Salthill Quarry Local Nature Reserve.

To ease my England V Sweden viewing angst, I thought I would write this post at the same time. Ha! I am a very nervy audience…

This morning I had a wander round one of my local town’s two Nature Reserves. Salthill Quarry has appeared on my blog a couple times, but as I haven’t visited for over twelve months, I thought I would drop by for a nosy. The Quarry is a designated SSSI because of its geological formations…but I was there for the flowers…and the butterflies. πŸ™‚

The 7.00 hectare Nature Reserve has grassland and woodland habitats. I was certainly glad of a little shade. The sun beat down as I looked for betony, orchids and scabious. Some of the land was dry and parched. Still no sign of approaching rain here in the North West.

Roses on the way to the reserve.
And a Painted Lady on Buddleia.
Into the Woods.
A Swallow-Tailed Moth ~ I think..
Speckled Wood.
Feeling parched.
Hmmm Spray painter, if your going to do this , at least do a neat job! This is the Crinoid Seat that looks across to Pendle Hill.
Lady’s Bedstraw.
Almost hidden ~ a blue damselfly.
Under the Umbels.
Brown Ringlet.
Green Damselfly , maybe?
Six-spotted Burnett Moth.

Feeling slightly calmer now. …

Thanks for accompanying me on a wander round Salthill Quarry Local Nature Reserve.


34 thoughts on “Salthill Quarry Local Nature Reserve.”

  1. Oh my word!!!! What beautiful photos of flowers and insects. You must have the patience of a saint Shazza. As soon as I approach for a photo of insects in particular, they are usually off like a shot. Thanks so much, as it is something I’m quite interested in and we certainly don’t seem to have the butterfly population now, that we had when I was a child. Take care.

  2. Your photos are stunning, Shazza! Especially love the painted lady! It all turned out rather well, didn’t it? I think Gareth Southgate might have taken a nature walk too.

  3. What a beautiful pre match walk! I love your photo looking up through the umbels. I am a very nervous England watcher, my nerves will be in shreds on semi-finals day 😳. Gone are the days when I would’ve been swept up in the euphoria of the success so far, I just can’t enjoy it… I must be getting old!

  4. Such lovely photos of those butterflies and moth! I’d love to get better at identifying wild flowers. Do you have a book you use, or have you just learned their names as you go along? x

    1. Thank you! I have a couple of books I use. A collins gem guide to wildflowers plus an older guide from the seventies and even old ladybird books of the seasons. My Mum taught me lots of flower names too when I was a child. I always find new ones that I have never seen before, every year. πŸ™‚ x

  5. Looks like a lovely place and in a similar state to our hillsides here, think the rain’s waiting for the school holidays to begin! Shame on the spray painters! I hope they catch them and make them clean it off- horrible job!

  6. Your graffiti “artist” really needs to be more careful, I think! I know that graffiti can sometimes be very artistic, but other times it really pisses me off. We had a lovely mural painted on a blank wall on the motorway. It cheered up the wall and looked great. Then gradually graffitti idiots spray painted their “tags” over it, so now it just looks a horrid mess. A little more respect wouldn’t go amiss.
    Your photos of the area are lovely.

    1. Thank you! I don’t think the spray painter was much of an artist. Felt really cross to see the bench like that. Pisses me off too. 😦

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