Sightseers at Lowther Castle~ with Picnic Cinema.

So I have a 25 Before 45 Bucket List , which I have been neglecting recently. Still lots to do on there and not very much time left to do it ! Oh well C’est la Vie. Something I listed was ‘ Watch a film outdoors’ and the other weekend I did manage to cross this off my Bucket list, when I dragged Wil up to Lowther Castle in Cumbria, for an open-air cinema event.

P1090358 (2)
Lowther Castle.

Picnic Cinema specialises in bringing ‘cinema parties’ to some of the most scenic and iconic locations in the North, including castles, forests and in the case of cult classic ‘Withnail & I’ , a remote farmhouse that was used as a location in the movie.

It turned out that a favourite film of both mine and Wils ‘ Sightseers’ was showing at Lowther Castle, a once grand residence now in ruins, but still majestic all the same. Even though Lowther is only a couple of miles from where my Mum lives, I decided to book us camping tickets, as the lovely weather was perfect for an evening under canvas.

The weekend before,the Lowther estate had played host to the ‘Kendal Calling’ music festival, but this was the first time anyone had been allowed to camp so close to the castle , so we felt quite privileged. The fairy tale turrets certainly made for a magical backdrop.

It also happened that a Crafty Vintage fair was underway in the castle courtyard, so there was plenty to keep us entertained after we had pitched the tent.


P1090350 (2)

P1090348 (2)



Being the rubbish picnickers that we were, we actually forgot to pack a picnic! Couldn’t get enough of this delicious pizza though. ๐Ÿ˜

The Picnic Cinema entertainment commenced at around 8pm. We wrapped up warm and took camping chairs, blankets, wine, snacks, and a torch up to where the film screen was situated.



We were each given a cute goodie bag containing love-heart sweets, a sherbert dib dab, a pencil, a badge and a jigsaw puzzle piece! While we were waiting for the sun to go down, the Picnic Cinema team entertained us with a sightseeing themed quiz, filmed interviews with some obliging campers and various fun and games.



At around 10.15pm it was dark enough for the movie to begin!

If you have never seen Sightseers, then you have missed a treat. Its a British Black Horror Comedy about a couple who go on a touring caravan holiday, visiting various tourist attractions on the way….and leaving a few dead bodies in their wake….. Filmed in the North ( Derbyshire, Yorkshire & The Lake District) , Sightseers is pretty macabre and totally bonkers! It was great to see it on The Big Screen. ๐Ÿ˜

P1090376 (2)


I think I would definitely go again to a Picnic Cinema event. I love that the films are screened in such gorgeous settings, the staff were enthusiastic, helpful and friendly and the movies shown are usually quirky and different.

Still to show this Summer.

Saturday 11th August ~ The Big Lebowski at Muncaster Castle, Cumbria.

Saturday 18th August ~ 24 Hour Party People at Kirklinton Hall, Carlisle.

Saturday 22nd September ~ Moulin Rouge at The Festival of Thrift, Redcar.

Whilst in the Lowther area we decided to do our own spot of sightseeing. ‘Long Meg and Her Daughters’ at Hunsonby is a druid stone circle that was used as one of the locations in the film.

Have you ever watched a film outdoors? Are you tempted?

Now, back to that Bucket List!


33 thoughts on “Sightseers at Lowther Castle~ with Picnic Cinema.”

  1. Not sure I fancy that particular film but the event sounds great and I must definitely visit Lowther Castle! The only outdoor film Iโ€™ve seen is Brief Encounter which used to be shown every Valentineโ€™s night within the shell of St Lukeโ€™s bombed-out-church, Liverpool. It was always freezing, but a good atmosphere.

    1. We passed through a village called Langwathby and it has a train station and a Brief Encounter cafe. I thought of you and your post about Carnforth station that appeared in the film. There must be a Langwathby link too!
      The bombed church must have been a great location to see the film. Bet you had to wrap up warm! X

  2. I’ve never watched a film outdoors but reading this post I’m very tempted. The picnic cinema in such an interesting location looks and sounds brilliant and something I think I’d really enjoy just for the sheer novelty of it – unfortunately I can’t get to any of the other ones you’ve listed but it’s certainly something to think about for next year ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am sure there will be more films next year. I really enjoyed it. Also ~ you can take dogs with you too. We didn’t realise when we booked, or we would have brought Hugo!

  3. That sounds a great location for a film. February! Wow, that must have been cold though.
    We drove through a village called Langwathby which has a train station and a Brief Encounter cafe. Must have some connection to the film, like the one you visited in Carnforth. X

  4. Good question Cathy. I don’t know really. Apparently it had rained the night before when they showed a film in Hamstedly. I expect the show must go on! X

    1. Well there a few more things including Swim in a Lido, stay in a bothie and ses the Northern Lights. Not sure they will happen before November though. Lol. X

    1. Bolton Abbey is a lovely location for watching a film. Is it Harry Potter? Someone mentioned it to me the other day. Theres a campsite quite close to the abbey. :)x

  5. That looks like so much fun! Drive-in movie theaters used to be really popular here in the States but these days there aren’t very many left around the country. I remember occasionally going as a kid. Are you familiar with them? Everyone parks and remains in their cars in front of the big screen. You would have a little speaker to hear the movie and there were concessions to purchase popcorn. Imagine the movie “Grease”.

    1. Yes I have heard of them. I bet they were great fun!
      You will be pleased to know our Scottish Road trip is nearly here. We set off on Friday. Xx

  6. Iโ€™ve been to the drive in many times…watching films on the car. And once, I saw a film shown in the market square in the city I was born in. It was a few years ago, and now I canโ€™t recall what the movie was. I think they have a โ€œmovie in the parkโ€ here in Ottawa occasionally, but so far I havenโ€™t been.

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