Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ September.

Time for another Scavenger Hunt with Kate & co , over at I Live, I Love, I Craft, I am Me. The words that kate chose are Brightly Coloured, Pattern, Ink, Upside Down, Bag & My Own Choice.

Brightly Coloured ~ Not my hanging basket unfortunately! Mine did not do well at all this year, so here’s one of the lovely brightly coloured ones at The Aspinall Arms in Mitton, a pub we occasionally walk to, across the fields . I love the vibrant pink fuchsia.

Bag ~ Not exactly a bag, but more of a picnic basket ! The above items are on display at a lovely olde worldy train station I visited recently. And they are from a film. Can you guess which one? Blog post to follow. 🙂

Upside Down ~ We managed to take a wrong turn on a walk near Haworth in Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago and ended up walking past this great kids Welly storage. 🙂 It was however the perfect photo opportunity for upside down.

Pattern ~ I always think Speckled Wood Butterflies wings are adorned with a very Autumnal pattern. 🙂

Ink ~ Didn’t really know what to photograph for Ink, but then I thought, well I am writing most days in my Nature Diary. I’m jotting down all the wildlife that I see when I’m out and about ,walking the dog, walking to work etc ,and I have being doing so since April. It has encouraged me to ID various insects and flowers and is a useful way of recording the changing of the seasons, and what wildlife lives where. I’m quite addicted!

My Own Choice ~ Whilst walking to nearby Mitton recently, one of the fields we walk through was full of horses, including these two little Shetlands. They were too busy munching to be bothered by us. I just thought they were so cute!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. ❤️

21 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ September.”

  1. have to confess that I’ve never seen the film but I knew it was the Railway Children as soon as I saw the dress. I love the fuschia and the Shetlands look adorable 🙂

  2. Love all your interpretations & thought the upside down boots great. Good thinking. I too thought of The Railway Children, a movie I really enjoyed & looks like my inkling was right. Look forward to that post. I love your idea of a Nature Diary & think I may start one now & the ponies are so cute,. Thank you & take care.

  3. Wonderful set of photos, and I love love your nature journal. I like making junk journals, but while the weather has been good this year I have been out on my bike, hopefully over winter I will get back into making one..a nature one me thinks..:)
    Amanda xx

  4. So many lovely photos. I too visited Haworth recently. The Railway Children is one of my favourite films and this will be my favourite photo. Fuchsias are one of my favourite flowers too. I’m glad the Shetland ponies did not bother you as I gather they can be quite nippy!

  5. A snippet of the Railway Children was filmed not far from where I live, that brief moment when the pony and trap take the children from the station, across a cobbled ford and out of view. That cobbled ford is here in Wycoller – I think you have been there with your walks, if you haven’t it is a good and dog friendly one 🙂 thanks for joining in x

  6. Lovely pictures. Love the upside down wellies. I too recognised the Railway Children. That dress is iconic. The Shetland ponies must be my favourite picture. They make a good banner picture too.

  7. Your photo made me think of The Railway Children ? I’ve never seen the film but I read it as a child (though don’t remember it very well now!).

    I love your welly find for upside down.

  8. Super set of pictures for September. I like your nature diary, I have been follwoing on Twitter a lady who has been tweeting pages from the Ladybird Book of What to Look for in Autumn and it brings back those childhood memories.

    An Autumn gale“The wind is stripping off the leaves and sweeping them along in the slanting squall of rain”#CFTunnicliffe #ELGrantWatson pic.twitter.com/cmeOFBn3yH
    — Helen Day (@LBFlyawayhome) October 14, 2018

    Tweets by LBFlyawayhomehttps://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js
    I relly can’t choose one that I like better than the others, they are all good

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