25 Before 45 Bucket List ~ How did I do??

So as November is my Birthday month , I thought I had better check on my 25 Before 45 Bucket list progress. Considering I am now almost the grand old age of 45 ( Sob! ), I think I haven’t done to badly with the list. I have managed to cross off 15 out of 25 of the entries I wrote down two and a half years ago. Some I still would like to do and I am sure I will probably write another list soon, and add them to it. But for now , here is how I did.

1.Learn to crochet. Discovered this isn’t my bag. 😐

A friend and I had a crochet lesson and I just couldn’t master it. Kind of knew I would find it difficult, as I can’t knit either. Imagine me looking quite confused and then thoroughly bored, with my hands tied in woolly knots.

2.Find a keep Fit Regime I like. Done! I have enjoyed the #walk1000miles challenge and am still continuing. Hopefully 1500 miles this year and maybe 2000 in 2019.

3.Eat a Dutch Pancake in Amsterdam. Haven’t got round to visiting Amsterdam yet. Its definitely somewhere I intend to go for a long weekend.

Kingfisher , spotted by a boat in Knaresborough.

4. Photograph a Kingfisher. Done! Got my photo on the river Nidd in Knaresborough. 🙂

5.Make an Honesty Box Meal. Still need to create a meal from produce bought from the side of a country road.

6.Read To Kill A Mocking Bird. Done! Bought the book from a second hand book shop in Fargo village in Coventry and loved it. I then just had to watch the Gregory Peck film from the 60s and found it to be a great adaptation of the novel.

Wrap up warm for Picnic Cinema. Bear suits optional.

7.Watch a Film outdoors. Done! Wil and I Saw a British black comedy called Sightseers at Lowther Castle, under the stars. Sightseers at Lowther Castle~ with Picnic Cinema.

8.See the Northern Lights. Maybe another trip to Iceland beckons. We chased the lights four years ago , with little success. I don’t really need an excuse to revisit !

9.Have a Vintage Make over. I’m not to bothered about this one anymore. Glam is just not me , to be honest. Does a Wham Tribute night , where my friends and I dress up in Eighties style Choose Life T-shirts and tutus count? 😉

10.Swim in a Lido. Well I can’t believe I never got round to swimming in a Lido! Ilkley Lido in Yorkshire is the nearest one to me, so hopefully next Summer……..

Real Ale Rail Trail.

11. Go on a proper picnic with a picnic hamper. Done! Bought a hamper from a charity shop and enjoyed a picnic by the stream in Dunsop Bridge. Unfortunately Hugo took a chomp out of the cake!

12. Be Nine Stone! A-hem, Nope!

13.Stay in a Bothy. Definitely in two minds about this one. The type of bothy I mean is one of the very basic Mountain Bothy Association stone buildings that you find in remote parts of Scotland etc. They are free to stop in, though you might have to share with other hikers. I wrote a post about them called Would you stay in a Bothy? I think I may actually prefer Wild Camping though, as you are zipped up in a tent, and there is no danger of a mouse running up your trouser leg…….

14. Photograph a Barn Owl in the wild. When I wrote this I had actually seen Barn Owls several times. Since then, none at all. 😦

Our Llama trying to appear as short as us. Cheeky!

15. Do a Rail Ale Trail. The East Lancs Rail Ale Trail from Bury to Rawtenstall. Done! All Aboard for a Rail Ale Trail Tour.

16. Take Part in a sponsored Charity Event. Done! Raised money for the East Lancashire Hospice, whilst walking across Morecambe Bay. The Morecambe Bay Cross Bay Walk.

17. Have Afternoon Tea at Cloud 23. I have really been slacking in the Afternoon Teas department in 2018. Up to press , I haven’t indulged in this very British Institution, all year. I do like the idea of partaking in Afternoon Tea in the clouds though, so Cloud 23 ( at the top of Beetham Tower) your still on my list. 🙂

Hugo and I doing the doggy paddle over Morecambe Bay.

18. Enter Hugo in a Doggy Competition. Done! Entered Hugo in a bonnie dog category at a local pooch show. He didn’t get placed, even though he is of course, the most handsome boy in the world. I am one highly prejudiced doggy Mum!

19. Get Engaged! Haha.

20. Bathe in a Turkish Baths. Done! The Turkish Baths in Harrogate are a relaxing and fun experience. 🙂 If your ever in Harrogate , treat yourself….

21. Go trekking with llamas in the lakes. Done! Loved spending time with family and some very cute llamas ~ Llama Trekking in the Lakes. 🙂

22. Experience a night out down Canal Street. Done! The rainbow village in Manchester, a top night out!

Let Snoozy Cats lie. Cat Café, Manchester.

