Sunday Sevens 29th April.

So this week has been the week I attempted to learn how to crochet…..and failed miserably! My lovely friend Lisa booked us into a lesson last Sunday afternoon. She has been wanting to learn for a while and a crochet class is right up there on my 25 Before 45 ~ Bucket List.

However I could not get my head round it…or in fact any of my fingers! I just couldn’t do it at all. It got to the point that the teachers very patient instructions simply sounded like this. Blah blah blah blah blah. Three hours in and not anything to show for it……except a few pretty balls of wool. Slinky says I should make her some pom poms instead. πŸ€—πŸ±


Sometimes I think Hugo is a ‘Devil Dog’. Naughty things he has done of late include finding a stinky dead bird and eating it, dissapearing through someone’s garden hedge and chasing a cat and stealing his labradoodle pal’s squeeky toy and refusing to give it back. All that mischief makes him snoozy! Luckilly no harm was done to the cat or the toy. The dead bird hopefully gave him a tummy ache…but that wouldn’t stop him doing it again. Sigh. Does your dog have Marley and Me moments?

Currently watching ~ The Alienist on Netflix. Set in 19th Century New York, this dark detective series is a cross between Ripper Street and Mind Hunter. Apparently in the 19th Century, people who studied those whose natures were alien to the norm ( ie serial killers) were called ‘ Alienists’ . This psychological thriller in ten parts is proving a gripping watch.

My RSPB pin badge collection is growing. 😁 We have been doing quite a few country walks to village pubs recently and some sell these at the bar. My little niece is collecting them too now. Two bird nerds in the family then. 😊

Loving spring time. πŸ™‚ Yesterday a walk along the river to the nearby village of Chatburn meant seeing all kinds of wildlife and gorgeous spring flora and fauna. I spied my first swallows of the season, my first spring ducklings, blackthorn blossom galore and carpets of violets and primroses . We met up with Wil’s brother and his wife for a lovely pub lunch too. 😁


Today’s walk round Beacon Fell Country Park with my niece and nephew and Wil and Hugo has brought my #walk1000miles total for this year so far to 486 miles. Hopefully next week, all being well, I shall have broke 500 miles! The Proclaimers song will be a well received earworm ! πŸ™‚

Thanks to Natalie atΒ Threads & Bobbins for devisingΒ Sunday Sevens.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 29th April.”

  1. I enjoyed reading about your week.

    At least you tried crotchet!

    These dogs! They do give us stress! Riley is usually good, but if there are balls around, you can guess he is eyeing up the toy. He’s been close to snatching one from a kid, but thankfully it was picked up before Riley got to it. No amount of shouting his name deterred him lol.

    Love your RSPB badge collection, especially the fox and snow drop. Do you know there are RSPB Christmas crackers you can buy? I got a box last year, (think only 6 in them) for Β£20. A bit pricey but they had lovely badges in πŸ™‚

    The alienist is a good watch. I watched the whole series in a week! It get’s more gripping as the series progresses, from episode 6 I was biting my nails with suspense.

    Here’s to your 500 miles! πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Ahh sounds like both Riley and Hugo have selective deafness!
      I did not know the RSPB do Christmas Crackers. They sound wonderful. Thanks for letting me know about them. I shall make a note of it.
      Thats good to know about The Alienist. We have watched 4 episodes so far. What are you watching to replace it?

      1. I can’t find anything that keeps my attention. I look forward to the new season of The Handmaids Tale, they have made a second one, which should be interesting!! x

      2. Oh yes that will be so gripping. I still need to read thebook it was based on.
        Have you tried watching Mindhunter? Its about how the FBI started profiling serial killers in the 70s and its pretty good.

  2. Oh no! I’ll just have to travel up and have a go at teaching you how to crochet myself! I must admit it took a few good tries before the penny dropped for me. In the end I got it by copying a right handed person do the movements veeeerrrrry slowly! Hopefully you can have another go sometime. Hugo’s naughty stuff made me laugh, such an innocent expression too! x

  3. Stick with the crochet Shazza! I had very fumbly beginnings – fingers and fumbs did their own thing! Almost threw in the crochet hook, but with perseverance, sweat and tears, made a scarf, then a beanie hat, a string bag – and more beanie hats – and another sting bag currently on the go! (My repertoire is limited!) Once you get it you’ll be hooked!

  4. I can’t knit or crochet to save my life, had a few attempts many years ago but gave up in the end – it’s less hassle to go and buy what I want! πŸ™‚ I hope Hugo wasn’t ill after eating the dead bird, my two would have been 😦

  5. Don’t think crochet and knitting are for everyone really. I just admire anyone who can do them. πŸ™‚
    Hugo was fine luckilly. Think he has a pretty strong stomach.

  6. My sister in law taught me (she is right handed and i am left) so that was an interesting lesson, but it was worth it coz although I have been knitting more than crochet recently, it is a lovely craft πŸ™‚ try again – it will be worth it once you have mastered it x

    1. Is part of his pack , I think thats why he doesn’t chase her. And anyway she would give him a good scratch. I dont think he would hurt a cat, just thinks chasing is a game. However you can never be sure. An old cat of mine was was killed by a lurcher who got loose from his owner. 😦
      I cannot knit either. Maybe I will just stick to blogging. ☺

      1. Poor cat! That’s very sad 😦 My crocheting skills extend to producing long ‘ropes’. The person who taught me this superlative skill suggested that I could make lots of wonderful things by coiling these long thin pieces. As I didn’t particularly want to make hundreds of coiled coasters and place mats I decided not to bother. πŸ˜€

  7. Keep going with the crochet, if I can do it anyone can.
    Love the badges, but really love your foxy cushion, isn’t it wonderful.
    Nice walks and 500 miles too!
    Bad dog, ate a dead bird, well yuck ,does he think he’s a cat I wonder.

    1. its actually a foxy pencil case, but thank you. Gorgeous material isn’t it. Some dogs will eat anything, think Hugo is one of them. xx

  8. I sympathise with your doggy issues! We had a lab-sheepdog X when my oldest son was little- dog used to make holes in ancient larch-lap fence and he and no 1 son would ‘escape’! Fortunately the dog’s herding instincts made sure he didn’t leave my son’s side, but scary! I learnt to crochet the opposite way to most – someone showed me how to do a granny square, I forgot what she did, so unravelled it slowly, stitch by stitch & got it that way! Made perfect sense at the time!

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