Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ August.

I feel like I haven’t had my blogging head on for ages! But never fear, I am back. And feeling refreshed, from a lovely twelve night break on the West coast of Scotland. I thought I would ease back into the blogosphere by joining in with Hawthorn/Kate’s Photo Scavenger Hunt. This month she has chosen words that are homophones. That is, two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings, origins or spellings. I thought I would look through my recent holiday pictures…and hope for the best. πŸ™‚


Tea/Tee. So I chose tea…as in a pudding we had for our tea, one evening in a cosy cabin in Slockavullin. Slockavullin might sound Scandinavian, but it is in fact a little village in Kilmartin Glen, Argyll. The cabin was set in a small orchard in the owners garden and as the trees were laden with apples and plums, what better idea than to make a crumble….And very tasty it was too. πŸ™‚

Thyme/ Time. How’s this photo for bath time? Our Slockavullin cabin had its very own outdoor bath tub. I never did try out alfresco bath time, much to my lasting regret. My only excuse being, our time in Kilmartin Glen was short and quite drizzly and chilly. If you like the look of this cabin, look for ‘peaceful cabin in Kilmartin Glen’ on airbnb !


Aisle/ Isle. Most of our break away was actually spent in the Outer Hebrides on the Isle of North Uist, which is connected to Berneray in the North and Benbecula, South Uist and Eriskay in the South, by short causeway roads. To get to the Uists , we travelled to the Isle of Skye and then caught a ferry from Uig on Skye to Lochmaddy in North Uist. I absolutely loved my time there. The stunning white sandy beaches, turquoise sea and amazing wildlife, its all true. And definitely worth the journey!


Fairy/Ferry. Whilst on Skye, we didn’t get that much chance to explore, as our short time there were basically stopovers, on the way to and from North Uist. We did however visit Fairy Glen, a strange other-worldly landscape in the hills above Uig. Grassy knolls, tiny lochans, and even a fairylike rock castle, all made for an enchanting diversion.


Flour/Flower. Ah the wildflowers. There were so many of them adorning the Scottish Countryside, especially on the islands. The Outer Hebrides are known for their fertile low lying grassy plains called Machair, which in the Summer months are a riot of colour. I think these cornflower blue blooms are devils-bit Scabious.

My Own Choice. I shall return with posts about our trip to The Outer Hebrides and also our time in Kilmartin Glen. Let me leave you with a bench with a view! This viewing point on the island of Berneray is perfect for watching a colony of common seals. We spent quite a while there before taking Hugo for a run on the stunning white sands, further along the coast. πŸ™‚

Please check out Hawthorn’s Scavenger Hunt for more scavenger hunt posts tommorrow.


33 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ August.”

  1. Great photos for the subjects, I particularly like the header photo and the one with Hugo – the beaches and views in North West Scotland are stunning. I like the seal too, he’s cute πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Cathy. The Fairy Glen was a other-worldly place to visit, a complete contrast to our time on North Uist. Felt like a miniature Lord of the Rings landscape.

  2. Well, our paths to this month’s hunt were along similar lines. I’ve been out of the blogging loop due to 3 weeks away in sunny Queensland, where it was actually hot for winter & yours seems cool for summer. I love your photos & ooh, the crumble sounds yummy. The white sandy beach is beautiful & scenery on Skye is gorgeous. When I visited Skye, I didn’t want to leave & shed a tear or two. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  3. Gorgeous. We had a week on South Uist but spent a day exploring North Uist. I feel I should be able to look at your pictures and say – oh, that’s x beach, but I can’t. There were just so many lovely beaches that they all meld into one in my head!

  4. Oh such lovely photos, especially as we have been to a number of them too – really glad you enjoyed Uist, we loved it there and surprise surprise! You used ‘Fairy Glen’ on Skye and included Castle Ewan too! Lovely place.

  5. Looks and sounds like a great trip to the wilds; particularly intrigued by Fairy Glen – the Victorians picked some unusual locations to bestow with that title, more Grimm than Disney I think!

    1. Its quite delightful, though best to get there early. Gets very busy! Skye is full of tourists these days, so that’s why it was nice to escape to the Uists. x

  6. Where is this lovely spot where one can sit in a bench and watch the ocean? That is where I want to be born next time I came to earth. πŸ™‚ Beautiful photos. Vivid color in those wild flowers!

  7. Your trip up north must have been amazing. Too far for us to go in a day… but at least I can see and smell the sea from your pictures. Best photo for me is the crumble! Oh I do like apple and blackberry crumble with pouring cream of course!

  8. Lovely photographs, very atmospheric. Hugo looks as though he is enjoying his holiday too. As for that crumble……….warm, with cream…mmm.

  9. A wonderful array of pictures for Augusts photo hunt, it does look an amazing place to visit. Fancy two of you choosing the fairy glen for that word…. brilliant!

  10. Your photos are fantastic! It sounds like you’ve been having a great time in August, I’d love to visit the places you have been to (I’ve not been to Scotland at all yet). I’m just catching up on the scavenger hunts now but will be back later to read more about your travels πŸ™‚

  11. Looks like you chose a wonderful part of the country to visit. I’d like to be adventurous one day and stay in some of Scotland’s more remote places. I’m curious, what did your dog think of the colony of seals? πŸ™‚

    1. We kept him on a lead when we were seal watching but I don’t think he was that inteterested in them. Think he thought they were cows or something. Haha. I actually think labradors and seals look very similar. πŸ™‚ You would love the outer hebrides. Not to remote really. An hour and a half to North Uist on the ferry from the Isle of Skye. X

      1. This might sound like a silly question but are there Tescos or good farm shops in the more remote parts of Scotland? When my husband and I travel we do most of our own cooking. We’re foodie people and we love having access to local fresh fruits, vegetables, and a variety of meats and produce. I’ve always wondered how accessible things were and whether residents typically buy the bulk of their items on the mainland.

      2. To be honest the only supermarket places we saw on North Uist and its neighbors were small co ops. Other than those there are a couple of smoke houses that sell fish they smoke themselves. We were actually a bit disappointed that we didn’t find more fresh seafood etc. 😦 There are definitely not many shops. There are a few cafes and restaurants that feature in the Hebridean Food Trail. The larger islands probably have more food shops I imagine. The shops are usually closed on Sundays too, so it felt a bit like going back in time. As we arrived around teatime on a Saturday, it was really nice that the owners of the cottage we stayed in supplied us with milk, bread, orange juice, oatcakes, eggs and smoked salmon. Phew! The co ops do stock everything you need though. X

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