23. Do the Morecambe Bay Cross Bay Walk With the Queen’s Official Guide. Done! See number 15.

24. Visit the new Cat Cafe in Manchester. Done! My friend Lisa and I spent some quality time eating cake and stroking cute kitties. Cat Cafe Manchester.

25. Cook a proper Sunday Roast Lunch ( I almost never cook!). Done! I know its a shocker that up until my 45th year, I had never made a roast dinner. Please don’t judge me. ;). Thanks Wil for overseeing my attempt at Sunday lunch. Yes I did cheat somewhat as I bought ready made gravy, Yorkshire puds and a tray of pre prepared veg to roast. But It still counts….I hope. 🙂

Sunday Dinner. 🙂

What would you put on your Bucket List?


39 thoughts on “25 Before 45 Bucket List ~ How did I do??”

  1. That’s an interesting and varied list and you’ve crossed a respectable number of objectives off. Can’t believe Hugo didn’t place – he’s such a handsome boy, and I’m very impressed with your walking over 1000 miles. Well done! X

  2. Thank you! I am definitely happy with my walking progress. Hugo absolutely helps me with that , my cutie Labrador. I have enjoyed doing the Bucket List. X

    1. Thanks Christine! Happily I haven’t felt too pressured. There’s lots on it that I still want to try. They will probably end up on a 30 Before 50 list or something. Haha 😉 x

  3. That’s a great list, quite a few of which I have done myself. I find reading these lists fascinating as they are so individual and even if you don’t manage to cross everything off, at least you’ve challenged yourself and experienced things you might never have otherwise. X

  4. I think you’ve done very well… how long until your birthday? There’s still time for number 19.. why not drop a few subtle hints! I think the wham tribute night totally counts as a vintage makeover!

  5. I think the llama trek was the first post of yours I ever read (via Jo of course). I clearly check on it because we’d been to the cafe. I have never done number 19 despite being married for decades. Unnecessary in my opinion, but i’m probably weird!

  6. Well done Shazza & I’ve known a couple of people & bloggers who’ve had lists of “to do before a certain age”, but I’ve not except 1, which I did blog about earlier this year. Oh, it was to have a quilt pattern published before I turned 70 & it actually happened. Have a great week & take care.

  7. That is quite a list and well done. Especially impressive is the kingfisher photo. Now I have a way to cross three more off the list. Take a ferry to Amsterdam, arrange to have the glam makeover and then you do the proposing!

  8. Haha, thanks Cathy. Amsterdam, that is a definite! The glam make over I’m not to bothered about. A wedding! Well my other half has always been adamant that he won’t get married. We are in the process of making our wills instead. Not very exciting but necessary. X

  9. Your bucket list is WAY more interesting than mine! How did you discover these things existed? I love the idea of sleeping in a bothy. And the Turkish Baths. I like that you have reviewed these, and found some are not for you and some just don’t appeal any more. Have fun ticking off the rest!

    1. Thanks! I’ve always known about the Turkish baths in Harrogate and wanted to visit them. They are so ornate. I think I saw about bothies on breakfast telly and thought they looked amazing. But I think you have to be quite brave to stay in one as they are quite remote. We shall see! X

  10. I tried to learn to crochet too, but couldn’t. It’s too hard! Plus, I’m left-handed, so the teacher couldn’t figure out how to show me what to do.

  11. “there’s no danger of a mouse running up your trouser leg” – sorry but I had to lol at that, it just sounds so funny. Unless of course I have a weird sense of humour 🙂 I’m with you on the knitting and crocheting, I tried both many years ago and just couldn’t do either no matter how hard I tried. Well done on the things you managed to do and cross off the list, I look forward to seeing if you complete any more 🙂

  12. It’s definitely funny….unless it happens. Lol 😉 That’s the problem with sleeping in a draughty barn I think, it’s more than just humans that want to shelter! I loved the idea of knitting and crochet…but in reality it’s just to complicated. Xx

  13. Such a great idea and you are doing well, having them rote down in a list must help to get them achieved.

  14. Wow that is quite impressive. Both the list and what you’ve done ! I like the idea of getting all done up vintage style. Mostly cause it suits my figure ahem …(curvy girl) but who can resist the opportunity to dress in a tutu ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Great list—I read this one so fast when you first posted I had to come back for another visit. I haven’t made a list and I’m much older than you—what’s a lido? And again so many great ideas and places to visit. Definitely stealing some especially the walking one. How does that work? Do you use a pedometer or just roughly calculate your distances? Nice post!!

    1. Hi there. Lido’s are outdoor pools in the UK which were opened originally in the 1920s and 30s to celebrate a royal jubilee. There aren’t loads around anymore as many closed when Brits discovered package holidays. Some have been restored and remain open in all their art deco gloriousness, but are quite often unheated.
      I have an app on my phone that Converts steps into km, I then convert into miles. X

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