Spring walks, a Nature Diary and an Easter treat.

The Easter Weekend so far ~ a Good Friday walk with friends, spring shoots and wild flowers and a visit with my lovely friend Lisa to Stydd Gardens in Ribchester. 😁

Blackthorn blossom
Good Friday Walkers assemble in the Calf’s Head Beer Garden.
Stydd Gardens.
Nutella Hot Chocolate and an Easter treat. Rosie Duck at Stydd Gardens.Soo good. πŸ™‚
Lovey Dove.

Treats for the dog at Rosie Duck.

My Ladybird book What To Look For In Spring helped me identify some of the spring flowers below.

Butterbur by a stream.
Golden Saxifrage.
Wild garlic leaves. I do have a recipe handy for wild garlic leaves & cheese scones!
I am going to start a nature diary for my sightings. πŸ™‚

The Easter Weekend has been lovely so far. πŸ™‚

Roll on the next two days. X

16 thoughts on “Spring walks, a Nature Diary and an Easter treat.”

  1. Good luck with the nature diary, I kept one as a child for a year and also during June for Go Wild, They are good to look back on.
    I love the idea of wild garlic in cheese scones, I bet they will taste delicious. I also liked that your Easter treat was decorated with a poached egg sweet rather than an chocolate egg!

    1. Its an annual tradition a friends parent started when him and his sister were kids. He carries on the tradition and now of course there are another generation of children,friends and various dogs too. X

  2. So lovely to see the blossom, lacking in Spring flower inspiration here high up in West Yorkshire. I am hoping today’s deluge of snow was the end of winter.
    Amanda xx

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