dog lives here’ sign? You said that this was on private driveway, so perhaps unlikely to be a poo bag container, unless the resident is generously offering to dispose of the deposits of all passing pooches πŸ˜€ Intriguing…….I look forward to a future update πŸ˜€

    1. It does look rather grotesque. But it was on the public path near the hall where lots of people do walk dogs. So not sure! I’m intrigued too. πŸ™‚

  2. !!**#!!and similar sort of words! Remind me not to use the tablet to comment coz all sorts of things’happen’!! W what I was trying to say well done for joining in, in such sorry notice! Clever you☺ will done Hugo for being the invisible laprador πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. Like Fiona I am amazed at what you achieved before 10 am. We were just having breakfast! Love Hugo doing his laprador you can’t see me impression. He is lovely but then I have a soft spot for Labradors.

  4. I ended up getting up at the same time as my other half who was working early…only cause I couldn’t get back to sleep once I heard his alarm. But getting up early does have its advantages. Its been a lovely day. 😁

  5. Great mornings work. I sort of cheated with archived photos mainly. The metal dogface on pole is quite ugly, but intriguing. I’ll have to show hubby the bus photo, as he may have driven something similar in the 60’s or 70’s while still living in Leeds. Love the pet photo, of course. Take care.

  6. I have just got a new laptop and have not been able to sync the photos, hence all recent pics. Very recent! I enjoyed the challenge though. The old vintage buses are always a joy to see. I think this one is used as a bar. X

  7. Sounds like a great challenge to restrict you scavenger hunt to one morning – must be good for enhancing your creative thinking. Love Hugo’s camouflage position – of course πŸ™‚

  8. A ‘laprador’ is a brilliant phrase, I’m going to have to pass that on to my friend who has her very own! I love photos that show the cheeky side to dogs’ personalities like this one!

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