Hawthorn’s November Photo Scavenger Hunt.

Hi there Scavenger Hunters and those of you just dropping in for a nosy. πŸ˜„ It’s Kate/ Hawthorn’s last Scavenger Hunt of 2018, so I thought I’d better make an effort and join in. Though I did find some of the prompts pretty tough this time around. Still I do like a challenge, so here goes….

Post/Mailbox. I’m still loving Postcrossing, which is a fun way of sending and receiving postcards from all around the world. These three are off to Italy, USA and Japan. I have already popped them in the post box.

Decay. Bracket Fungi , according to Wikipedia are an ‘ important agent of wood decay, playing a significant role in nutrient cycling and carbon dioxide production of forest ecosystems’. Go bracket fungi! This one was snapped a couple of weeks ago in Ravenglass.

Second hand. I love this book called Sketches of Bird Life by C. F. Tunnicliffe. It originally belonged to Wils Dad and having been handed down, now lives with us. His drawings are beautiful , and you may recognise his style. Tunnicliffe illustrated the wildlife Ladybird Books. πŸ™‚

Strand. Here are my two god-daughters on the shores strand-line in Ravenglass. Hugo is also there, splashing in the water. We loved our time away in this coastal Cumbrian village. You can read about our weekend Here.

Fold. Sorry, its those ‘Festival Sheep’ again. I ended up using the word ‘fold’ in the context of ‘a flock of sheep’ and these are a colourful meadow full near Ravenglass. The farmer marks the ewes that have been impregnated by a ram. I think the different colours mean different fathers and also the number of lambs expected per mother.

My Own Choice. Definitely making my own mouth water here. Wil took me out for tea on my Birthday to Bowland Beer Hall. This was dessert. Yummy! Who else loves Churros with chocolate sauce??

Thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s November Photo Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. Great photos Shazza & the postcard one sounds interesting, so may have a peek at your link. Love the look of the bird book & a good one for secondhand. Your Ravenglass holiday has outdone itself for the hunt photos & I’ve only tried churros once & did quite like them. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  2. Wonderful photos, I love strand and fold and also second hand, the Tunnicliffe book is lovely. I’ve not heard of Churros they look very tasty:)

  3. What I like about the Photo Hunt is that I learn new stuff! Postcrossing as an example. I too like a good bracket fungus but for joy my favourite photo is the Festival Sheep. There are lots of sheep here and most are looking very festive! To me that means lambs are on the way and so, therefore, must be spring!

  4. Post crossing sounds interesting. Lovely photographs. But what I have found most exciting is the picture of your black cat down the side of your post. He looks just like our late Jak. He had the same colour eyes, something we have not often found in other black cats.

  5. Lovely choices this month
    I enjoy the scavenger and learn such a lot from others posts. The bracket fungi for instance, will be on the lookout for those and point them out to DH now I know they are good for the trees – he’ll be impressed with my new knowledge lol.

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