A Midsummer Morning.

Today I thought I would post what I saw on this mornings walk with Hugo.

Friday morning walks are favourites of mine, as I don’t have to hurry. With no work to giddy me along, I am prone to dilly dallying. An hours walk takes me two. Though Hugo has more time to play. 🙂

This morning we ventured up the fields and followed the wall that protects Standen Hall from nosy parkers ( myself included 😁) and wandered along a country lane for a while. Here’s what I saw. …

P1090018 - Copy
Hugo , no doubt telling me to hurry up!
P1090021 - Copy
Bramble blossom. Can’t wait for the Blackberries. 😊
P1090022 - Copy
Bittersweet or Woody Nightshade. It scrambles over plants in woods or hedges.
P1090023 - Copy
Hogweed. The largest of the umbellifers.
P1090027 - Copy
Rook on a dead tree. I have seen a woodpecker here previously.
Oxeye Daisies are also known as Marguerite or Moon-Daisy.
Into the shade.
The shady Woodland path is surrounded by Enchanter’s Nightshade. Its Latin name is Circara lutetiana , named after Circe, the enchantress of Greek legend who turned Odysseus’ men into pigs by giving them a magic potion. Oink!
Poisonous berry stalks of the Cuckoo Pint. The berries will change colour to a warning red.

Not sure what these blue flowers are. The closest I have come, when checking my Collins Handguide to the Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe is Jacobs Ladder. They are pretty anyway.

Field Roses.
Hoverfly on rose.
Hugo with Pendle Hill in the background.
Thistle Flower.

Most of the above photos were taken before 8am. It promised to be a beautiful Midsummer Day. And it is!

Have a lovely weekend.

20 thoughts on “A Midsummer Morning.”

  1. Thanks for taking us along, such a bright note for me, as it is very miserable & cold here at the moment. The wildflowers that carpet your meadows & line your hedgerows are so pretty & so different to what we see here. Aha, blackberries to be had soon! I remember eating them straight from the bush on the way up to a lookout at Crich & they were so big & yummy. Have a lovely week & take care.

  2. What a lovely walk. We are usually late morning types but yesterday we were also out and about before 8, it’s great isn’t it? Feels like you have the whole world to yourself! I must get my wild flower guide out and dust it off. You’ve inspired me to learn all the names I’ve forgotten since primary school! Our ramble wasn’t as refined, h and r just scrambled for the lake and splosh. Pond weed all over them!

    1. Its too hot for the dogs at the mo isn’t it. And our rivers really low. You can paddle accross it. I love wildflower names. So many pretty flowers with pretty names ~ ragged robin, eyebright, foxglove, meadowsweet. Beautiful. 😁

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