Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ June.

Phew! What do you think of the Hot Hot weather we are experiencing here in the UK at the moment? I am definitely not used to this kind of heat. I find myself only truly enjoying the temperatures either early in the morning or after 8 at night. Reaches for a tub of Ben & Jerrys! Here are my photos for this month’s Scavenger Hunt….


Yellow. I was definitely tempted to post a flower picture here, but instead chose this photo of band member Holly Ross of The Lovely Eggs on stage at Break In The Clouds Festival ,

which we went to last weekend. Not everyone can rock the colour Yellow…but I think she can. πŸ™‚


Starts with a T. Has to be this Tiger I saw chilling in the sunshine at Blackpool Zoo a few weeks ago.


Lilac. My Mum’s garden was buzzing with insects when we visited earlier in June. I forgot to ask her what flower this was. Any gardeners know the name of it, feel free to let me know. πŸ™‚


Starts with a G. Back to Blackpool Zoo and a group of Giraffes. Apparently a Group of Giraffes is called a Tower. πŸ™‚


Silver. After checking on the #30dayswild facebook group, I discovered that this busy moth I photographed in Gisburn Forest is called a Silver Y Moth. You can’t really see on this photo , but it has silver y-shaped markings on its forewings.


My Own Choice. Cute socks worn by my goddaughters at the festival we went to at the weekend.

Thanks for dropping by and stay cool…X

40 thoughts on “Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ June.”

  1. Your lilac flower is Aquilegia, also known as Celandine, Granny’s Bonnet and Dove Flower! Lovely fun images, Shazza!

    1. Thank you. I went to the Zoo with my friend and her daughter. Don’t get chance often as Wil doesn’t like them. All the animals did look in good condition and happy enough thank goodness. X

  2. What a brilliant selection! From towers to tigers – love it! thank you for joining in x

  3. You are never too old to wear socks like the unicorn ones! Just loved them. A great set of photos. Tigers do look so cuddly but ….. I think I’ve seen a Silver Y-moth too…..

    1. Haha yes we should all wear them. You can probably get away with wearing anything at a festival. Silver Y Moths are probably quite common, though it was my first time seeing one. X

  4. Great photos, good to manage to capture a photo of the moth. Love the tuger and giraffe and your unusual aquilega flower:)

  5. Unicorn socks…how I would love a pair. I’ve got some glittery ones with pugs on that I shall just have to make do with for now!

  6. Lovely set of pictures. Is that a bit of tongue showing sticking out of the tiger’s mouth? He is very handsome. Love the socks too and I am a great aquilegia fan. That is a lovely one.

  7. Great photos Shazza – I love the guitarist’s yellow top – she looks very cool in it – sounds like a good festival. And the kids’ unicorn socks are class – I know a couple of older kids would love those πŸ™‚

  8. I want a pair of those socks… I know, this weather is incredible. We had temperatures of 32 degrees in our part of the world this week, which is bonkers. Sandy and I ate in the garden every night last week – another first.

    1. Those socks have certainly been popular on this post. 😁.
      The climate here is crazy. Bet those people who have booked holidays to Majorca etc wish they hadn’t bothered now! X

  9. I’m late with my catchup on all the photo hunts. I love your little silver moth & the bee drinking from the pretty aquilegia, but the best, must be those socks. I wasn’t allowed to wear what we called “bermuda” socks when I was young, so they are a joy to see & made me smite. Take care.

  10. I just came back to answer your question – I’ve only just seen the comment you left on my recent post asking what the white orchids were. They’re greater butterfly orchids πŸ™‚

  11. Its started raining here today….but we do need the water. Practically nothing left in the brook or river! I have been thankful for the lack of muddy paws though. πŸ™‚ x

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